How to Write Business Reports: 201+ Phrases and words (Images)

Creating good business reports is a critical talent in the corporate world.

In today’s competitive environment, learning how to create business reports can make all the difference in expressing information, making educated decisions.

Developing this ability is critical whether you’re a seasoned professional or a newcomer to the corporate world.

In this post, we will delve into the art of creating effective business reports, studying crucial tactics and rules to help you comprehend and succeed at business report writing.

So, let’s dig into the world of “How to Write Business Reports” and discover the key to efficient corporate communication.

How Do You Write a Business Report

Understand the Purpose:

– Clearly define the purpose of the report, whether it’s to inform, persuade, or recommend a course of action.

Know Your Audience:

  • Tailor the report to your target audience’s level of knowledge and interest in the subject matter.

Gather Information:

  • Collect relevant data and information from credible sources to support your report’s findings.

Create an Outline:

  • Structure the report with a logical flow, including sections such as introduction, methodology, findings, analysis, and conclusions.

Write a Strong Executive Summary:

  • Summarize the report’s key points and findings in a concise manner to give readers an overview.


  • Introduce the report’s topic, objectives, and the scope of your research.


  • Explain how you collected and analyzed the data, providing transparency about your research methods.


  • Present the main results and findings in a clear and organized manner, using visuals like charts and graphs if necessary.


  • Interpret the findings and provide insights, connecting the data to the report’s objectives.


  • Offer actionable recommendations or solutions based on your analysis.


  • Summarize the report, reiterating its main points and the significance of the findings.


  • Cite all sources used in the report following a specific citation style (e.g., APA, MLA).


  • If needed, include additional materials like raw data, supplementary information, or complex charts.

Proofread and Edit:

  • Carefully review the report for grammar, spelling, and formatting errors.

Use Professional Language:

  • Maintain a formal, professional tone throughout the report.

Keep it Concise:

  • Avoid unnecessary jargon and lengthy explanations; get to the point.

Consider Visuals:

  • Use visual aids, like tables and graphics, to enhance the report’s readability.

Test for Clarity:

  • Have someone unfamiliar with the topic read the report to ensure it is understandable.

Follow Company Guidelines:

  • Adhere to your organization’s specific report format and style guidelines.

Revise and Update:

  • Keep the report current by updating it with new data and information when necessary.
words phrases for business reports

Useful Phrases for Business Report Writing

– Hello [Recipient’s Name],

– Good morning/afternoon/evening,

– Dear [Recipient’s Name],

– I hope this message finds you well.

– Allow me to introduce myself; my name is [Your Name].

– I am writing to you on behalf of [Your Company/Team].

– I am in need of some information regarding…

– Could you please provide more details about…

– I would appreciate it if you could clarify…

– I’m pleased to inform you that…

– Here are the details you requested:

– Allow me to share some insights on…

– To confirm our previous discussion…

– As per our conversation, I wanted to verify…

– Just to clarify, are we in agreement that…

– Thank you for your prompt response.

– I appreciate your assistance with…

– Your help is greatly appreciated.

– I suggest we schedule a meeting to discuss this further.

– Would you be available for a call next week?

– Let’s coordinate our calendars for a suitable time.

– I wanted to update you on the progress we’ve made.

– As of now, we have successfully completed…

– We are on track to meet the set milestones.

– I apologize for any inconvenience and am willing to make it right.

– In light of the issue, I suggest the following solution:

– I’m committed to resolving this matter to your satisfaction.

– If you have any further questions, please feel free to ask.

– I look forward to your response.

– Thank you for your time and attention.

– Best regards,

– Sincerely,

– Yours truly,

Business Report Phrases

  • Executive Summary
  • Market Analysis
  • Financial Forecast
  • Key Findings
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Competitive Landscape
  • Industry Trends
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Recommendations
  • Cost- Benefit Analysis
  • ROI (Return on Investment)
  • Growth Potential
  • Revenue Projections
  • Market Segmentation
  • Target Audience
  • Market Share
  • Market Entry Strategy
  • Profit Margin
  • Business Strategy
  • Strategic Initiatives
  • Competitive Advantage
  • Risk Assessment
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Performance Metrics
  • Projected Sales
  • Stakeholder Analysis
  • Operational Efficiency
  • Marketing Plan
  • Break- even Analysis
  • Investment Opportunity

Business reports Words And Phrases

– We signed a significant amount of deals!

– Rate of profit seems to increase!

– What a score!

– Nothing but profits this month!

– Company is reaching out to the majority of the sections!

– We have minimized the rate of loss this week!

– Production has increased significantly!

– Cutting off the cost of production!

– Cutting off the cost of production!

– We need to gear up!

– I hope we are able to hit the target!

– We need to plan for the long run.

– New employees have been performing well.

– Welcoming every new employee on board!

– We can double the production in the coming weeks.

– We may run short of laborers.

– Good going!

– We need to make sure that the output is more than the input.

– This new product might help us increase the profit percentage!

– We are getting good feedback from the clients!

– In the end, only profit matters!

– Our graph has raised significantly towards per annum income. 

– We are lagging! Need to speed up.

– We have acquired good financial backup. 

– We are leading!

– We can overcome last week’s loss if we keep up with the pace.

– We have to try new market strategies.

– This decision is sure to work in our favor of us!

– Division of labor has helped us gain the pace!

– We have to work extra time this week to cover the target.

– Accelerate the speed!

– We have to build a strong network!

– It’s time to expand the business.

– We have the power to influence the market forces!

– Lower the production to increase the profit per product.

– We must come up with something more powerful than the previous plan.

– We are falling short of laborers!

– We are doing well in terms of production!

– We have to recruit more technicians!

– We have to make sure that we are ready with a good backup!

– The rate of ROI has increased significantly!

– We have to maintain a good cash flow structure in the company. 

– We are far from reaching the profit margin.

– We are about to reach the profit margin.

– We need to reduce the cost revenue! 

– Total revenue will increase this year!

– We have handled the recession period quite well!

– We have to replace outdated machinery with updated ones!

– Increase in demand for our product means we are going on the right path.

– We have to promote our goods at international levels!

– A team needs to be formed to start campaigning the products in the market.

– Innovative ideas for marketing pitches are required.

– Our capital has been boosted!

– Congratulations, team, for your success!

– We have got a reliable team!

– We are all set to launch our new product!

– The market forces are favorable to launch the new product!

– New employees need to be trained well!

– We cannot afford any dereliction at this point!

– Congrats on the coup!

– Many new investors have shown interest in our company. 

– We need to work to achieve the target.

– Buckle up, guys!

– Keep up the good work!

– We are set to dominate the market.

– Our new advertisement can lure a good number of customers.

– We might overtake the opponent companies in the coming years! 

– In the long run, this strategy is certain to work!

– Welcome to the company, sir!

– Cheers to good work!

– All your efforts are counted!

– Our strategy worked! 

– Marginalize the expenditure!

– Our production curve has risen upwards!

– We are in an equilibrium condition!

– This slump period has been exceptionally hard on our company! 

– Good deal!

– Time to impress the investors!

– The more the demand, the more the profit.

– We cannot leave any stone unturned to make this project a success!

– How can we have profits when the rate of production is so high?

– For now, we have to focus on the short run!

– We need more investors!

– Ready to explore new dimensions of business?

– Allocate the respective portfolios to every employee!

– Unnecessary expenses need to be cut off!

– We might face a high rate of cut-off this year!

– Working on the digitalization of the business!

– We need to switch on the online mode of working!

– Financially, we are good!

– We have finally reached a stable state!

– Our company has a sole monopoly over the service in the market!

– We are flourishing!

– Keep a good check on the production!

– We have to go with the market price!

– Sooner or later, we will be the supreme power in the market!

– Internationally, we are strong!

– We have to stop lying safe!

– Time to take some risks!

– The organized company works best!

– We have to plan things out!

– Flatten the curve of expenditures!

– Pace up!

– We have to work strategically!

– Calculative steps are better than random steps!

 – Just profits!

– Great initiatives!

– Incredible plan!

– Unpredictable move!

– Times to trick the rivals!

– In the coming future, we might need to increase the rate of production!

– Take the chance!

– Chances for running in loss should be less!

– New product needs to be launched with a creative campaign!

– We have successfully minimized the rate of loss!

– Our dividend has increased!

– What a profitable deal it was!

– If we work more today, the future of the company will be secured!

– It is a startup company, so we need to be careful!

– Increase the workflow!

– We need more clients!

– Pleasure to have you on board!

– We need financial backup!

– The rate of shares has increased!

– Market assumptions need to be taken care of!

– We have to decrease the quantity to increase the quality

– Our product is ruling!

– We are successful in our project!

– Company’s growth has increased!

– This scheme can attract new clients!

– We have a good stock of products!

– The future of the company is safe!

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