A Speech on “Journal Writing Is Therapeutic.”

Journal writing is a very beneficial process of recording some incidents, personal insights, various reflections and many more questions on various surrounding events or various personal topics.

Journal writing practices and projects assigned in some classes can also depict or include the experiences and thoughts of the individual about their daily experiences, reading practices, current occurrences or some science experiments as well. Journal writing or entries are one type of reflective writing, in which you can use the notes to consider and respond to something you have experienced or learned.

However, all types of journal entries should not only shows or summarize what any person has learned, nor should they only depict your mental conditions or feelings. On the other hand, they should in many cases show and can prove your ability to continue and conduct a special critical inquiry. The term, critical inquiry, relates to the processes involved in collecting and defining various ideas or information.

Journal writing can help you in overcoming various addictions and reduce your chances of being weak or relapsing. Writing should not have been thought of as only a type of school assignment where you feel that you are being forced to make everything to appear good and suitable for attaining a good grade. Journal writing is one of the cheapest and commonly available forms of treatment or therapy.

In this therapyy, what you note down for only fifteen minutes per day can easily help you to see yourself in a totally new light and also can inspire and motivate you to improve in the process of your recovery.

There are many different examples and procedures of journaling that you can follow. You can daily write a diary where you write about all your experiences and the events that happened to you and around you every day. There are various spiritual journals where one can note down about their mental and spiritual development by showing many instances.

A stream of consciousness journal is the special type of journal where you can write about those things that is going on and on in your head without any editing or without worrying about the mistakes related to spelling, grammar or punctuation as well. A gratitude journal is a different type of journal where you note down about the various and different positive things and events that have happened to you or around you which is very good for those who in maximum cases try to negatively about yourself and also the world.

On the other hand an exercise or health related journal can always help you to follow and maintain the healthy lifestyle instructions and routes which you are following every day.

When an individual writes anything in a journal, they can learn more about themselves and also can see or follow the patterns of their tendency or behavior as well. Journaling can also helps us immensely in reducing our anxiety and mental stress by helping us to express what we are really feeling inside us and be able to convey our true emotions out on paper. 

Journaling also helps to have the chance to be honest with yourself about your various bad qualities like your addiction, some bad characteristics or bad behavior, or the tendency to make unwise decisions. 

Writing down your desires and also your goals can give you a better view and chance of attaining those goals with more success in the future. A journal can be regarded as the document or book of your life which always proved to be very useful and inspiring to do far better in your life.

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