99+ Happy Thursday Quotes, Status Ideas to Inspire End of Week

Everyone expects a good start that makes them successful. Motivation from some positive words can help people start off their day with a good attitude. These are some blissful Thursday positive thoughts for WhatsApp status to share with people.

Hence, they can have an awesome kickstart! Here are some glorious collections of WhatsApp statuses. We hope you enjoy it. 

Happy Thursday Quotes And Status

  • It is a thirsty Thursday. Let’s start the weekend early with a stiff one.

  • Hey bloody Thursday, bring it on! I’m not scared of you. If it’s your friend Monday, that’s a wholly different story!

  • Today is Thursday. Why is it acting so suspicious like Monday?

  • You know, the best thing about Thursday is that tomorrow is Friday! Yay!

  • So nice to see you Thursday! I can’t wait to meet your siblings – Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

  • I can smell my glorious weekend hidden behind the bench. 

  • What shall I say about Thursday? Thursday is hiding my happy weekend behind the stench of another workday. 😭

  • It’s enough Thursday! You have been staying at this place for a long, long time. It’s time that you move and make some space for Friday to come over, period.

  • Hey Thursday, did anyone tell you that you are staying here uninvited? To me, it’s time that you should move on. See ya, never!

  • Thursday is a new day to expect great things!

  • I wonder how I can turn my office water into tasty wine. 🍷

  • Thursday thought: you should always seek time for the things that make you smile, happy, and alive.

  • Only I am in charge of everything, what I like, how I feel. Today I choose to be joyous and laugh.

  • Today is Thursday. I’m alive; I’m breathing; I’m blessed!  Thank you, Lord.🙏
Happy Thursday Quotes And Status

Thursday status for WhatsApp

  • Is it Thursday? Nah! I prefer to say it, Friday Eve.

  • Today is Thursday, and it really feels like the same boring workdays. Sometimes things just don’t work out! 

  • It’s only Thursday, and I am already High!

  • It must be Thursday. I can smell wine already!

  • I cannot get out of the hang of Thursdays.

  • Today is Thursday. It is the best yet last day of showing some productivity in the week. 

  • It is Thursday. We should make the whole out of it, live the gest with love, laugh, happiness, and learn to live life. 

  • Our life is the gift of the Lord. Lead it, live it, and enjoy it. Have a blessed Thursday!

  • May your heart get blessed by God. Trust in God today. Tomorrow and always. Have a blissful Thursday.

  • Sharing is care. Thursday teaches us to care for Friday’s share. 

  • This Thursday, show some maturity – care of people, things, livings, and life!

  • Hey friends, it is Thursday. Tomorrow is the weekend, and I am far away from you. Sending loads of hugs and love across the miles to let you know how much I miss you, idiots!

  • I’m blessed that I could protect my family, friends, and beloved ones throughout the week and could lead them towards the path of happiness. Enjoy a blessed Holy Thursday.

  • Not Friday is only the gift that the Lord sent you. Every day is a precious present, even Thursday also. 

  • This Thursday, promise yourself not to be skeptical anymore. It can limit your abilities and affect your quality of work. 

  • I wish you may joy and happiness stay with you together and accompany you through a new week, day and night!

  • Have faith in the Lord. People mostly face troubles, but the Lord comes to rescue those who believe in him every time. 
Happy Thursday Quotes And Status

thursday WhatsApp status

  • This Thursday may bring you new surprises with a new sunrise to strengthen your spirit and soulful Vibe. 

  • Everyone on Thursday forgets the present day while thinking of tomorrow (Friday). It makes everyone forget what they already have today. 

  • Thursday is the day when you can feel the Essence of earth, walk gently through the beauty of the universe. Happy universal Thursday 🥳

  • When you learn to accept all day equally, whether it is Monday, Thursday, or Friday – you can enjoy everyday partying!

  • Happiness only comes to those who can praise and appreciate what they have today, tomorrow, and forever.

  • Thursday reminder: remember gratitude makes attitude. 

  • Your gratitude on Thursday will decide your attitude on the life and destiny of tomorrow.

  • If you believe something amazing is going to happen, you will find every day of your life filled with surprises. 

  • Trust me – the world is beautiful. Shut down your gadgets, walk barefoot on grass, close your eyes and feel the beauty of the sky. 

  • It is Thursday. Try to put a smile on someone’s face to make the day worth it!

  • Hey! Before I juggle up with my other works and start grinding myself, I want to send you a happy Thursday!
Happy Thursday Quotes And Status

Thursday special status

  • Continue with the bright of Thursday grinning beside, you will see, one day, life will surrender besides!

  • I know it’s Thursday, another stressful workday. Try to fool the life with your duplicate joy. 

  • Hey, I am sending a Thursday warmth wrapped up in love and scaled with caring hugs. I hope you enjoy it!

  • Millions of millennials think, but only a few people try. Thousands of millennial
    Succeed, but only one folk becomes the champion. Prove this Thursday that you are the one. 

  • Though it is Thursday, we should think with optimism. A single optimistic thought in the morning can change the entire day along with life. 

  • Every day is a special gem that teaches us new adventures and new experiences in life. 

  • Nothing but have a fantabulous Thursday! ☺️

  • Hey, here is a small bear 🐻 who wants to say to you – Be safe, be blessed, and smile!

  • Party every day that starts with a ‘T’ letter. Tuesday and Thursday? Naah! TODAY AND TOMORROW, which means every day. Yay! 

  • Who says it is Thursday? I prefer saying it ‘Friday Eve’ – just being optimistic. 

  • Thursday is the younger version of Friday. It is quite an attractive sister of Friday. 😉

  • Going on a date with your ex on a Thursday night is not cheating; instead, it is a throwback.

  • You can be a kind heart with a lovely spirit and still can say Fuck off to people when needed. Just saying!

Inspirational Happy Thursday Whatsapp Status

  • Great morning! Stupendous Thursday. Be the reason for someone’s smile today. 

  • It’s not only Thursday, but it is another single day you survived. Applause for your strength!

  • It is not an ordinary day. It is a precious day. God has given you another opportunity in the form of a day to rectify all your last day’s mistakes. 

  • Be someone’s sunshine this Thursday. 

  • Motivation determines what you do. – Ability is what you can do.  – And your ATTITUDE determines how well you are capable of doing it.

  • The efforts you are making today to overcome struggle are the strength you will need for tomorrow.

  • People mostly bewilder success with fortune. Trust me- it has nothing to do with success. It’s all your hard work that paid off!

  • Some special efforts are needed on Thursday to finish all the pending tasks of the entire week. 

  • Throwback Thursday is someone’s marshmallow dreams and timeless thoughts.

  • I forecasted Thursday to be shiny and shimmery because I had been waiting for a much-needed break. 

  • Today is Thursday. Don’t compare, Be present, Be grateful, and Be yourself!

  • Hey Thursday, Please don’t be so hard on me. I’m the best I can do. 

  • Some days I astonish myself, and other days, I sleep. 

Happy thursday greetings

  • Thursday Life: Someone may use similar words as you do, but that does not imply they have the same values as you. 

  • It is good. We will see good because in the end, good wins. 

  • Thank God that I remain confident this whole week.  I see the goodness and kindness in the ground of living that the Lord has created. 

  • This Thursday, blend within your mood and vibes! 💗

  •  Thursday Vibes: LEARN. EARN. RETURN.

  • Thursday morning vibes: Growth can be uncomfortable because you have never been here before. 

  • Dear people, you are allowed to feel, You are allowed to Play, You are allowed to express Joy, God, it’s okay!

  • Let the stillness wash over you and bring silence to the Storm. 

  • No one in this entire world can beat you at being you. You are one of a kind, and that’s what you are. Don’t forget about it. 

  • Friends, whenever you face trials of many kinds, consider it pure joy. You know, the testing of your beliefs creates perseverance. 

  • Trials aren’t supposed to be easy, and we aren’t supposed to do them alone. Lord is there, waiting for all of us to call on him so he can help us through the trials. 

  • Thursday Vibes: Rise and shine and always be kind! Be kind, and have an amazing day. Let’s be the energy we want to attract.

  • The fruit of your genuine spirit is love, joy, happiness, kindness, peace, patience, faithfulness, and goodness. 

  • Thursday Inspiration: Learn to love yourself first because it is only whom you will be spending the rest of your life with.

  • I feel thankful for where I stand today and excited about where I am moving. Thanks, Thursday! 

  • My lovelies, take my advice and always do what makes you happy. Life is pretty short to procrastinate. 

  • A short reminder to you who needed this:  Today is a bad day, not a bad life. Great things are awaited for you. 
  • A gentle reminder for today:- If today was hard, don’t let it trick you into making you believe you have a bad life. Hard days come and fly away, but your life is BEAUTIFUL! So, cry, scream, eat some ice cream but never give up, my friend! 

Happy Thursday Funny Whatsapp Status

  • Thursday is the day when you can feel a little bit dizzy about the Friday weekend.

  • I do not agree to count Thursday as a day because it is blocking my happy weekend. 

  • Thursday is like a Facebook bug. Stop agitating me and start bugging someone else. 

  • Have you ever realized that all day long you kept thinking of Wednesday as Thursday, and then the actual Thursday comes, and you are like ‘WTH!’ 

  • I don’t mind having Shit today because it is So Humorously Interesting Thursday! 😁

  • While going to the office on Thursday, I wish the traffic light would remain red and the day gets passes away. As I said, I wish! 

  • I find Thursdays very misleading as I don’t spot my office clothes, shoes, service essentials. Apparently, it also should be announced as the weekend! 

  • It is throwback Thursday, and I am already missing my weekend. 🥲

  • Our president should announce Thursday as a national holiday. 

  • I heard aliens would come on earth and destroy it. Hey, aliens, please arrive on Thursday and kill us. So, I don’t have to work anymore. 

  • Hey Friday, I am so sorry that bloody Thursday blocked you since last week, and I could not help it. 

  • Hey Friday, I am planning to kill Thursday. Can you help?

  • I feel Thursday is like my parents. It does not allow me to meet my happiness – ‘FRIDAY!’

  • Thursday, hey bud, I like you, but I am totally deeply in love with Friday. I am also happy with you. But when I am around Friday, it means so much more to me! 

  • My week goes like Monday, Tuesday…. W.T. F (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday)…. Saturday, Sunday. 

  • Do you call it Thursday? I call it Valentine’s Day Eve. We are not the same, bro!

  • The only thing that keep me on track to survive through Thursday is the fact that tomorrow is FUN FRIDAY! 

  • To whom it may concern, the behavior of thirsty Thursday is inappropriate. It is forcing me to work without my consent!

  • I kinda like Thursdays as it is the day when I can pre-plan my weekend fun and stuff!

  • It totally, entirely makes me angry that my love Friday is 24 hours away from me. Why…. I mean, why?  

  • I am kinda hoping Thursday happy hours do not become Friday’s ‘Oops! Hangover’ morning. 

  • Monday: Can somebody hand Friday over to me? Tuesday: ugh! Not again.

    Wednesday: Wooh! Friday is close now. Thursday: way closer. Friday: finally, you are here, darling! 😘

  • Ladies and gentlemen! I give you my THURSDAYS on sale, and it is totally free. Please come and grab it. 

  • Anyone up for a Thursday? I want to give Thursday away! Does anyone want it? 

happy Thursday, positive quotes

  • Thursday is kind of like Friday, but it is pretty not. Well, I call it ‘ Diet Friday.’

  • In order to survive till Friday, I call for punching a colleague Monday, rubbish Tuesday, drunk and dusted Wednesday, and call for an ambulance cause I am sick Thursday.

  • My entire week looks like – Motivating Monday, Transforming Tuesday, wondrous Wednesday, ‘never return’ Thursday, Flashback Friday, Saturated Saturday, and a sunny single Sunday. 

  • Thursday I prefer going to the gym. I want to distract my body that I care for, but I am gonna spoil my body on weekends. 😸

  • I have a genuine question – like, what kind of loser gets drunk on Thursday and bragging about it on social media? Anyway, I’m super drunk. God bless me!

  • I heard someone whispering ‘T.G.I.F’ (Thank Lord it’s Friday). I replied, darling, it’s ‘S.H.I.T’ day ( Sorry hun; it’s Thursday).

  • Tuesday is the first blocker, and Thursday is the biggest blocker that I can not see my weekend from here. 

  • I want to be one man’s crush Wednesday and another man’s thirsty Thursday. 😂

  • Can. Anyone suggest to me how I can get drunk and not get caught in my office? 

  • It is only Thursday, and I already feel like having six tequila shots and dancing on the tabletop in my office. 

  • On Thursday morning, I don’t want coffee to survive but vodka in my bottle instead of water. 

  • Oh, God! It’s Thursday, and I’m breathing, and I’m alive? Well, I did not think I would make it through this day. 

  • Thursday and morning do not blend together. It’s like nothing is right in this!

  • Thursday night is probably a resting night for you, but it is sushi night for meeeee!!!

  • You should praise and be happy for every single minute of your life. Have a great, great Thursday ☺️

  • I am living on Thursday but feeling a soft corner for Friday. Is it cheating? 

  • Who cares for a coffee on Thursday when you can have Jägerbomb instead?

  • Thursdays are a type of wannabe Fridays, yet they are not. 

Happy Thursday Whatsapp Status

  • God has sent us on the earth with a prime commandment. That is to love one another and learn to love each other so that everyone can love one another. 

  • You, I, We, every one of us should do what the other person has done to us and set an example to society.

  • Thursday is a holy day that represents the sacrament of love as it produces love and signifies love. 

  • While we face hurdles in life, we should not ask God to help. But ask his purpose to show. 

  • Today is Thursday, a holy day to cherish our last receiving, love, and improve our shortcomings. 

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