125+ Famous Courage Quotes To Face Your Fears

Whenever do you need to decide which one to choose, comfort or courage, which one will you go for? The reply depends significantly on your relationship with fear.

It is not simple to overcome this intense emotion, but the narrative can be changed by overcoming your fear and taking some calculated and powerful risks.

Here, we have mentioned some intriguing courage quotes by world-famous personalities which should help you be courageous. So let us not waste time and delve deep into these incredible quotations and sayings.

Famous Courage Quotes

-Nothing is possible on this planet without courage. It is the most significant quality of a person out there. – Aristotle

-You require courage to tackle the tense situations in your life. – Winston Churchill

-A person who does not have enough courage to take risks in life will not be able to accomplish anything at all. – Muhammad Ali

-Although one might not be born with courage, he is definitely born with potential. It is not possible to practice any task consistently without courage. – Maya Angelou

-Always hold your head high and stare at the world right in the eye. – Helen Keller

-Courage can be considered to be free, which holds on longer for a minute. – George S. Patton

Famous Courage Quotes

-Life will be of no use if you have no courage to try anything. – Vincent Van Gogh

-I understood that courage does not imply the absence of fear; however, courage means to triumph over fear. – Nelson Mandela

-One courageous act will be to think of yourself at all times. – Coco Chanel

-Courage happens to be fire, and bullying happens to be smoke. – Benjamin Disraeli

-Courage can be considered to be the sense of the measurement of danger and the desire to withstand it. – William Tecumseh Sherman

-We must make an attempt to become bigger by becoming more courageous and bigger in outlook and spirit. – Haile Selassie

-Bravery can be considered to be the ability to perform flawlessly even when scared tremendously. – Omar N. Bradley

-Courage happens to be the resistance to fear and not the absence of it. – Mark Twain

-It is imperative to build enough courage to prevent the deluge of fear. – Martin Luther King, Jr.

-To visualize the correct thing and not to perform it is an act of cowardice. – Confucius

-I am of the notion that courage happens to be the most essential of all the virtues out there. Without courage, you will not be able to achieve anything at all. – Maya Angelou

-A significant part of courage happens to be the courage of performing the stuff before. – Ralph Waldo Emerson

-While I was young, courage had been my friend. – William Shakespeare

-How many individuals are there having the courage to mend their own faults without complaining whatsoever? – Benjamin Franklin

-Courage originates from caring. – Lao Tzu

-One individual having courage happens to be a majority. – Thomas Jefferson

Courage Quotes

-A courageous person will not be afraid of anything. – Plato

-A person who is courageous will not know what fear is. – Plato

-Courage happens to be a type of salvation. – Plato

-Only the courageous get the most out of life by displaying courage on many occasions. – Zig Ziglar

-One ought to have the courage to do what is morally correct. – Ronald Reagan

-If you are looking for courage, talk in front of a mirror and watch your actions and postures. – John F. Kennedy

-Courage is not adequate without any direction or purpose. – John F. Kennedy

-One can consider courage to be grace under tremendous pressure. – Ernest Hemingway

-He happens to be a man of courage who does not flee from his job at any cost. – Socrates

-It needs more courage to suffer than to die. – Napoleon Bonaparte

-Individuals who lack the required courage will always find an excuse to justify it. – Albert Camus

-I have many things to prove in my life, one of which is that I can live my life with courage. In fact, I happen to be an extremely fearless person. – Oprah Winfrey

-Many individuals do not show the required courage to achieve their targets because they are scared to die. – Les Brown

-In case you have no confidence in yourself, then you have already lost half the battle. – Marcus Garvey

-Try to be courageous in every aspect of your life and do not give any indulgence to fear. – Thomas A. Edison

-Success is never the ultimate thing; courage matters the most. – John Wooden

-Courageous individuals are not afraid of forgiving because they want peace. – Nelson Mandela

-Once you cross the limit of fear, then you have achieved everything in life. – Thich Nhat Hanh

-Courage happens to be contagious. When a particular individual is courageous, others also feel the same. – Billy Graham

-The courageous man is free. – Lucius Annaeus Seneca

-It is great courage to face your enemies on the battlefield. – J. K. Rowling

-The eagle does not seem to have any fear. We must be like that an eagle and should be courageous all the same. – Joyce Meyer

-I suggest young people think courageously and discover the impossible in their lives. – A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

-Courage is considered the most significant of all the virtues because if you do not have the courage then you will not have any opportunity to use others. – Samuel Johnson

Courage Quotes

-Courage happens with the price which life ascertains for providing peace. – Amelia Earhart

-You will come across courage in some unlikely locations. – J. R. R. Tolkien

-Do not be afraid to jump, and you will also be able to unfold your wings. – Ray Bradbury

-It does not matter whether you fail, but the most important thing is whether you have the required courage. – Charlie Chaplin

-Genuine encouragement implies being afraid and still accomplishing the job by any means. – Norman Schwarzkopf

-Have the required courage to face anything in life, whatever it might be. – Saint Teresa of Avila

-Life is going to expand or shrink according to one’s courage. – Anais Nin

-Creativity always requires courage. – Henri Matisse

-To create anything innovative in this world requires adequate courage. – Georgia O’Keeffe

-Every student must have the courage to ask any query to their teachers in the classroom. – Anonymous

-One has to enter one’s life with enough courage. – Alexis de Tocqueville

-The most significant protection that a female can have is her courage. – Elizabeth Cady Stanton

-Nobody will be asking the question of whether the enemy was defeated by valor or strategy. – Virgil

Courage Quotes

-The most significant courage on this planet will be to accept defeat without losing heart. – Robert Green Ingersoll

-One must have the courage to say no and also face the truth. One must perform the correct thing because it is correct. These are the essential things to lead a life full of integrity. – W. Clement Stone

-It is impossible for any person to discover any new ocean without having the courage to lose sight of the seashore. – Andre Gide

-Individuals with character and courage always appear to rule over others. – Hermann Hesse

-About everything, courage happens to be the first attribute of any warrior. – Carl von Clausewitz

-It is possible to enhance courage by daring; on the contrary, one can only develop fear by keeping holding back. – Publilius Syrus

-I am grateful to the Almighty since he has given me courage and wisdom. – Loretta Young

-One can consider courage to be the attribute to forge ahead despite despair. – Rollo May

-Cowardice happens to be the reverse of courage. – Rollo May

-There is a saying that fortune favors the brave. – James Russell Lowell

-Freedom is the secret of happiness, and courage is the secret of freedom. – Thucydides

-A person who is timid will be scared before any danger, whereas a courageous person will be frightened only afterward. – Jean-Paul

-Individuals can be considered to be happy in case they are able to defend courageously what they love. – Ovid

-Always try to be strong and courageous, and do not be afraid of anything. – Gabby Douglas

-It is not possible to examine courage cautiously. – Annie Dillard

-Clear thinking entails courage instead of intelligence. – Thomas Szasz

-Courage can be considered to be the condition of being scared but continuing anyhow. – Dan Rather

-Just like faith, hope will be nothing in case it is not courageous. – Thornton Wilder

-Every single person has got talent; however, the problem is that one must have the courage to follow this talent to achieve one’s targets in life. – Erica Jong

-Courage is something that will not allow your actions to become influenced by any of your fears. – Arthur Koestler

Courage Quotes

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