A Speech on “Should the Government Be Allowed to Censor Internet Content Deemed Inappropriate?”

The communication technology and growth of information has played a vital role in the growth of the world and the main source has been the internet. In the past, the government has censored a lot of information sent out by the traditional communication media that has stopped or in a way affected the flow of information to the public.

The government enjoyed doing so. The main reason was because of the right to freedom of speech every individual had access to the internet to spread their opinion which sometimes used to be a challenge or the kind that questioned the government. 

Internet censorship means to block or keep track of the flow of information to an individual from accessing or publishing it. This is in a way indulging into one’s privacy and freedom of speech. Censoring is necessary to some extent over some chosen topics, websites or information. It should never be carried out by invading personal space or opinion. It has largely been believed by many individuals and organizations that censoring of the internet has been an attempt by the government to conquer the freedom of speech.

Let’s see why censoring inappropriate internet content by the government is important;

  • Security matters. International conflicts are too high these days, so many organizations and businesses make sure they have protection from malwares and cyber threats. A lot of terrorist and extremist hate messaging acts should be always kept watch to avoid more trouble to the nation.
  • Personal reasons. All of us make sure that our personal datas from the search engines’ histories are cleared for our security. Along with that nowadays all the applications and websites make sure they provide personal privacy settings to be modified according to an individual’s choice to assure better safety.
  • Political reasons. This is one of the most important reasons to censor information by the government, because there are chances of using certain information as a political tool against the government that might start-up a religious, political or social issue in the state.
  • Social or moral matters. Some kind of information can be against the values and morals of a society. One of the main issue that strikes is pornography. Prohibition of pornography could be for the safety of our young adults and children, this could reduce the sexual criminal activities around the nation. 
  • Means of Networking. The internet opens up a huge path for various teams and groups to interact even for large distances. This could be more even among unwanted groups like terrorists and haters to keep in touch via messages, emails and social networkings if they are not censored most of the time. 

Internet censorship has both positive and negative effects over all the people in a nation. So, we should have a special interest over this topic and handle it with utmost fragility. Most of the censorship these days are carried out through judiciary means; if applied much more, then it will be difficult to lift it off.

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