A Speech on How to Get Along with Your Roommate

The first step of this process is to know about your roommate very well, thus making a good and comfort zone between you.

Try to spend time with each other as much as possible and try to know about each other’s home, friends, family and also hobbies or field of interests. Knowing something about your roommate’s background and ideas will help you to understand them better and hopefully help you to get your living situation to be on the right path or direction. You don’t have to try to be best friends, but showing mutual respect and a sense of comfort will make it better for both of you to live in a good condition.

Make sure that both of you and your roommate establish a clear boundary by honestly stating your needs and choices.  Topics like about having personal study time, or having guests in the room, about habit related to cleanliness, borrowing clothes of each other, and particular time of sleep are all the issues that should be clearly stated and informed to one another.  If you just plan to hide it or say it latter, you may end up crossing the unwanted line and unpleasant feelings that are going to hurt till the end.

Next step can be to remain clear with your statements and thoughts but clearly don’t forget to listen to the other person as well.  You won’t get anything good if you don’t talk clearly and also at the same time listen carefully to resolve issues.

Always try to talk directly with your roommate but always remember not to talk behind their back! Converse with your roommate in a private place only when they have the time and also the mentality to hold a meaningful conversation.

Next step is always considering many alternative options to resolve your conflicts and misunderstandings.

Always to try to solve your problems with clear and easy words; thus making your roommate aware about your feelings.

If you and your roommate are not able to solve the problems of your issues, try to give each other sometime and try to feel the other persons’ emotions, thus making bond stronger.

Try to make many friends and be sincere to them.

Forming many other friendly relationships is important in having a good college/ school or university experience.  To expand and increase your circle and relation with our friends, think about joining a fraternity/sorority, or try to join some clubs/organizations, and attend the college functions and sports.

They say that student life is supposed to be the greatest time of your life to enjoy your life fully!  Don’t stress or fret over any problem, stay flexible and cheerful, accept your roommate and your friends for who they really are with all their good and bad things, and learn to let go of the small things as much as possible.  Consider and embrace happily all of the positive things that come with having a friend as a roommate.  Although you are truly opposites, your strengths and problems may complement each other, thus helping each other in difficulties. Who knows, in this way you can have your best friend forever.

Thank you.

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