99+ Judge Judy Quotes And Sayings That Speak The Truth! (Images)

We all know that Judge Judy is reputed for her courtroom series, where she presides in a televised courtroom.

Incidentally, she has been on the air for over 21 seasons and was originally aired in the year 1996.

Judge Judy’s profound quotes and sayings offer a refreshing perspective on life’s challenges.

Her wisdom, wit, and no-nonsense approach inspire millions worldwide. With each memorable phrase, she imparts valuable life lessons wrapped in humor and honesty.

Her words resonate beyond the courtroom, reminding us to embrace fairness, truth, and common sense.

Judge Judy’s timeless quotes encapsulate her remarkable legacy as a beacon of empowerment and positivity.

Best Judge Judy Quotes

-He has signed a promissory note to me.

-I have no faith in you.

-I hardly care what thoughts people hold regarding me.

-You must be ashamed of yourself!

Judge Judy Quotes

-Although I am not sure who has made this mischief, I think that it is you.

-It might be that I am not certain about the person who committed the mischief, but I think it is only you.

-Please reveal the fact to me, and I will not doubt you anymore.

-I’m here not because I am gorgeous and young but because I’m smart.

-You completely wasted your money by spending so much cash to get her hair done.

-Be quiet! Let all hear my verdict!

Judge Judy Quotes

-Unless you are quiet, none can hear my verdict!

-Yes! That’s a fact! I arrived in this world in the year 1965.

-Yap! Is there any doubt about the fact that I was born in the year 1965?

-I was born in the year 1965, and that’s the real fact!

-Why are you laughing? Is stupid written all over me?

-In case you have heard about the KISS principle, try to maintain its simplicity.

-Try to maintain the simplicity of the KISS principle.

-Is the unique principle of Kissing known?

-You are just crap, the biggest crap!

-I have no desire to believe in you anymore!

Judge Judy Quotes

-You are such a brute that I cannot believe you at all!

-What you think of me does not bother me.

-I have no intention of hearing your words anymore.

-I happen to be smart, young, and gorgeous, so I am here right now!

-I am here right now only because I am smart, attractive, and gorgeous.

-I don’t care about you since you seem to be from another world!

-You look as if you are from another world, and so I don’t just care about you.

-I hate people who are bullying in nature.

-I have no affinity for those who happen to be bullies.

-America is a place where people of different faiths reside together.

-I hate you because you are not able to honor your words.

Judge Judy Quotes

-I don’t feel bored when I am in the courtroom.

-Do you think that you are being whipped in front of everybody?

-You have totally wasted your cash by styling your hair for $72.

-It is not possible for two guys to talk simultaneously. When I am speaking, it implies that you ought to be quiet.

-Do not talk when I am speaking. Three individuals will not be able to talk at the same time.

-Have some patience, and the job will be accomplished.

Judge Judy Sayings

-The task will be completed with some patience on your part.

-Do not take a loan when you cannot pay it off.

-Take a loan only when you can pay it off.

-Do you have any idea when a gift turns into a loan? It happens only when your relationship ends!

-A gift turns into a loan with the termination of any relationship.

-Of course, it is mandatory to believe me. I am similar to a truth machine. I never tell any lie.

-I never utter any lie, and I am the same as that a truth machine.

-Try to recall when you have to come to court.

-Don’t forget that you need to come to the court tomorrow.

-I think you just need to remain mum.

-According to me, you must be quiet.

-You happen to be a person who stirs the pot.

-I happen to be your boss.

-Accept me as your boss.

-This particular birthday is going to be more costly than you might think it to be.

-It happens to be the most costly curse word ever told by you.

-it is the costliest curse word that you have ever spoken. 

-Believe me, I am telling the truth.

-I will never put you in trouble knowingly.

-Why are you cursing at him? Just get lost!

-Stop cursing the guy and get lost.

-I am totally stunned by your audacity! You don’t seem to care, even the police!

-Your audacity stuns me! You don’t seem to care about the cops!

-Do not curse an innocent man for no reason whatsoever.

-Change your verdict soon, or else I will go crazy!

-If you don’t want me to become crazy, then just change your verdict at the earliest!

-I just can’t stand any worthless man.

-No worthless man can win my favor.

-I hate men who happen to be worthless.

-Money isn’t everything.

-Everything isn’t money.

-Do you get it now?

-Do you understand it?

-Do not become hysterical.

-Bear your patience and listen to what I am telling you.

Judge Judy Sayings And Quotes

-Posh people never get angry like this on a simple matter.

-Do not mix pleasure with business; those two are totally different things.

-Business should not be combined with pleasure whatsoever.

-Do you understand what I say?

-Are you undergoing any sort of treatment?

-Are you taking any medicine right now?

-Right now, that man is under the influence of drugs.

-Do not disturb him. Let him focus his mind.

-Don’t bother the man. Let him concentrate.

-I am concentrating, and I don’t like to be disturbed.

-Sir, could you explain about earning bread and butter?

-Don’t be a crazy fool. How could you make this error?

-Do not fumble. Answer properly.

-Answer properly, and don’t stutter.

-Is it mine or yours?

-I think that it is my mistake. Don’t take it otherwise.

-Don’t take it otherwise. I think that it is my mistake. 

-I am here to enjoy the world.

-I am not here to endure suffering and pain.

-Please be careful while you speak.

Funny Judge Judy Quotes

“I’m here to solve cases, not hold your hand and sing ‘Kumbaya’!”

“Do I look like I brought my crystal ball to court today?”

“If you’re trying to confuse me, you’re barking up the wrong tree.”

“I’m not a mind reader, but I do have a gavel.”

“I can’t hear you when you’re speaking nonsense. Maybe try speaking dollars and cents?”

“Did you think you could outwit me with that explanation? Honey, I’ve seen more lies than a used car salesman.”

“I don’t care if you’re the president of the United States, my job is to bring order to this courtroom, not to be impressed by titles.”

“Are you telling the truth, or should I call a psychic to help me out?”

“The circus might be in town, but this courtroom is not the big top.”

“You’re not in a reality TV show, so save the drama for your mama.”

“I don’t give gold stars for creativity, especially when it comes to excuses.”

“Did you think you could slide your way out of this case like a penguin on ice?”

“I’ve been a judge for so long, I can smell a lie through a computer screen.”

“My patience is thinner than the evidence you’ve presented.”

“If I had a dollar for every ridiculous argument I’ve heard, I’d be the one suing you for wasting my time.”

“You’re like a GPS that’s lost signal – I have no idea where you’re trying to go with this defense.”

“I’m not buying what you’re selling, and I’m definitely not putting it in my shopping cart.”

“You’ve got a better chance of finding a unicorn than convincing me of your innocence.”

“I’ve seen more honesty in a used car ad than in your testimony.”

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