A Speech on High School Will Be the Best Time of Your Life

High school time would probably be the best time of our lives. For some, it might be the college days; but high school has its own different flavor. That is when almost everything gets to its first time experiences. The time of our lives when wants to try out new things, experience more fun, and surprises, and also hit rock bottom quite a few times. We are no more our parent’s babies; we transform into teenagers. Boys turn into young men, and girls change into these beautiful young ladies. Around this time, we know that we are no more a child but have to be more focused on our passion and interests.

A period of time when our parents decide to treat us like adults, loosen uphold, and let us experience certain things on our own. Lots of memories are made up during these days; making new friends who might turn out to be our best friends forever, lots of in-school and off-school parties, sports events, Halloween, and prom. It’s a beautiful package of unforgettable events.

Pranks; are a major part of our high school days. Students turn out to be so cunning and furious to do pranks over each other and maybe even end up doing pranks over the faculty members, thus getting ourselves detention. High school was always alive with various club activities like the reading clubs with the nerds, music club with the good and bad singers, sports club with all the tall and handsome men and gorgeous cheerleading ladies, and finally theatre club with the funniest characters. 

Another fun thing we had was Halloween, where our friends decided to wear matching costumes or connect characters. Blowing up everyone’s mind with an excellent entry to the Halloween party with the best eye-catching costume was a special thing, after all. Just like that, one can never forget how passing gossip chits during boring classes were mandatory. All those giggles and fights in the high school corridor would end up straight inside the principal’s office. 

The highlight event of every high school was the sports events. This chillness that a last-minute score could give was incredible. These events were not just a special event for the students but also for all other people, including teachers, parents, relatives, and friends. The stadium or ground would be filled with all sorts of noises like cheers, jeers, sighs, and screams.  

At last, the most special day of a high school student; PROM NIGHT. It is a whole lot of preparation. Boys find creative ways to ask a girl out, girls get excited to say ‘yes’, boys get their first suit stitched, and girls struggle to find the perfect dress that could make their date stunned. Finally, the slow, intimate dance could lead to the first magical kiss. 

Altogether, these mixtures of emotions finally come to an end with some scholarship or acceptance letter from your dream college, leading to a new start.

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