99+ Happy Thanksgiving Funny Messages, Wishes & Greetings

Thanksgiving Day is a day when everyone is grateful for everyone and everything. And celebrating this day with family and friends will be a day that is going to be filled with fun and laughter.

Use these amazing and striking funny Thanksgiving messages and go LOL with your family.

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Happy Thanksgiving Funny Messages, Wishes & Greetings

  • Any day with family is a day well spent. I wish you and your family a very happy Thanksgiving.

  • Your family deserves your free time; bonding time is necessary in this busy world. Have fun with your people and have a delicious dinner.

  • May you never fall behind when it comes to family. Be grateful and thankful for them.

  • If having one dinner with your family is fun, then why not push through it?

  • Having dinner with family not just includes good food but even some good roast.

  • It’s so embarrassing to hear all my childhood stories during dinner; I mean, why didn’t you all stop me?

  • You all might have a fun time during the dinner with your family, but I be getting roasted sometimes.

  • If there’s more to Thanksgiving dinner, it’s only dessert.

  • Explaining jokes to your family isn’t funny by the time they understand them, so just enjoy your dinner!

  • Having dinner with family is so fun and frustrating at the same time.

  • Be thankful and grateful for everything and everyone around you; not everyone has what you have.

  • Have the most delicious turkey while you all bond with your family and friends.

  • Laugh, cry, be happy, be sad, do everything, but make sure you attend the family dinner.

  • This Thanksgiving, don’t just give but also take, but be thankful for what you get.

  • Make sure you are on time for the Thanksgiving dinner, or you’ll not get your dessert.

  • My heart is filled with happiness, and I am content to have a fun and delicious dinner with my family.

  • I can’t be any happier than getting the opportunity to roast my family and have fun.

  • Being the one who gets all the treats and gifts this Thanksgiving is so much fun, but I am grateful for them.

  • To give without taking tests a lot in person, so make sure you give without taking this Thanksgiving and don’t forget to have fun.

  • Be the one to have the most fun with your family.

  • Have the best day this Thanksgiving while you have the most fun too.

  • Be the one to spread love and smiles this Thanksgiving, and be grateful for everything around you.

  • Don’t be curled up in bed watching anime; instead, take your time spending time with family.

  • More fries this night, the louder the cries of laughter will be.

  • Given your time, given your food, given your fun, all of this with family brings you so much happiness.

  • Throw your phone somewhere where you can find it again, but never look at it until you have had dinner with your family.

  • Find yourself where there are people who know the real you and laugh with those whom you know; you get to do all of this at the Thanksgiving dinner!

  • God has been kind enough to give us the opportunity to spend Thanksgiving Day with our family.

Funny Thanksgiving Wishes

  • Pray that you all get to spend your Thanksgiving at home with your family till your last breath, or you might end up having nothing!

  • Be gentle with people often so that you learn to be gentle with yourself too. May this Thanksgiving help you realize that, in the end, it’s family that helps you stick together!

  • Not every day do you have Thanksgiving, and not every night do you get to eat delicious food and have a fun time with your family!

  • Spending a night with family on Thanksgiving is fun, as I get to have my favorite dinner!

  • To be in a family that believes in God and trusts his plans is one of the greatest blessings and opportunities God has ever given me!

  • Have the best night of fun, love, and laughter with your family while you eat the most delicious food!

  • Why don’t I cook for you all this Thanksgiving? But please do attend the dinner I am going to be hosting!

  • Having fun with family who takes everything as a joke is not fun anymore when they consider you a joke too. Have the most fun Thanksgiving night!

  • May you realize all the love your family has showered on you, so it is only fair that they receive the love that they deserve this Thanksgiving!

  • May you never be lonely this Thanksgiving night; always be greedy with the time that you spend with your family!

  • To spend Thanksgiving with family and friends has to be the biggest gift you could ever experience! Have fun at home while you eat all the delicious food!

  • Pray that you are grateful for the people sitting around, ready to dig into the delicious food at the Thanksgiving dinner!

  • You wouldn’t have had the opportunity to have the most delicious turkey if it weren’t for your mother! Be thankful for the family you have to spend Thanksgiving night with!

  • Never judge before you taste the turkey! Have the most amazing Thanksgiving night!

  • To celebrate Thanksgiving with your family with all the delicious food that has been served on the table is your blessing.

  • Never forget how you have spent all your Thanksgiving nights! Be grateful for all that you have spent and the fun you have had with your family!

  • Make sure that everyone knows that your mother cooks the best turkey and you have the most fun with your family every Thanksgiving night!

  • To be in the presence of your family and laugh the entire time while having a delicious dinner on Thanksgiving night is your blessing!

  • The door is open, and the chairs are empty for you all to come and occupy, and don’t even start with the delicious turkey that I cooked!

Funny Happy Thanksgiving Messages

  • I can never be grateful enough for the time and love my family has showered me with! I even get to have the most delicious turkey while here with my family!

  • Never was a fan of turkey, but it doesn’t count this Thanksgiving night; everything is fair for dinner and dessert!

  • To have the most delicious turkey with the most amazing family on Thanksgiving night is my favorite.

  • I couldn’t be happier to be spending Thanksgiving night with my family and the most delicious food rather than curling up on my bed with pizza.

  • I am so glad to be spending time with my family this Thanksgiving night, and oh, also eating the most delicious turkey ever!

  • I can never be grateful and thankful enough for the family God has given me! I am also grateful for the most amazing turkey I am going to have this Thanksgiving night!

  • Turkey is my favorite dish on Thanksgiving night, so if it weren’t for the turkey, I wouldn’t be here!

  • I am grateful for the turkey and family that I have right now!

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