78+ Famous Quotes About Society

Society is basically the surroundings in which we are living, where we see people around us; they are all part of the society, including all your family members, all your neighbors, all the friends, and others who actually make the society altogether.

All people have differences in relation to society every time. Mentioned below are some society quotes from many famous personalities.

Famous Quotes About Society

-Society is the one that is sui-generis, it is the one that is above all the individuals, and it is always that the characteristics of the particular society always influence the behavior of the individual, but the individual’s behaviors never influence the society’s characteristics. – said by Emile Durkheim

-Always remember that one should never lose that faith in humanity as humanity is like a big ocean, and even if the few drops of this ocean may get dirty, as a whole, it would never have any effect of it on that big ocean. – said by Mahatma Gandhi

-Always keep in your mind that our society is always run by insane people in order to fulfill their insane objectives and insane goals and over this, what I sometimes feel is that we are the ones being run by the maniacs all around us and then I also think at the same time that I am also liable and hence can be put away for I am expressing this actually. And for my understanding, that is what maniacs actually mean to me. – said by John Lennon

-One should always keep in their mind that the place where justice is being denied, the place where any one particular class is always pleased, whereas the others are just made to feel that this society is all an organized conspiracy for suppressing and oppressing, for robbing and are meant only for degrading and deteriorating them, and if you really feel such a society to work this way then always know that in such a society neither individuals nor their properties are ever safe. – said by Fredrick Douglass

Famous Quotes About Society

-Always remember that the kind of society that actually gets rid of or gets away with all its troublemakers always goes or moves downhill. – said by Robert A. Heinlein

– Remember that society is every time just taken away by the surprises at any of the new examples of common sense. – said by Ralph Waldo Emerson

– I always have a set of three chairs in my house, where the first is always occupied by solitude, the next one by friendship, and the third one is always occupied by society. – said by Henry David Thoreau

– If you try to understand what society actually is, then you will find that it exists only as that mental concept and mental perception that is the part of the real world where there are only individuals. – said by Oscar Wilde

– Always know that if god would have ever planned of that, we must make our society as the permissive one, then he would never have us ten suggestions or recommendations, and he would have rather given us at least Ten Commandments – said by Zig Ziglar

– To all those who are part of this society must always keep this in their mind that if they can not help those who are needy and poor in this world, then they also can never save all those who are rich and wealthy – said John F. Kennedy

– For the ones who do not find themselves fit to live in this society or if they feel that they are unable to live in this society such kind of people, in my opinion, can only be either a beast or the god and no one else they could ever be – said by Aristotle

– One should never waste his or her precious time looking or commenting on those social questions as all of us in this world are already aware that the ones who are poor are facing tough poverty and the ones who are actually rich matter with them is just uselessness – said by George Bernard Shaw

– Always keep in your mind that you can always instruct in society but you can never inspire in society whereas if you look into the solitude, you can always inspire in solitude and peace – said by Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

– If you do not know what a civilized society actually means, then remember that it is the one in which all the eccentricity to the particular point of doubtful sanity can always be tolerated – said by Robert Frost

– It is true that no one would ever talk more in society if they will ever learn that every now and then, they are just misunderstood by others here. – said by Johann Wolfgang Goethe

– You should always remember that if your society has fitted you very comfortably and accurately into it, then you can always call it your freedom – said by Robert Frost

– You may always find that a society is every other state is of one and the same kind where although it is like a blessing at the same time, the government that is governing that every society will always be the evil one for all and if the cases are worst then it can also be the intolerable one always keep this in your mind in reference to society. – said by Thomas Paine

– The man who actually does not has anything to lose in his life is the most dangerous one in society as he never cares for society anymore. – said by James Baldwin

– Everyone should always try to create an inclusive society every time because an inclusive society includes all and never leaves any one out. Always keep it in mind. – said by Franklin D. Roosevelt

Famous Quotes About Society

– All the princes and all the governments are always far more dangerous or rather threatening than any other element of society. – said by Niccolo Macheiville 

– Always keep in your mind that societies that are only based on productivity if can never be creative but only the productive one always. – said by Albert Camus

– I will never tie myself to any particular system of any society and would only like to be part of socialism rather. – said by Nelson Mandela

– No society in this world has ever abolished the sadness of human beings. No politician has ever been able to deliver their people away from the pain in their living, from the fear that their people have of death, as everyone is always thirsty for absolute every time. As there is only the human condition that can only direct the social condition accordingly and not vice versa – said by Eugene Ionesco

– Every society always keeps demanding more and more from the human beings who are part of that particular society but does not put this in practice for itself  – said by George Orwell

– I always love to cherish and be happy about the ideals of a free and democratic society where all the people are always living together in harmonious relationships with each other, and also there is equality in opportunity for everyone. This is when an ideal society can be truly achieved, and I always wish to live my life for such a society even if there will be a need for me to die, then I am all set to do that also in favor of such a society. – said by Nelson Mandela

– Our society is of such a kind that it always just keeps striving to avoid or rather ignore any other possibility of offending anyone around in this society but there is an exceptional case for God. – said by Billy Graham

– A true society is one that is always republic. Whenever any individual tries to lift himself up above them, he is always dragged down by others by the masses by anyway, whether by ridicule or by slander. – said by Victor Hugo

– What is felt to be the true society is the one which has the duty of justice as its first priority every time. – said by Alexander Hamilton

– Always remember that the fundamental ills of society are not caused by any alcohol or any drug. If you are actually looking for the sources or the originator for your troubles and problems, then we should actually stop testing people for drugs we should originally test them for their stupidity, ignorance and for their, greed, and the love of power that is inculcated into them. – said by P. J. O’Rourke

Always know that every society in this world always gets its own kind of criminal that it actually deserves, and what is actually and equally true is that every community in this world always gets its own kind of law enforcement it always insists on. – said by Robert Kennedy

– If you say society, then you should know that there is nothing like society. There are always individual men and individual women, and there are also their families, but there is no society. – said by Margaret Thatcher

– Always remember that no society can ever be the one that is always flourishing and always happy because the major society portion is actually constituted by those who are poor miserable, under poverty, and underprivileged all the time. – said by Adam Smith

– Whenever we talk about liberating our minds, then first we need to liberate our minds and hearts from any prejudices or any kind of biases that we have in us in some of the other ways every time. – said by Angela Davis

– When you are talking of a free and pure democracy, then know that it is the one that always contains some or a small number of citizens who actually assemble, and then they are the ones who administer the government in the person. – said by James Madison

– The true enemy of this society is always the middle-class men, and the true enemy of one’s life is always their middle age – said by Orson Welles

– Always know that the economy is the only basis of society in the true sense, and you can easily analyze this when the economy is the stable one, then only the society keeps developing every time. And also that the ideal economy always combines spirituality and materialism and only with the best commodities that can be traded as they are the ones in sincerity and also in love. – said by Morihei Ueshiba

– If you really want to test your society and its morals every time, then you just need to check what kind of society it is actually going to leave for its children and for its future generations to come. – said by Dietrich Bon Hoeffer

– If you are actually looking for the most violent section of society, then just have a look at its ignorance, and then you will come to know the reality. – said by Emma Goldman

– One should always know how unbearable the civilizations are actually but to know that they are rather more unbearable at the top every time. – said by Pearl S. Buck

Famous Quotes About Society

– Our society must always be the right one that much as it could never fill the old people of the society with those fears of being deserted by those who are younger than them because the best test for any or every civilization is only how it takes care of its helpless and needy members. – said by Timothy Leary

– You will find that difference that the good-looking individuals are the ones who always get the priority and are the ones who are always treated well and better than those who are actually the homely ones usually in every situation, and you can always see and observe this whether it be in the case of the datings, or whether it may be about the trial and jury. – said by Martha Beck

– When you actually do research on the topic like those of society, then what you are actually doing is that you are only learning what you either do not know or what you actually don’t understand. – said, Neil Armstrong

– Society is originally the union of the men and not just the men themselves in the true sense. – said by Montesquieu

– Always keep in mind that society is the one who always attacks you early, especially when you are in a helpless situation yourself. – said by B. F. Skinner

– Society only cares for those individuals, those who feel that it is profitable for them at that time. –  said by Simone de Beauvoir

– I always had total, and complete irreverence for anything that is in connection with society except those that make the roads safer, the ones that make beer stronger, the ones which may make the food items cheaper, and when all the old men and all the old women are warmer in the chilling winters and when they happier in the sunny summers also. – said by Brendan Behan

– Society is the one which is full of benefits immeasurably from the climate in which all people, no matter what race, gender, or caste they may belong to, have all the respect and all the opportunities to all earn their remuneration, their livelihood, and more importantly, they can also earn the advancement too all based on their abilities. – said by Sandra Day O’ Connor

Famous Quotes About Society

– To act on those beliefs that we keep possessing all the knowledge and all the power that enable and make us capable enough to shape all the processes of society wholly and completely according to what we like the knowledge that we may not even possess is the one that is likely to make us do much threat and harm rather. – said by Friedrich August von Hayek

– Always keep in your mind that life used to be a lot simpler whenever we honored our father and our mother rather than giving much importance to all our major credit cards. –said by Robert Orben

– Previously, when religion was too strong and science was too weak on the other hand then all the men actually mistook magic as medicine, and now, when science is actually becoming stronger one and religion is turning weaker on the other hand then these men are again mistaking medicine for magic – said by Thomas Szasz

– This world is not the fragrant one at all – said by Raymond Chandler

– The wise men are always those who frequently or rather very often keep society shunned because of the fear that it may turn boring. – said by Jean de la Bruyere

– What is actually done to children? They are actually doing the same to the world. – said by Karl A. Menninger

– Society always offers all its conformists and also to its troublemakers that are dead. – said by Mignon McLaughlin

– Cockroaches and socialites are actually those who have the capability to stay awake the entire night, and also, they are the only ones who can eat anything. – said by Herb Caen

– Always keep in your mind that the society that has more justice will definitely always need less charity. – said by Ralph Nader

– If those who feel themselves to be in charge of this society, like those politicians like those, corporates like those, executives, and also the owners of the press and also the ones of television, have the tendency to dominate our minds and our ideas. They always make efforts to secure their power. They do not need soldiers to patrol across the streets and will also try and tend to control ourselves too. – said by Howard Zinn

– In the society in which we are living is just one step above the one in which we leave the kids for them to be raised by those wolves or those apes. – said by AI Roker

– Always keep in your mind that never life or any individual or any history of society could be actually understood without developing a better understanding about both of them. – said by C. Wright Mills

– A society that always tends to make many efforts to standardize their thinking, their individuality is not the one that is always highly prized. –  said by Alex Grey

– Always keep yourself aware that the true function and the purpose of the press in society are to always inform people about everything happening around them and not to misguide them about the actual things, but nowadays, the actual task of these press is just to make money and just to earn profits for themselves. – said by A. J. Liebling

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