184+ J Cole Quotes And Sayings

Jermaine Lamarr Cole is famous for his stage name J Cole who is an American singer, rapper, songwriter, record executive, and producer.

He was born in Germany’s military base and brought up in Fayetteville, North Carolina. 

Below is a list of some J Cole Quotes that will help motivate you to succeed in your life.

J Cole Quotes And Sayings

-I think people should do the things that are in their pathway or in their soul.

-Ignore the world. Do what your heart says.

-We all have the right to follow our ambitions.

-Do does not lose hope until you have the courage and ability to give your best; it is better to fail and try unless you will ever know what could have possibly happened if you had not tried.

-It is important to know about the rain if you want to appreciate the sun.

J Cole Quotes And Sayings

-There is nothing in the world that is impossible. All you need to do is dream like you are seeing a barrier for the first time.

-Take a risk because that is the only way of knowing how flawless something can transpire.

-Sometimes, our imaginations become a reality and our anxieties too.

-There is no life without struggle and no achievement without losing yourself.

-I would choose to make myself happy than to be upset, making an effort to satisfy others.

-I have always been a little fellow.  It feels like I strike the probabilities.

-One thing you must know about me is I only play to win. Always be ambitious and never disobey the rules.

-Everyone gives me good wishes. I just tell them Lord is nice.

-No matter what I do, I always try to do it in a satisfactory way.

-If they are unaware of your ambitions, they will never be able to shoot them down.

-The reason for coming here is to spread the message of ambition. Never stop following your heart. And don’t do the things others told you to do.

-It is not easy to move on when there is something to be regretful.

-The same person you adore will hurt you the most.

J Cole Quotes And Sayings

-I over-analyze everything. You combine that with uncertainty and pressure, which can never be good for anyone.

-I am the certainty in a game where everyone is a liar. Some people say rap is not dead. And it reveals that I am the assurance.

-As life is like a film, choose your own part. Ascend your own stairs or make your own hole.

-As my father is black and my mother is white, I am a mixed breed, so I can be socially compatible anywhere. That is the reason there are so many stories from various viewpoints written by me.

-I had a lot of refusals to accept, and that is not for popularity. I was always aware of not becoming different.

-I will be good at everything. I always wish to be the nicest in everything I do.

-I write a lot of God in my song lyrics. It is not because I am pious. I also write a lot of demons in my song lyrics. 

-No one can reverse popularity. It is possible to lose all the wealth, but it is impossible to lose the people who know you.

-It was a hard time for me when I was a moneyless college graduate. When all of my friends were settled in their life, I was doing a terrible part-time job. No matter how tired I am, I think that is exactly what I prayed for.

-When I was pursuing my graduation, I got a job as a file clerk on my girlfriend’s reference at a doctor’s office where my girlfriend was also working at. I am not disrespecting anyone, but I guess no man can be able to do that job. It takes so much cautiousness and preciseness to keep those files.

-I focus on my lyrics, and I am aware of what rap fans like. I try to write lyrics for the listeners who are average, and I am aware of the current thought of the majority without selling out.

-There is one thing when you are an artist, you get to improve right in front of a crowd before you even release a music album.

-I produce my own songs all by myself and decline to go to the sexy producer. It was the first chance I had taken.

-Tupac was just very impassioned about his beliefs and brave enough to say anything.

-The song becomes more real and heartfelt when it is realistic. And it has to be realistic with the way games and the internet work. Everybody wants genuine rap.

-My parents got separated when I was unconscious. Like, I don’t memorize them being with each other.

-I am an unconscious rapper. All those pain, struggle, and perspective on the future we talked about, will make you more cautious. It was just a little attempt to put those optimistic things into an ordinary human personality, which is myself.

-I don’t want to rap less well than anyone. And don’t want to say unnecessary things.

J Cole Lyrics Quotes And Sayings

-There is no one who has no story behind him. Everyone has a cause for why they are the way they are. So you must understand before you come to a conclusion about anyone.

-Pain can be brought by life; there are a lot of ways to handle the pain. You gotta choose sensibly.

-There will always be a day when every victor gotta defeated and every loser gotta achieve success.

-My life is full of craziness. There is no actor who can play my character.

-The more I am evolving, the more I am getting stronger with every respire.

-Time will inform who stands by me.

-Even love is digital in this generation. And it’s disarraying with my fitness.

-The reason I want to live my life is you are here, and I just wish to be stand by your side.

-I am aware that only the Lord can punish. 

-See, I have faith that there is God in real. And he would never judge anyone. Because he recognizes us all, and thus he would perceive.

-Whenever you go to bed, you look like you are in paradise.

-Sometimes, I feel suffering is just an absence of understanding. If once we realize it all, would we not be able to feel any pain? Lord must feel no misery.

-It doesn’t feel any wrong to let things move.

-My organization is telling me I will have better days.

-I seat myself silently and discover whenever I engage myself in contemplation.

-My timidity is less severe, my tears vanish, my belief doesn’t diverge, and plans don’t have a date.

-I turn over my bad luck and make my own luck.

-You can imagine but never neglect implementation.

-I had to separate myself from some people who were just taking advantage of me.

-The more you will practice, the more it will be perfect. If that is true, then I am flawless.

-How about you concentrate and always remember.

-Everyone’s true transformation comes from the inner side.

-Someday, you will have to choose what you want to be.

-Non-acceptance makes you protective, so you save your satisfaction with your reflexes. It is our existence which is like a game that can not be set again at the end.

-You can’t do anything in the darkness and escape. Because truth can not be hidden for long.

-As I am kind and generous, it is my wish to help too much.

-My mind is controlled by me. Warm days and cold nights found the lost me.

-I try to get a job; it doesn’t matter if the job is to wipe washrooms.

-My devotees adore me for me, my rhymes, and my beats.

J Cole Lyrics Quotes And Sayings

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