A Speech on How to Increase Your Motivation

Hello and good morning to everyone. Today will talk about the steps of increasing your motivation.

If you’re feeling stagnant, unfocused and without any interest to do anything; you’re probably looking for ways to increase your motivation.

When your motivation is lower than of normal, there are some interesting things you can try to do to transform stagnancy into proper energy and powerful motivation.

All progress and self-motivation starts with the interest and urge to take action.

Try to plan creatively and thus simplifying the motivation. Removing the activities that don’t motivate you ensures you maximize your time and also bring your best out of you to achieve your goals. One cannot stay motivated when the mind is disturbed and confused. Try to calm your mind by performing less.

Working less and focusing more on the things you love will help you to increase motivation. . When you try this, your life and vision will become more target oriented, thus leading you to the path of increased motivation.

Here you will need the effort to combine your small tasks. Sometimes you could do it is to combine some tasks. Try to figure out the two things you want to perform and see how you could add them into one single activity, thus making your work easier to perform. This frees up our time and effort also, which gives us a sense of accomplishment, thus helping in increasing motivation.

One of the various things that reduce motivation is that we measure our success not from how far we’ve come, but how far away we are from our dreams and goals.

Now is the part of celebrating your success. Try to think about what you’ve gained from a specific starting point, rather than focusing your vision on your ideal. This will allow you to celebrate success and increase motivation to do far better. Therefore use your brain to set your own targets and gain your own experiences.

Next step is to try to set your goals properly, thus motivating yourself. By the process of goal setting, you can always increase motivation and train the brain to focus only on things that are specific and clear. When we are actually progressing towards our goals, it makes us a lot happier than before. We feel motivated and inspired. So, seriously think about your goal.

Next are the cases where, it is far more satisfying to focus on giving not getting. If one can really focus on this, it can become a true focus for that individual. Rather than focusing on simple transactions, you should focus on deepening the precious relationships and doing the things that can truly make you and other people happy.

Sometimes, the smallest changes and efforts can create the biggest results. When you start a new habit, the key of progressing in that is the consistency and repetition.

Try to increase your energy to increase self-motivation. Energy is a huge motivator for every work and everything in this world. If we are excited about someone or something, we usually get motivated. With proper energy we can achieve many things in our life.

Hope this will help you in future.

Thank you everyone.

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