89+ Kobe Bryant Famous Quotes

Kobe Bryant is regarded as one of the greatest basketball players ever, and he has the distinction of playing for 20 seasons with the Los Angeles Lakers before retiring in 2016.

His dad was also a basketball player, and Kobe Bryant started playing the game at the young age of 3.

In spite of spending his childhood in Italy, he became the second-youngest player in the NBA after returning to the US.

In this article, we have mentioned some of the most well-known Kobe Bryant quotes that will help you to overcome every obstacle that might come your way.

Kobe Bryant Famous Quotes

-I have suffered from insecurity, and I am also afraid of failure. At times I don’t feel like playing at all due to various physical problems. Everybody suffers from self-doubt. You cannot deny it, and you need to embrace it.

-The subject of leadership is quite touchy. Many of the leaders don’t succeed since they are afraid to hit the chord. I did not have that kind of fear all through my years.

-I have no intention of becoming the subsequent Michael Jordan, and I simply want to remain as what I am – Kobe Bryant.

-Everything which happens to be negative, including challenges and pressure, helps me to rise in my life as a player.

Kobe Bryant Famous Quotes

-I am going to do everything it requires to emerge victorious in a game, and I will not mind offering water to my teammate, waving a towel while sitting on the bench, or hitting the winning shot.

-My backbone happens to be my parents. They were before, and they still are at present. They are going to support me irrespective of whether I score 40 or I score zero.

-many have criticized me for being a 1-man show; however, it is not the case. We succeeded in winning games when I scored 40 points, and we also won when I scored only 10.

-I have the experience of playing for my team with a sprained ankle, a broken hand, a fractured tooth, a torn shoulder, a severed lip, and so on. I never miss a lot of games because of any kind of injury such as a toe injury or anything similar to that.

-I happen to be in the Black Mamba watch collection. As mentioned before by me, it happens to be sleek and sharp, and these are the characteristics that I wish to apply while playing the game.

-Everybody takes a look at your watch, which showcases your identity, your personal style, and your values. 

-Once we see flopping, we come to know about it. It is something when the players are not hitting their targets and feel like complete losers.

-You cannot call me a very patient man after all.

-You feel different when you are 21, and you feel that you have plenty of opportunities ahead of you. However, when you are 33, you feel that the end is much closer.

-I learn many things from the crowd.

-Everybody is going to panic in case I panic.

-I feel comfier while scoring something like 20 or 22 points plus getting 10 to 11 assists in any case. I am much more at ease with that. You simply need to elevate everyone else on the team.

-I happen to be reflective because I learn to move ahead. There happens to be a purpose with which I reflect.

-Sports has taught me many things. It has taught me humility, and camaraderie, as well as ways to solve differences.

Kobe Bryant Famous Quotes

-I cannot relate to folks that are lazy. We do not talk in identical language. I fail to comprehend you. 

-I prefer to go 1-on-1 with somebody. I do exactly that. I don’t lose in any case. It happens to be a totally different game where you need to have them in front of you and do whatever you like.

-I own as many as four pooches. I just do not perform dog doo. One can consider me to be a diva in that case.

-Twitter is a great medium to keep a connection with the fans. I like Twitter a lot since I can be transparent. I still try to figure out why I like this aspect of Twitter.

-My game was complete by the end of 2003. Everything happened to be there, including defense, shooting, making use of the transition, dribble, midrange stuff, and so on. Following this, it was regarding adjusting, and I made an attempt to improve in every area.

-One thing you ought to know regarding me is that I do not have any filter. I don’t have any issue with asserting what I think of somebody.

-I was never bothered when the folks were going to say that I was able to win the championship since I had been playing along with Shaq.  I was bothered once it was said by him.

-I am only scared of bees. I hate bees and I happen to be allergic to bees.

-I want to win from my heart, and I accept challenges. I find scoring very simple, and it is not a challenge to me when it comes to winning a title since it comes naturally to me.

-I, along with Magic, have as many as five championships. I am sanguine that both of us know what we are actually doing.

-The essential thing happens to be the fact that your team members need to know that you are pulling for them; also, you want that they should be successful.

-In case there were camera phones in the past, the greatest athletes would be required to do lots of explaining. 

-I usually do not talk trash; however, once I do, I typically opt for the jugular.

-The most sensible thing will be to inspire folks such that they can be successful in whatever they would like to perform.

-You are most likely to fail in case you are scared of failing. 

Kobe Bryant Famous Quotes

-I don’t find Googling to be that comfortable. Folks sit there and Google which is something weird.

-People see a different side of me on the basketball court.

-I find it tough to understand that someone is nervous while I am speaking to them.

-I have every doubt that a coach is a proper coach unless he succeeds in winning a championship.

-Even though it might be disgusting, I was taught by my dad to suck the perspiration from your jersey once your mouth becomes dry. It is a disgusting piece of trick whatsoever.

-There is nothing like winning. There happens to be no gray region. Almost none.

-Do you like me to be the boss of a team and cope with all these rich and spoiled athletes while trying to perform? I am sorry; thank you.

-People fail to comprehend how much I want to win.

-I always want to win as many championships as I can. That’s the only motto in my life.

-I am going to open the presents along with my children on Christmas morning. I will capture their pictures along with the gifts. Following this, I will be venturing out to the Staples Center and getting prepared for work.

-You need to win titles in any individual sport. However, baseball is something different. But what about hockey and basketball? It is feasible for just any guy to regulate the game’s tempo, which requires plenty of individual talent in the long run.

-I am right here. I will not go anywhere else. I will be the same player as I was, irrespective of any injury I sustain (unless it is a debilitating one). I am going to make some small modifications, and some adjustments, but I am going to play. 

-I am playing my game for gold and purple. I want to finish up exactly there.

-Folks that know me truly know what I am. Many people say unfair things about me, and I like to check them. And they do not want me since I happened to check them.

-I get going by Red Hot Chili Peppers, Dropkick Murphys, Nirvana, as well as the normal hip-hop stuff.

-I have performed a pooper scooper. In fact, I have performed it several times. You need to do it sometimes. 

-Friends might come today and go tomorrow; however, banners are going to hang for eternity.

-The vital thing will be to motivate the folks to succeed in whatever they do.

-I would like to remain as Kobe Bryant; I don’t like to be the subsequent Michael Jordan.

-While sitting there I take a look at my scar while taking off my shoes. It shows me all the hard work done by me. I can see the struggle I had made and this makes it really beautiful.

-I wish to guard Michael Jordan once I have the chance to do so for him. My challenge has him. 

-It will be better for you not to speak with me. A leopard is going to come out in case the tree is shaken by you. 

Kobe Bryant Famous Quotes

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