351+ Happy April WhatsApp Statuses To Share

You have been hiding all winter. It’s time to have fun among the daisies, lie down on the grass and pray not to be infected by ticks, and have a picnic with your loved ones. 

Here are the best WhatsApp April statuses that can help you. Welcome to the season when flowers are blooming, green grass, and sunny.

Beautiful Happy April Status

April showers bring breath. Taking selfies. 

Spring is finally here; what a relief! 

It’s time to start. 

Stop and smell the roses. 

Spring is the essence of the party. 

Bring sandals, green grass, sunshine and flowers. 

In winter, I follow and glide. I move in the spring. 

Spring proves that change is wonderful.

This is the sun… 

Nature is not in a hurry, but everything is ready in spring. 

The seasons change, so do we. 

It was a day in March. The sun was very hot and the wind was very cold. 

It is light in summer and cold in winter. 

Winter makes spring so beautiful. 

The sun is shining when it is cloudy. 

Hello spring. 

I smell the smell of spring.

Without winter, spring would not be so pleasant. 

Spring sunshine is the best medicine to spend the long winter nights. 

In the repetitive choir of nature, there is an infinite healing power

Make sure that the morning comes through the night, and spring comes through.

Spring is coming. 

Birds sing to let us know that spring is coming. 

The best time for a new start is spring. 

Plants recognize spring earlier than humans. 

I would say I feel like spring. But I know this is not spring. 

Good words are like spring. 

No matter how long winter lasts, spring will definitely come. 

Spring breathes new vitality into the world around us. 

Winter does not last forever. No spring will miss its turn. 

The power of spring: mysterious, fertile, and extremely powerful. 

Without winter, spring would not be so pleasant. 

My favourite weather is bird song. 

Spring: A good reminder of how wonderful changes are. 

Spring is the time to make plans and projects.

Okay, spring, take care of your own business. 

Happiness wakes up on a sunny spring day. 

Spring and happiness will come. 

Life is getting warmer and warmer. 

Finally ushered in a sunny, sunny and sunny day. 

Sunlight is the best medicine. 

The beautiful spring is here 

When nature recovers its beauty, human souls can also come alive. 

Keep calm, spring is here. 

But you know that there will always be spring, because you know that when the river freezes, it will flow again.

Smile, spring is here. 

Hello spring, I miss you. 

Went in winter, it is spring now.

Happy April Captions For Beautifying Nature 

There are wild flowers in the hair. 

Some people see weeds, some people-longing. 

Planting a garden means believing in tomorrow. 

Life begins in the garden. 

I need flowers. Always. 

No rain, no flowers. 

In the spring, you should smell like dirt at the end of the day. 

How pleasant the silence in growing up is. 

Plant a smile, cultivate laughter, and harvest love.

Let your joy bloom like spring flowers. 

You can cut any flowers, but you can’t stop spring. 

Flower where you plant. 

The earth laughs at the flowers. 

Live a life in full bloom. Slippers, green grass, sunshine and flowers. 

Let us dance in the sun with wild flowers in our hair. 

All the flowers every morning are included in today’s seeds. 

Blossom, baby, blossom 

Flowers don’t want to compete with the flowers next to them. It just blooms. 

Every flower must germinate from the ground. 

Grey sky and contented sighs.

You will not hear a lullaby better than the sound of rain. 

Rain is grace; rain falls from the sky; without rain, there is no life. 

It’s raining, it’s raining, don’t walk away. Stay and play for another day! 

Some people feel it rains. The rest is just wet. 

It’s just cold when it gets wet. Getting wet with your best friend is an adventure. 

Let the rain wash away all the pain of yesterday. 

The rain washes my soul and soaks my soul. 

The soundtrack of my life may be the sound of rain. 

I sing in the rain, what a wonderful feeling, I am happy again. -Singing in the rain 

Nothing can compare to the smell of rain. 

Anyone who thinks the sun is pure happiness has never danced in the rain. 

Raindrops keep falling on my head. 

I want to know/Have you ever seen it rain?

Life is not about waiting for the storm to subside. 

When you drink Coke and pour it in the rain. 

Let Rain sing a lullaby for you. 

I can survive the rain/and then get up again. 

The rain washes my soul and soaks my soul. 

-A rainy day is a special enjoyment for readers. 

The sound of rain does not need to be translated. 

If life brings you rainy days, play in the puddle. 

If the rain ruins our picnic, it protects with the farmers’ crops, who should we say shouldn’t rain? 

I just want to see you/laugh in the purple rain.

I feel good when it rains or sunbathes. 

Without rain, there would be no rainbow. 

Focus on your rainbow, not your rain. 

We are rainbow, you and me. All colours, all shades. 

I am looking for a pot of gold after the rainbow. 

Rainbow-the promise of sunshine after rain. 

Strive to be a rainbow in the clouds of others. 

A rainbow of hope will appear at the end of each storm. 

Their natural colours are as beautiful as a rainbow.

Follow the rainbow. 

On a cloudy day, you are my rainbow. 

It looks like a rainbow. 

When looking for a pot of gold, don’t miss all the beautiful colours of the rainbow. 

Count your rainbows, not thunderstorms. 

When the sun rose, I saw a rainbow in your tears. 

Somewhere above the rainbow, the sky is blue. 

The dreams you dare to dream will truly come true.

Cute April WhatsApp Status For Easter

Bunny kiss, Easter blessing. 

Keep calm, because you are not too old to hunt Easter eggs. 

Easter is the only time you can put all your eggs in one basket. 

Finding Easter eggs proves that your child can find something when they really want it. 

I feel empty inside. Just like that chocolate bunny. 

Fill your basket with joy and chocolate. 

I feel like a rabbit today-. 

Bunny loves you-. 

Happy Easter to every bunny.

You are a special egg. 

I refer to the egg so much, I cannot hide it. 

I want to tell you an anecdote about eggs, but there seems to be more than that. 

You are very smart. 

Let us be an egg today. 

Happy Easter to all my friends! 

happy new month of April

My gait is a bit flexible. 

Rain in April brings flowers in May. 

Do your thing, spring. 

It rains first, then rains. 

Sunlight is the best medicine. 

Jump on Easter! … 

Do not stop spinning, its April spring time.

This is spring thyme! 

Let milk thistle cheer you up. 

What’s in the carnation? 

The more you grow. 

Stop sniffing roses. 

You are my best bastard. 

Vigorous Day it is. 

Certified Plant Lady for the April Love

The power of flowers!

Add more flowers when in doubt. 

In the spring, it should smell like dirt at the end of the day. 

Flower to flower spring has begun. 

April integrates the spirit of youth into everything. 

Spring is the time to make plans and projects. 

Despite the weather forecast, life is like spring. 

Spring is also when you want to whistle in muddy shoes. 

The flowers are blooming. 

Some old-fashioned things, such as fresh air and sunshine, are hard to beat. 

The earth laughs at the flowers.

Where flowers bloom, there is hope.

Happy april quotes

Towels cannot be a joke. You have a boring sense of humor. 

If you hate a joke, don’t make a joke. 

To have fun, you must be a bit naughty. 

Have fun on April Fools’ Day! 

I have the best fools in the world, I call them friends. 

I was cheated by a fool on April fool’s Day! 

I have the best friends in the world, and they are all stupid. 

You can run, but you cannot resist the temptation. 

Congratulations for making a fool of yourself.

Before they laughed at me, I was born weird. 

You cheated again! 

Life always deceives you. 

The moment you can’t stop laughing at your stupidity. 

Hello April, please don’t deceive me. 

Laughter is the best gift you can give yourself, and laughter is the best for you. 

You lied to me talking nonsense. 

I like to be teased on April 1. It keeps me busy for the rest of the year. 

A joke is a blessing. It reminds me that no one in this world is perfect. 

Everything went well until I realized it was April fool’s Day. 

The moment when your family tried to deceive you and get the biggest surprise of their life. 

Stop joking, your life will never succeed. Family As you can see… 

When your brain is on vacation and you want to return safely. 

Stop calling me a joke on April fool’s Day. I think I have an identity crisis. 

The only person reading this statement. I wish you success in your life.

The fool deceives itself until another fool deceives them. 

Not everyone understands jokes. Who knows you have a sense of humour. 

When life deceives you, be polite and deceive yourself. 

Fools are those who try to deceive others and deceive themselves. It is a symbol of maturity. 

If life tries to deceive you, stop. You can only control the situation. 

Laugh at yourself on April fool’s Day and show your true colours. 

Stupid people are people who want everyone to find themselves more interesting than everyone else.

No one can laugh at me. 

Keep cool. This is just an April fool’s Day joke. 

It’s finally time to congratulate the King of Fools on the first anniversary! 

If you can’t make jokes, don’t make jokes. 

The moment when you can’t stop laughing at your stupidity. 

If life misleads you, please be polite and try to deceive you again. 

Today is April fool’s Day. I don’t believe anything. Don’t trust anyone.

If you have betrayed me, it was your fault. If you deceive me twice, it is your fault. 

Every fool finds himself more admirable. 

Some people cannot afford stupid things, and some people—me. 

Some people cannot afford stupid things, and some cannot afford me. 

Make fun of me once, feel ashamed, make fun of me twice, and feel ashamed of me. 

April 1 is the only day you can take others seriously. One fools until another fool fools them. 

It is better to be a witty fool than a stupid joke.

If you are already a fool, stop cheating others. 

Sometimes April Fool’s Day is unreasonable. 

Today is my birthday, no one believes me. 

What the wise man sees, the fool does not see the tree. 

The fool boast of himself, the wise are flattering. 

Fools boast, wise men boast. 

Mistakes should not be made by fools. 

Don’t be afraid of being fooled today! It’s not April Fools’ Day, but it’s March 32! 

If all fools wear crowns, we will all become kings. 

People who are born stupid will never heal. 

Why do you feel uncomfortable when your father is here? 

I waited until April 1st, but I can’t play pranks on anyone. 

Yes, I can hear your voice, but tomorrow! 

Don’t give pigs cherries or advice fools.

Don’t give pigs cherries or advice fools. 

Make yourself foolish when in doubt. 

It is fun to happen to others. 

I am the smartest in the family. 

I like to play pranks on April 1st. It keeps me busy for the rest of the year. 

To be fun, you have to be a bit naughty. 

Towels can’t be jokes. You have a boring sense of humour.

Things went well until I realized it was April fool’s Day. 

Fools are those who try to deceive others and deceive themselves. 

We are stupid to dance or not, so we can also dance. 

I don’t mind joking, but I don’t want to look like that. 

I don’t mind joking, but I don’t want to look the same. 

A person who always says he is not stupid is usually suspicious. 

April Fools’ Day joke, N. April Fools’ Day makes him crazy for another month. 

Smart people don’t need advice. A fool will not accept it.

Use common sense to talk to a fool, and he will say you are a fool. 

Stop calling me April fool’s Day. I think I have an identity crisis. 

I have the best friends in the world, and they are all stupid. 

I have the best fools in the world, I call them friends. 

When your brain is on vacation and you want to come back without incident. 

You can run, but you can’t stop deceiving yourself. 

Stop joking with me. You will not succeed in your life. 

If life tries to deceive you, let it come. You can only control the situation.

Before I was laughed at, I was born funny. I’m crazy again! 

Stop joking with me.

happy new month of April

Please have fewer Mondays and more summers. 

Girls just want to sunbathe! 

Happiness cannot be bought, but ice cream is available, basically the same. 

You should receive a ticket in the summer. 

Only sky blue. 

Good times and sepia lines. 

Hair in the swimming pool, it’s okay. 

When you can sunbathe in the afternoon, working from home is also good. 

Summer is a state of mind. 

Looks tanned!


Hot flashes and good mood. 

Life is a beach! 

Don’t worry, happy beach. 

Salty air and mermaid hair. 

It’s time to set the sea for this day. 

Be sure to take Vitamin Sea every day! 

Ship waves and sun rays. 

Today there are seas and beaches everywhere. 

Waiting for the next wave, for example…

The queen of the (sand) castle. 

You always have seashells in your pocket, and do you always have sand in your shoes? 

Happier than seagulls with French fries! 

SPF is my best friend. 

Sofa potato. 

Shell, yes! 

The only country I will visit this summer is Fantasy. 

Adventure is calling, but I cannot answer the call right now.

Happiness is where the swimming pool is. 

You, me and the sea. 

Vacation mode: activated. 

Surf, beach and drinks on hand. 

Outside the office. 

One of the benefits of summer is that we have more light to read every day. 

In early June, the world of leaves, flowers, and flowers exploded and changed every night. 

Even in the middle of winter, you should keep a little bit of summer.

Summer night is like perfect thinking. 

Summer is always the best. 

Ask yourself what it will be like to live in the world that has always been in June. 

The sun is here, I say yes. 

I have never tired of it for a hundred years. 

Some of the best souvenirs are made with flip-flops.

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