586+ Guyanese Sayings And Quotes (Images)

Discover the enchanting world of Guyanese Sayings and Quotes, where wisdom and culture intertwine in captivating harmony.

Embrace the vibrant spirit of the Guyanese people as their timeless🕝 words inspire and uplift.

From the heartwarming❤️ proverbs that echo through generations to the soul-stirring expressions of resilience, Guyanese wisdom radiates positivity and strength.

Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of their language, and be empowered to navigate life’s journey with a renewed sense of purpose and joy.

Guyanese Sayings

-Though individuals may look similar because of their dressing style, they are not the same in their ways.

-They should treat every child in the same manner.  

-When an incredible individual falls, he is no longer respected and feared.

-Sometimes you believe that nobody hears or sees what is said or done by you, but yet your mysteries are noticed.

-Some individuals may seem understanding and friendly, but to your astonishment, it is not truly so.

-When there is a problem, adversaries are sometimes urged to get together to figure out solutions.

-When a male is courting a female, he is very considerate, kind, and concerned, but when the newness of the connection is over, he is unkind and finds faults.

-It hardly matters if you are disturbed by situations at the office, you must return to your work. Similarly, even though you may be depressed with the condition in your homeland, you may still need to return to it.

-Sometimes, when we are relishing ourselves, secrets to us, and problems are created in the background.

-In existence, it is not easy for you to associate with someone who may be negative or unfriendly.

-A person in your household may commit a crime, but you should not refuse to enable him or disown him.

-You must not go against the preference or decision of an individual you think is able to make the perfect selection.

-If a closed person says something about you, it is most probably the truth.

-leaders can notice the problem ahead and are in a role to offer suggestions.

-Time is the only thing that can create you what you will be.

-You are not significant when you are tiny, but you are important and strong when you become big.

-It is an assumption that female chats very much, but a male chat less and rapidly resorts to chaos.

-It is not everything you should take at complexion value.

-Watch for yourself and set your own opinions instead of depending on the other’s reports.

-Not everything takes a short time to be conducted. 

-Some individuals chat generously with you, but they are able to mistreat you.

-Sometimes, things turn out to be exactly the opposite of what we want them to be.

-If an individual’s head is huge, it is not certainly brainy.

-In life, we take knowledge from everything and everybody in the atmosphere in which we find ourselves.

-You need to make an effort for something only when all things seem apparent.

-When you are proficient at something, you are needed to accomplish it just as well without the essential support and tools.

-Even though you manage to be avoided for the bad things you commit, you still have your conscience to handle.

-Dissatisfaction will fix a difficult situation.

-If you spend your money on stupid things, it will be finished rapidly.

-Sometimes, when we make ourselves too considerate, our associates and companions will take advantage.

-Before making any decision, be ready to tolerate the outcomes.

-Losing hope in your advantages places you in a difficult position.

-You spend your whole life attempting to attain understanding and knowledge, and when it seems that all has been understood, existence ends.

-A spell of disappointment affects our whole perspective to be bleak. An insignificant incident can cause us to feel pain.

-Some incidents cannot be reversed or changed.

-When two strong individuals meet to talk about the industry, everybody else should remember his position.

Funny Guyanese Sayings

“You feel like yuh skin clean, huh? Soap ain’t good enough; you need some wire brush.”

“Yuh want cow heel in yuh soup? You think money does grow pun trees?”

“Dem boys deh got more lip than a trombone.”

“Yuh believe yuh faada name ‘Rockefeller’?”

“Yuh mouth big like when horse yawn.”

“If yuh want cook if yuh want hang.”

“Stop the following fashion before yuh buckle under pressure.”

“Yuh dress up like Christmas tree pon crack.”

“Yuh gat more mix-up than a fruitcake.”

“Like a goat with a bellyache, yuh only remember God.”

“Yuh carry joke too far, now it ain’t funny, it’s a sitcom.”

“Yuh move so slow, snails overtake yuh in a race.”

“Don’t fly kite wid threadbare string.”

“Yuh got more excuses than a politician.”

“That fella think he is the Minister of Talkology.”

“He gat a face only a mother could love…maybe.”

“You so lazy, if yawning was a sport, you’d be a world champion.”

“He always late, even to his own funeral.”

“Like a mosquito in a nudist colony, he doesn’t know where to start.”

“If he had brains, he’d be dangerous… to himself.”

“She so cheap, she could squeeze a nickel until the buffalo screams.”

“Yuh fall off the funny tree and hit every branch on the way down.”

“Yuh mouth like a taxi, it does go anywhere.”

“He think he’s a DJ, but all he does is play tunes on people’s nerves.”

“He so clumsy, he could trip over a flat surface.”

Guyanese Quotes

“One love, one heart, one destiny.” – Marcus Garvey

“Strength in unity, progress in diversity.”

“Guyana – the land of many glasses of water, home to one people.”

“In the tapestry of life, we all have a unique thread to weave.”

“As the sun sets on the horizon, let hope rise in our hearts.”

“Like the mighty Essequibo, resilience flows through our veins.”

“Through hardships and triumphs, we stand tall as one nation.”

“Guyanese pride, an unbreakable stride.”

“Let the echoes of our ancestors guide us to a brighter future.”

“In the embrace of Guyana’s nature, find solace and peace.”

“In every seed, lies the potential of a mighty tree.”

“Together we rise, together we thrive.”

“The true beauty of Guyana is found in the warmth of its people.”

“Through storms and sunshine, we endure with grace.”

“Guyana’s heart beats to the rhythm of unity.”

“Let our actions speak louder than our words.”

“In the face of challenges, our spirit remains unyielding.”

“As the mighty Kaieteur Falls roars, so does the strength of our resolve.”

“In diversity, we find our greatest strength.”

“Guyana’s history echoes in the whispers of the winds.”

“With hope as our compass, we navigate towards a brighter tomorrow.”

“The true wealth of Guyana lies in the richness of its culture.”

Short Guyanese Quotes

-An issue may not trouble someone, yet he or she gets affected.

-Every fiction has two perspectives.

-Everybody should understand and find out what is fair for her or him. 

-Your secrets dissipate from best mate to best mate to best mate.

-Things seem more terrible than they truly are when we are worried.

-Sometimes, when you believe you are not in danger, the problem is roaming nearby.

-Evil and good come from a similar source.

-Having attained a purpose, it is not easy to retain it.

-A true criminal is the best keeper.

-Crying comes after laughing.

-Stomach is full of alcohol.

-Individuals will not appreciate you if you have terrible recognition.

-A source of happiness is always accessible where it once began.

-Judging from the outside should be avoided. 

-Only after tolerating crises and trials in life can an individual’s real self be recognized.

-There is always a chance for everyone, and you should attempt to grab it.

-Some individuals make all the effort, but others succeed in the end.

-Some individuals will always stick to their attitudes and ways.

-If you try, you can make incredible achievements.

-You can make improvements in life if you take risks. 

-You have to be always ready for trouble or disappointment.

-Attempting to position yourself in everything or everywhere should be avoided.

-We are smart to utilize unawareness as an explanation for our faults.

-Kids learn unpleasant manners from their parents.

-A little information can explain the whole story.

-You earn what you plant.

-Good things come with effort.

 -You grab everything that fulfills your need

-You should notice for yourself before you gossip.

-You must take chances when you try new plans.

-If you work hard for a task, you can expect very little achievement.

-Never try to perform two jobs at the same time.

-Never attempt to over-accomplish something. Make it easy. 

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