640+ Famous Quotes About Society The Truth We All Ignore! (Images)

Society is basically the surroundings in which we are living, where we see people around us; they are all part of the society, including all your family members, all your neighbors, all the friends, and others who actually make the society altogether.

All people have differences in relation to society every time. Mentioned below are some society quotes from many famous personalities.

Quotes About Society

-The mantra to organized civilization is firstly to organize people around it.

-The secret of a blooming society is the people and what they want to do rather than what they can do. 

-A well-organized society means people behaving as per social norms and permits. 

-A decent marriage should serve its cultural, natural, and religious roots with social influence. 

-The world is a parody, and we are just recording it, nothing more!

Famous Quotes About Society

-Always remember that the kind of society that actually gets rid of or gets away with all its troublemakers always goes or moves downhill. – Robert A. Heinlein

– Remember that society is every time just taken away by the surprises at any of the new examples of common sense. – Ralph Waldo Emerson

– It is true that no one would ever talk more in society if they will ever learn that every now and then, they are just misunderstood by others here. – Johann Wolfgang Goethe

– You should always remember that if your society has fitted you very comfortably and accurately into it, then you can always call it your freedom – Robert Frost

– The man who actually does not has anything to lose in his life is the most dangerous one in society as he never cares for society anymore. – James Baldwin

– Everyone should always try to create an inclusive society every time because an inclusive society includes all and never leaves any one out. Always keep it in mind. – Franklin D. Roosevelt

Famous Quotes About Society

– All the princes and all the governments are always far more dangerous or rather threatening than any other element of society. – Niccolo Macheiville 

– Always keep in your mind that societies that are only based on productivity if can never be creative but only the productive one always. – Albert Camus

– I will never tie myself to any particular system of any society and would only like to be part of socialism rather. – Nelson Mandela

– Every society always keeps demanding more and more from the human beings who are part of that particular society but does not put this in practice for itself  – George Orwell

– What is felt to be the true society is the one which has the duty of justice as its first priority every time. – Alexander Hamilton

– The true enemy of this society is always the middle-class men, and the true enemy of one’s life is always their middle age – Orson Welles

– If you are actually looking for the most violent section of society, then just have a look at its ignorance, and then you will come to know the reality. – Emma Goldman

– One should always know how unbearable the civilizations are actually but to know that they are rather more unbearable at the top every time. – Pearl S. Buck

Famous Quotes About Society

– Society is originally the union of the men and not just the men themselves in the true sense. – Montesquieu

– Always keep in mind that society is the one who always attacks you early, especially when you are in a helpless situation yourself. – B. F. Skinner

– Society only cares for those individuals, those who feel that it is profitable for them at that time.

-Being a wise man, I always avoid civilization in fear of getting bored. 

-The way society behaves with a child reveals its keener side. 

-In the name of common sense, the entire society takes everything by surprise.

-Society must free artists to follow their vision as art nourishes the root of our culture. 

-Educating an individual with morals prevent any threat to society.

-Personal commitment to a group effort makes a civilization work, a society work.

-Being outside of this delightful society would be a tragedy for me. 

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-I believe to be ODD to become society’s number ONE!

-When society throws me a lemon, I make lemonade and enjoy it!

-Humans with no quality always chase after quantity.

-I don’t believe in fit in when I can stand and fit-out.

-Honey, don’t be afraid of this society; instead, walk on this world alone. 

-Kill the entire civilization with your success and embed them with your smirk. 

-The bitter truth of this society is success gives birth to unforeseen and unknown enemies. 

-Knowledge, skills, and attitude are the key foundation to building a real civilization. 

-In the present world, silence is better than fighting. 

-Nowadays, I find it hard to differentiate between real and fake people. 

-Believe me, people can be totally different than what they actually look like.

-With my experience, your beauty can’t hide your true nature. 

-Society may have time for fake people, but I don’t. 

-These days, your closest person can turn into your worst enemy. Beware!

-Problem with this civilization is not everyone holds the exact same opinion.

-Any animal, artist, or even my role in society is to try & reveal what I feel.

-My duty to work in society is to be a reflection of all, not as a leader or a preacher. 

– Honesty is surely a sprig of morality, yet an essential one to society.

-Society is a mental concept only. In reality, there are only humans. 

-If my society can’t help the poor, it then can’t save the rich too. 

-Other than socialism, I would prefer tying myself with no special regularity of society.

-A salubrious democracy demands a moral society with respectful civilization. 

-I always cherish the concept of a free & democratic society to live in. 

-If society let you be who you are, you call it freedom. 

-Part of my legacy in this community is the chance to grow financially sovereign.

-Honestly, today’s production-based society became productive instead of creative. 

-In every humanity, some are born to guide and some to rule!

-The ultimate moral of society reveals when it wills to its offspring.

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Sayings About Society

“A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in.” – Greek Proverb

“The strength of a society is measured by how well it takes care of its most vulnerable members.”

“Society is like a stew. If you don’t stir it up every once in a while then a layer of scum floats to the top.” – Edward Abbey

“The greatness of a society is measured by the compassion it shows to its weakest members.”

“A healthy society is one in which we are all willing to give before we try to get.”

“The mark of a truly civilized society is the respect it extends to all of its members.”

“Society is a reflection of our collective values, actions, and aspirations.”

“In a just society, we lift each other up instead of holding each other down.”

“Society flourishes when individuals collaborate for the common good.”

“A society that values diversity and equality paves the way for progress.”

“The progress of society depends on the education and empowerment of its citizens.”

“A strong society is built on a foundation of empathy, understanding, and respect.”

“Society evolves when we question the status quo and strive for positive change.”

“The health of society is determined by the strength of its social bonds.”

“A thriving society recognizes that unity and cooperation lead to lasting success.”

“Society benefits when we listen to diverse voices and embrace different perspectives.”

“Progressive societies encourage innovation, inclusivity, and sustainable practices.”

“Society advances when justice and fairness guide its principles.”

“The heart of a just society beats to the rhythm of equal opportunities for all.”

“A compassionate society leaves no one behind on the journey to progress.”

-The middle class is not only the enemy of society but the enemy of life. 

-My frustration with this society is similar to a pyro in a startled forest. 

-Civilization is less intolerable at the top and more in the middle. 

-Society always praises its dead troublemakers and living followers. 

-Life was good when people honored parents as father-mother than credit cards. 

-Society always expects a little more from people than it ever will get in reality. 

-The history of society or the life of an individual can’t be understood without understanding both.

-The actual strength of society is people being themselves as they are.

-My problem with the rat race is, even after I win, I’ll still be a rat. 

-Society will start improving when every individual will start thinking of society.

-In the past, people were slaves. In the future, people may become robots. 

-A man with nothing to lose is the most dangerous creation of society.

-A house has no use until it finds a tolerable planet to place on.

-Most change in society happens because of revelations being in and out.

-With poor and miserable people, no society can be happy and prospering ever. 

-When people will stop thinking of themselves and for society, society will prosper. 

-Our system is so odd. It highly promotes nonwork and taxes work.

-People who value its privileges more than principles someday succumb both. 

-An equipped society means a polite society. 

– To a deeply sick civilization, no health & well-being measure can be adjusted.

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-Women with power and money are the two most miserable approaches to our society.

-Men themselves are not society, but the union of men is. 

-Society is filled with assumptions. No one is alive, yet everyone is alike. 

-The press is reliable to inform, but it’s making money in society.

-Being able to identify identities despite changes should be our natural social behavior. 

-What can we do with humankind that proves evil is alive and God is not. 

-Now. the present society is mute and packed on cake mixes, frozen dinners, and soda cans.

-I don’t find this world to be redolent anymore. 

-The frozen foods, instant mashed potatoes, and instant camera seized all our patience.

-Socialites and cockroaches are dangerous. They can stay up late and eat anything literally!

-Today’s civilization is operated more by appearance rather than realities.

-Everywhere in humankind, good-looking people get treated better than homies. 

-I think too many rights of society allow individuals to be reckless and irresponsible. 

-Honestly, society suffers too much because of its too much liberty.

Famous Quotes About Society

– This world is not the fragrant one at all – Raymond Chandler

– The wise men are always those who frequently or rather very often keep society shunned because of the fear that it may turn boring. – Jean de la Bruyere

– What is actually done to children? They are actually doing the same to the world. – Karl A. Menninger

– Society always offers all its conformists and also to its troublemakers that are dead. – Mignon McLaughlin

– Cockroaches and socialites are actually those who have the capability to stay awake the entire night, and also, they are the only ones who can eat anything. – Herb Caen

– Always keep in your mind that the society that has more justice will definitely always need less charity. – Ralph Nader

– In the society in which we are living is just one step above the one in which we leave the kids for them to be raised by those wolves or those apes. – AI Roker

– A society that always tends to make many efforts to standardize their thinking, their individuality is not the one that is always highly prized. –  Alex Grey

Bad Society Quotes

“In a society that values material gain over human values, we lose our sense of compassion and connection.”

“A toxic society is one where hatred and prejudice are normalized.”

“When a society is driven by greed, it becomes a breeding ground for inequality and injustice.”

“A society that ignores the cries of the marginalized is a society in decline.”

“In a broken society, empathy is replaced by indifference.”

“When selfishness becomes the norm, society crumbles under the weight of individualism.”

“A society that perpetuates stereotypes and discrimination fosters an environment of mistrust.”

“When fear dictates society’s actions, it stifles progress and growth.”

“In a divided society, unity and cooperation become distant dreams.”

“A society that values power over humanity loses its moral compass.”

“When ignorance is celebrated, society’s intellectual growth stagnates.”

“A society that thrives on exploitation and manipulation cannot sustain genuine relationships.”

“In a society driven by instant gratification, patience and perseverance lose their significance.”

“When hatred is given a platform, tolerance and understanding are pushed aside.”

“A society that silences dissenting voices is a society that fears change.”

“When superficial appearances matter more than true character, society becomes shallow.”

“A society that normalizes violence breeds a culture of fear and instability.”

“In a society that prioritizes personal gain at any cost, integrity becomes a rare commodity.”

“When a society values conformity over individuality, innovation is stifled.”

“A society that neglects the well-being of its environment and future generations is on a path of destruction.”

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