Should Large Corporations Hire a Number of Minorities that Are Proportionate to The Population?

A very warm welcome to one and all present here. This gathering has been called together with the main purpose of discussing a topic that needs to be discussed about in large corporations; Should large corporations hire a number of minorities that are proportionate to the population? Before we start talking about including the minority we should first understand what a minority is.

A minority represents something that is less than the half of the whole and it can also refer to people who are in the margins of contemporary society. Minorities differ from country to country and it might be difficult to group them together as they will differ in various cultural aspects.

These people might be marginalised due to their race, caste, gender or ethnicity and these social constructs create a change in the opportunities that show up for these people. Large corporations have a social responsibility to people belonging to these communities and it is essential to make sure that they are given an equal opportunity at the workplace and are given equal consideration while selecting people for the jobs.

Taking the global picture into consideration, it can be said that women are one of the groups of the people that are in the minority and are often exempted from the major places of decision making. The main problem of not including these people is that the decision making will not be an inclusive one.

The large corporations take certain decisions that can directly or indirectly influence the society and not including these sections of the society will not enable them to take a decision that will cater to all sections of the society. In the twenty-first century it is important for all of us to understand that representation matters and it is essential for these corporate giants to give an opportunity to the people from the margins.

Giving strength to their voices through representation should be included in the agenda of these corporations. Including people from various backgrounds will bring diversification in the process of decision making. As an entity that exists in a society with various groups of people who are aware of the subordinate role they are forced to play in the social setting, these corporations should be able to bring back a feeling of equality in their workplace.

A heterogeneous board of decision makers not only ensures representation but also makes sure that all the marginal groups feel included with the final decision coming into action.

Before winding up, it is only fair to discuss about the racial discrimination that is prevalent in the country, and the domination of one particular race over the various minor racial groups that constitute a large number of people in totality, that has created such a huge difference between the two social groups to an extent where it is necessary to bridge this gap to ensure the economy of the country has a steady pace of growth and ensure that they are no longer in the margins.

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