A Speech on Importance of Water

Today I am very happy to be able to meet all of you. I want to discuss with you about the importance of water in our life and the world. We all know that water is the main and indispensable part of our life. We really cannot live without water. It is the most basic need for our survival as well as development. We cannot continue our life without water. It is the inorganic, transparent, taste and odorless substance which is the main component of our body and also the Earth.

It is vital for all known forms of life. As we all know nearly the 97 % of the water can be found in the Earth as the oceans. 2% of water can be found in form of glaciers and polar ice caps, so 1% of water remains as our drinking water. But aren’t we misusing this precious water very carelessly? We are not thinking about the consequences of this misuse and malpractice by us each and every day. The only sources of our pure drinking water are the glaciers, rivers, lake and waterfalls. But there is not sufficient water to compare with the rapidly increasing number of population in the Earth.

Uses and importance of water:

Water is the main and most important ingredient in our agriculture. Without water there will be no irrigation. Water is the most important ingredient for our domestic works like cooking, bathing, washing clothes and utensils. It is also important in a similar way to the other living being and plants. Water also protect and maintain the balance of our eco-system. It is very important in the industries like fertilizers, chemical industries, biochemical industries, cement and paper industries.

It also is a main component in the production of the electricity. Water is life for the entire aquatic animal like fishes and the marine creatures.

Wastage of water:

It is a very bad habit of us to waste the precious water. We carelessly misuse water in our daily lives in the places like our households, industrial workings and agricultural fields. Any living creature can live without food for some days but cannot live without water.

We are misusing water in the places like hospitals, schools, industries, offices.

We are also wasting waters in the arrears of recreation and amusement like parks, restaurants, invitation and many other occasions.

Help in conservation of water:

We can stop the conserve water by decreasing the misuse of water in our daily work and the cleaning process of our household.

We have to look out the leakages in the taps and tanks of our home.

We should increase the awareness of the importance of water and educating our young generation about that.

We should try to stop the wastages in the areas like parks, seminars and various meetings.

We should invent some methods and technology to help in the prevention of misusing water in the agricultural process.


We all have to remember that water is our life and we should give attention towards this great asset given us by the Nature.

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