A Speech on Grass Lawns Should Be Prohibited

Lawns were a European creation, England to be accurate, and they were the accomplishment of the fabulously wealthy, attempting to bring the glade closer to home. Initially, they were developed with more valuable plants like chamomile or thyme. Nonetheless, the trend moved towards nearly cropped grasses, first retained by grazing sheep then by men with scythes and finally, ultimately, shifting along to the suburban land owner with his lawnmower, cutters, and many kind of weapons against nature.

The aspect of lawns are suited well for most of European houses, with its mild and moist grass with the friendly climate, and the European elite, with its money to burn and self attention at heart, but as the significance quo around the world, it makes less and less sense to have lawns. Lawns still now days have their historical relations with money.

Think about golf and about lawn bowling, as well as think of the cost and time it takes for their maintenance a Greene and indulged landscape—but even the less adequately to do have fallen victim to the word called “norm”. The lawn has so fascinated the masses that we demand growing them in any climate without knowing it’s suitability for that environment, including arid and to such a degree that often, in neighborhoods, it is unnecessary to grow profitable plants in lieu of shortly trimmed grass.

By being addicted and stubborn to the idea of European lawns we are actually destroying of the Environment of ours. In most trials of the suburban lawn, it is a lawn which is completely artificially constructed atmosphere that has been introduced in order to replace the natural flora that had been and would repay left to its own devices. Yes it is true, with new developments which are very questionably necessary in suburbia, forests are chopped down, natural prairies polluted, and animal habitats broke down. Each time we scatter further afield rather than renovating lands we have already expanded, we consume more and more space and leave what we have expended as yet another desert in our wake.

While all this destructiveness cannot completely be criticized on the lawn, our affirmation on having them over profitable gardens or breathed life into natural landscapes broadens the footprint we make. Rather than filling in the gaps we made out of our development with swaths of ecosystem, we lean the entire world to our will, which looks like to be grass road medians, grass parks, grass walls and on it goes on, with rarely any of it being utilized for grazing or food generation. For all the reserves we waste, we match with it completely misappropriated use of the land nature and earth provided us by ruining them for our little will. It is not so unusual for city planners to actually outlaw usable fruit trees and edible plants and which could give us food.

But, the presence of the lawn is not only inherent to our suburbia. We actually developed it. Across the whole world and we accepted the practice, imitating the wealthy while starving ourselves and our small lots in lieu of more profitable uses of space. 

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