A Speech on “How to Talk to People when You Have Nothing to Say.”

There’s cannot be found anything more awkward than a conversation getting stagnant on some strange and awkward silence. In the case of you being an introvert, you can mainly define that silent moment with like talking to strangers. Extroverts cannot avoid this either because it often occurs that all of a sudden moment when you run out of things or topics to discuss about further. 

So there are some steps to continue a good conversation when you have not much to say. 

Don’t get very excited while trying to be interesting before others. It’s always more important to remain yourself while conversing with strangers. In the efforts to be interesting you can overdo some things and for that the other person might feel very uncomfortable. Just try to be yourself and continue a meaningful conversation with others. You don’t need to dwell or ponder on your words to be interesting enough to impress them. Don’t think much and just say it out loud.

Everyone enjoys talking and conversing about themselves a bit because it’s easier to talk about oneself rather than the other things that the person might not be aware off. You can never prove to be wrong while talking about yourself. So at the time when you are speaking with strangers and that awkward silence builds up, just ask them something in general about themselves or their families but try not to  let it be a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ type of thing, ask something that can keep the conversation to be continue for some time. This would remove their tension and make themselves more comfortable while talking to you.

You can never prove to be wrong while conversing about food. When conversing with strangers, food is something, with which everyone is familiar, so it can help in continuing the conversation. It would be even better if that conversation continues while you having a meal with a stranger. You can simply start with stating something on the food and things will get easier from there onwards.

One of the biggest reasons for the unwanted awkward silence is finding a common topic or subject when talking to strangers and it can turn out a hard thing to do when you are not very knowledgeable about the topic or subject they are talking about. In this situation we can do as to rephrase their words and insists them to tell and provide information of more about it. This will eventually prove to them that you are really interested in the ongoing conversation and you are eager to know a thing or two about the subject in general.

In the cases if you are an introvert person, this is tend to seem like a difficult task but sharing even the simplest and the smallest things about yourself and your interests can create the ground for an easy conversation as it will show the other person that you are getting more interest and feeling more comfortable and it will help in opening them up to you. When speaking with strangers, they are tend to  remember more about the awkward silence while conversing  instead of the conversation itself,  so if you don’t want them to forget you, then try to open up a little.

Being a know about all things makes one the more dominant speaker in a conversation and it is not sure that the other person can spontaneously relate to the topic you are conversing about. It will more likely to make them very uncomfortable and you’ll never be able to get a common ground of continuing the conversation. At the time of talking to strangers, avoid the type or tendency of a dominating the conversation, your task is to initiate and create a good flow so that the other person can converse and also can connect with you easily.

Thank you to all.

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