A Speech on “Immigration Laws Should Be More Lenient”

America is a well-known federal republic country with the world’s oldest federation. Immigration has played a major role in contributing to its progress and also in shaping this famous nation. This nation has been severely affected by the immigration process and is still continuing to get affected, for these serious reasons the country has been very strict while handling the immigration laws.

America is mainly and mostly represented by the English-language-only legislation, but still the nation has had numerous immigrants from all the different countries and areas of the world, though most of them are unable to speak or communicate in English. The laws regarding this process of immigration has seriously affected the inhabitants, natives as well as the other immigrants in this country.

Those very serious and strict immigrant laws of this country have major effects on the lives of the people and their career (especially on those who are legal immigrants).

For those people who really want to live or continue to do their business in U.S, they become the unfortunate victims of those strict laws although they chose to follow the legal and proper way to do their work. Most people cannot be able to make it to the U.S. visa what they seriously needed.

They have to wait for a long time and many years sometimes. That problem and long term suffering is caused to them because of the bad people who chose the illegal and wrong path to get settled and stay in the country called America. So, the solution to this serious  problem can be that the legal immigrants of the country should not suffer because of the illegal and ill-minded  immigrants and there should be some serious changes or amendments in those strict  laws so that the people choosing right ways to follow their dreams should be offer some relief and also relaxation.

Therefore the immigration laws of America should be made a little bit lenient without sacrificing and harming the safety of the civilians of this nation.

The most basic and unavoidable problem is getting successfully the U.S visa. That is the problem, which is being faced by also many other nations in the world. The U.S. embassy is among most of the countries of the world  who are really strict with this and which is also right  because they have to be very attentive and careful about the fact that who is entering the country and whether that person should  enter the nation or not.

The approval of the harsh bills is not only against the illegal immigrants but also, can have many negative impacts on the life and works of the legal immigrants. The bill would be able to tighten the borders and also, increase the deportation of those illegal immigrants who carry the desire to commit crimes. But, sometimes those bills will affect the family immigration and also many of the legal immigrants.

Many people can argue that these bills are not only harming the illegal immigrants but also the legal and official rights of many legal immigrants while becoming part of American society. Therefore the legal rights of the legal immigrants should be protected by the officials. 

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