101+ Best Haiti Creole Quotes And Sayings

Haiti Creole is a language derived from French and matured in the 18th century. It developed through the interactions that took place between the French colonists and African slaves who were brought to Haiti for sugarcane plantations.

Haiti Creole Quotes & sayings that you should know 

-You can never go too far with your lies; the truth will be revealed someday.

-Your lies are too shallow, but the truth has deep roots

-What we sow, that we harvest

-Whatever happens or may happen is always the result of our actions.

Haiti Creole

-Never go with the advice of others; make your own decisions rationally.

-Carry out your actions judiciously, as you will be held accountable for them.

-Forcing others to take action against their will, is like banging your head against the wall.

-You cannot hide your mistakes for long; they will be unveiled today or tomorrow

-Children are like assets to the underprivileged

-Children are like treasures to the impoverished

-Children are the source of happiness to the meager.

-Children bring a sense of pleasure and contentment to the penniless.

-Never avoid any situation. Rather, face them to avoid any adverse consequences later on

Haiti Creole

-No matter whether your actions are outside your family or within it, it backfires on your family, leaving some side effects

-Parents may appear stern and rigid sometimes, but they never desire to hurt us.

-Mothers may be authoritarian every now and then, but they  always think of our betterment and our welfare

-Always be strong enough to take your responsibilities instead of escaping from them

-Always take your neighbors as your family.

-Neighborhood can too be like a family.

-Certificate of your education cannot be proof of your brilliance.

-Education shapes your personality, but experience polishes it to perfection.

-It doesn’t matter whether you like or dislike a particular person, but you can’t accuse that person of something he cannot do!

Haiti Creole

-Keep exploring, as it will give you greater possibilities

-Keep discovering and be enthusiastic, as it can provide you with greater opportunities.

-Never forget those; stand for you

-We should always remember those who are benevolent to us.

-Take your decisions only after you are well informed of all the details

-Make your judgments only when you are aware of all the details

-Food should be shared with all 

-If someone gives little, it will not necessarily mean that that person has bad intentions 

-If you give limited to someone, it does not mean that you are ungenerous and extortionate!

-When you serve the poor or needy, it is equivalent to your service to god

-We need to have faith in god because he will always be there for us, even at times when we are all alone.

-Never judge anything by its price value, rather be careful, if things seem to be too good

Haiti Creole

-Don’t give up on the first failure, but accept it and start again

-Hope is the best thing that you can make you give your best

-Life without hope is like a husband without a wife

-Life without hope is like life without colors

-Hopeless life, the best example of monotonous life

-Seeking advice from others is never disgraceful.

-It is not atrocious if we seek others’ input or guidance

-We can never refute the nature of any person

-Every individual has his own personality, and we cannot deny

-Once a liar can always be a liar

-A deer can never withstand a lion because the strongest side wins

-Never be too humane, to be leveraged

-Others should never take advantage of your kindness

-The ones more spotted by the masses are the ones more vulnerable to defamation

-Distance yourself from defamation, keep your crowd limited

-Keep yourself organized for the opportunities

Haiti Creole

-Be equipped for the upcoming opportunities

-Keep yourself groomed for your lucky chance

-Realize your strengths, overcome your weaknesses

-Comprehend your potential, conquer your shortcomings

-Triumph over your vulnerability, know your durability

-Every coin has two faces, just like the debate has two sides

-Every stone that shines is not a diamond

-Every person that you come across is not trustworthy

-Always be judicious enough to choose your friends

-Know your allies

-Outward demeanor can be misleading

-Listen to your parents and do as they say instead of imitating what they do

-Be attentive to what elders say rather than mimicking what they are doing

-Situations can always be inverted upside down

-There is no specific time for tangling of situations

-Remember, situations can always be altered, and at any time

-When we crave something, it keeps us alive and enthusiastic till we achieve it

-Always step ahead, take responsibility, and always ensure your accountability.

-Begging is never a solution; it’s always better to work

-Keep trying and never lose your confidence until things actually work

Haiti Creole Quotes

-A mother always take the extra mile and an extra step for her children and tends to give them the best of everything

-Communication is the only way to know the people around you

-Interaction is always a must to have knowledge of the people around you

-If you want gold, then be strong enough to shovel it

-One should never grumble about the tasks that they carry out to get what they desire for

-Work without groaning when you do it for yourself

-Be audacious, face challenges, and see what life brings to you

-Patience can be a weakness or a weapon, depending on how you take it

-Politeness and courtesy are like our passport, through which others know us

-Waiting for the right time and right opportunities brings you nothing

-Don’t just sit and linger around for a fair chance; rather, make efforts for it

-Take time and make things possible, as nothing is beyond the bounds of possibility

-Looking for brands does not always make you look expensive, but looking for better styles, can make you look expensive

-Do not tend to chase all because then you get nothing

-Never put a cat to guard the milk

-Let others see beauty in you and praise you instead of asking others to praise you and see your beauty

-Express your gratification for what you have now

-Poverty is only a condition, but to get away with or to stay with it, depends on the determination and action of an individual.

-If you are born indigent, it does not mean that you die the same way.

Haiti Creole

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