36+ Best Job Anniversary Invitation Wording Ideas

Being in a workplace for a long period of time is something that every person wants and if they finally make a year long tenure at their office, it is truly time to celebrate. Job is the ultimate reflection of individual stability and this is why a long run in one single job is always worthy of appreciation.

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What to write in a job anniversary invitation?

  • Mention how good do you feel about celebrating your day together
  • Mention that you would be glad to be their host 
  • Let them know the theme of the party 
  • Make them feel that you really want their presence in the party 

How to respond to a job anniversary invitation?

  • Congratulate them on completing their job anniversary
  • Let them know that you are happy to see them progress
  • Mention that you will be present there to bless the person 
  • Thank them for inviting you to the party 

Individuals needs to have the talent to be in that one office and yet remain as a valuable asset to the company for a long time.

For your upcoming job anniversary, here are some great invitation wording that you can use.

Job Anniversary Invitation Wording Ideas

  • Right from the day we are all faced with practical life, we want to land up in a Job and I am more than happy to be hosting a party for the 2nd year Job anniversary of mine. You are invited. 
  • Working in an organisation for the entire year has had its hell lot of perks and I have been better at my job role. My 1st year job anniversary celebration is incomplete without you.
  • From the days of school we have thought of getting a job and making it big/ Today when I celebrate 2nd year Job anniversary, I need my school friends like you to come and make it further merry.
  • Job anniversary is meaningless if you being my colleague at work do not show up at the party. Do not be late, the party will wait for your arrival. You are heartily invited!
  • Your services at the company for the last one year has been more than fulfilling and we the HR team do not want to miss out on the chance to make it up to you. Be on time for the celebrations and let’s party harder tonight! 

_Thank you for being such a value addition to the team for 3 years now. Your Job anniversary is worth the hype and we want you to be at the venue right on time! 

_On this day, my professional career began and I am happier than ever before to be already promoted twice in the last 2 years. There is a long way to go ahead and I want you all to be present to celebrate the day with me.       

_As soon as I started my Job, there were speculations about my temperament. I falsed each of the haters and here celebrating a 5 year job anniversary! Come join the party and raise a toast. 

_Happiness is being able to work in a company for 2 years long and being a part of the family seamlessly. The party begins at (time) and the venue is at (name of place). Please do come, your presence will further motivate me more.

_What makes a person better is the ability to cope with pressure and make work fun just like play. You are invited to the job anniversary party and your attendance is a must! No late comings accepted. 

_Job anniversaries are special and with a fun party it just gets better! Come and join the celebration. The food and drinks await to be yours.

_Party is on as the year move on! (NAME) celebrates his 1st job anniversary and it is a feat that deserves to be enjoyed! Let’s dance the night out and come together on the party. Save the date 

_(Name) worked really hard every day to be at the position he is right now in his workplace. Let us celebrate his success and get him a party worth remembering on his Job anniversary. Do come and make the day special for him! 

_If life was easy, no one would have quit. But the real heroes are those who walk through fire and make it big! (Name) just made it big and his 4th year job anniversary is on (date). Come and enliven the party! 

_At work and blasting away to glory is something that is a regular habit of (name)! You are all cordially invited to take part in the fun-times on (date) and at (venue). It marks his/her 8th year at Job and he/she rocks with energy just that of a fresher! 

_I am at my happiest in inviting you to my 1st year job anniversary! All the hard work in school and college finally pays off as I successfully rock the year at work this time. Come and join the party on (date).

_The grand luncheon organised by (name) on his/her 11th year Job anniversary is your destination on (date). Kindly make the event grand with your presence and be there to live the fun.

_In this age when people tend to shift their jobs every month, being attached to one business for 2 long years is truly achievement! We are proud to have you on-board. Attend the party on your job anniversary organised by the people who love you at the workplace.  

_Workplace is where it all begins, the base of a happy life and successful life. My one year at the office marks the beginning of many better things to come. Let’s celebrate this Sunday at my place. You all are invited 

_Jobs are why people go through all the boring lectures in colleges and now reaping the rewards with an increment and one year job anniversary feels so much better! Let’s party hard on (date) and cheers success. 

_Celebrating one year of being employed with your esteemed organization. Please come and enjoy the great food and wine on the anniversary party held on (data) at (venue). 

_Every day we learn and thrive to get better. Our workplace is what challenges us to move ahead harder! Cheers to a year of job at this organization of ours. Let’s come together and enjoy the evening at my place on (date)! 

_I love my job and I can’t believe I have already had a year at it! As my fun times at work continues, let unite to celebrate my job anniversary at (Venue) on (date). Waiting for you to show up! 

_Life is a charm when you love your job and the last two years has been hence so charming for me. As I step into my third year, let us celebrate the moment and wish each other success. Meet at (venue) on (date)! No excuses entertained!! 

_You are invited to the job anniversary celebration of (name) and your blessing mean a lot for him to progress faster in life. Do come and we have planned a grand party for you. 

_Each day at work is a lesson in life and with a year long lessons session, it is time to celebrate! Job anniversary is here and I can’t wait to share the fun with you. Be there on time (event and venue)! 

_With just a year over, there are a lot more to follow. Celebrating the 2nd year Job anniversary to mark the beginning of another year at work which will teach me a lot! Join the celebration at (venue) on (date).

_My job anniversary celebration is absolutely full Sans you! Please come on the (date) and add joy to my success! 

_Keep calm and attend my job anniversary party at (venue) on (date). You just cannot miss this, will wait for you dear friend! 

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