A Speech on “Human Behaviour Affects Society”

Human behavior, in my own description, is completely the behavior of a person towards habitation and nonliving things.

Every one of us has a different behavior as we are confronted and raised in several environments with various beliefs and importance infused to us as we grow up further. As we grow up, however, our behavior becomes different because we discover new aspects each day.

We all grew up listening to “like father like son” and “like mother like daughter” sentences. It is because we all concur that our parents were our main instructors and that our behaviors will indicate how well our parents put us forward. Our behaviors will be sure of by how we were put up and tutored as a kid.

At the time of our early stage, we found out through enculturation, but as we grow up, we confront various kinds of people, visit various types of places, and understand through our school educators;

we understand through acculturation also realize as our second culture knowledge.

Acculturation occurs when we get acquainted with a new culture, for example, in the Philippines.

They were occupied by Spain for hundreds of years, pursued by Japan and the United States too, so it is not shocking at all that they have modified their culture and beliefs in some way which is apparent until now.

This behavior is generally known in the Philippines as ‘the colonial mentality. 

As I have spoken of above, human behavior is barely restricted to living things but to nonliving stuff as well. After conveying human behavior to humans and our society, we will now talk about the behavior of humans toward the environment.

Environment change is perceived worldwide as the “greatest collective challenge facing humankind today.” For me, the original cause of this never-ending manifestation is globalization.

Clearly, globalization is helpful to us for modernization goals but what is at risk is our environment. Ever since each country has evolved and developed, its climate has changed dramatically as well.

Trees in jungles are cut down in the trade of building high-rise facilities. Natural reserves are being manipulated by selfish businessmen who just like to receive profit.

Globalization is not certainly bad stuff because we somehow need to be renovated. The crisis with this is us humans. Humans, by courage, tend to come to be selfish in rule to endure.

Frequently, we ignore that we also want to put up with the care of our climate, not believing in negative impacts if we continue disregarding our climate. The impacts of climate change are coming to be more and more evident today.

It is really unusual in the town than in the region. In the city, we can certainly remember the big effect of globalization on our climate. From the chemical commodities we use to the filtered nutrition we consume every day.

All these are toxic to us without us glancing that it is gradually giving us fitness difficulties. Presently, it is greatly pleased to live in the region because it is limited contaminated.

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