79+ Best Karma Quotes and Sayings

Karma happens to be a word that is thrown around tremendously. It implies that anything done by you is going to come back to you either sooner or later.

Good things are going to happen in case you happen to be a good guy. In this article, we will take a look at some of the most well-known karma quotes that you must consider looking at.

Karma Quotes and Sayings

-You need to trust in something which might be your destiny, gut, karma, life, whatever. I have benefitted from this approach, and it has never let me down.

-Any individual is going to be born alone, and he is going to die alone, and he is going to experience the bad and good results of his karma alone as well. 

-God does not have any resolve; no karma is going to attach itself to the Almighty.

-Whatever conversations I have had so far – with the middle-class people, the housewives, the upper-class in Mumbai, and the slums – all have told me that there happens to be an underlying karma consciousness. 

Karma Quotes and Sayings

-People have faith in karma, and they believe that whatever is being put by you will be returning back. In case something is done by me to you, its energy will return to me in the forthcoming days.

-When comprehended properly, karma happens to be the mechanics that help to manifest consciousness. 

-Memory, karma, and desire happen to be the soul’s software. The soul goes through conditioning so as to create an experience. It is actually a cycle. 

-Karma is in causality as well as space-time. Your real self of yours lives non-locally.

-Karma is always there in life. In case you perform the wrong things, you will get the wrong things as a result.

-Sometimes, the question arises in my mind whether I have faith in reincarnation. Well, it’s a fact that I have a strong belief in karma. In my opinion, everybody makes his own karma.

-In case a person happens to be rebellious, he is similar to a bundle of karma.

-Whether you succeed or fail, they are all the results of your own actions. This is known as karma. 

-Karma happens to be the actions of one individual which can bring either success or failure in the long run.

-What has been done by us today, we will get the results tomorrow or even a hundred years back. And that is our own karma.

-Karma will return to us everything that we have done in the past. So, refrain from killing which is considered to be a vice in every single religion.

-You will come across a natural law which states that people who hurt others are going to end up alone and broke.

-I want to reside with the concept that karma happens to be a genuine thing. So, I perform all of my actions carefully.

-There is a need to put a conclusion to karma, accept whatever life gives you, and nurture your awareness of yours so as to go to Buddha from a mortal.

Karma Quotes and Sayings

-Karma does not have any hold on us, irrespective of whatever is done by us.

-I have firm faith in karma and believe that you will get back positive vibes in case you put out the same to all people.

-My mom had a belief in various things, such as good luck, feng shui, karma, and bad luck as well. 

-Karma is responsible for binding us to the wheel of death and birth.

-It will not be possible for you to reach there on your own. You need help from individuals, and I have faith in karma. I have faith in paybacks.

-I am actually a “karma yogi.” A yogi is someone who believes in information, and I gather plenty of information. 

-I prefer providing people with stuff and equipment. It is a type of payback. Anybody who happens to be a hero or influence to me, I always think about how to balance karma.

-According to me, the work of karma is to find out what you are scared of the most and make them happen to you.

-Once somebody does have an intuitive connection, it has been suggested by Buddhism that this is due to karma, a connection in the past.

-In case you provide something good to the people, your karma will be good in the long run, and you will get good stuff as a result.

-Aversion, as well as attachment, happen to be the main cause of karma, which originates in infatuation. 

-Karma happens to be the primary reason for birth as well as death which are the source of all misery. Nobody will be able to escape their past karma’s effects.

-I happen to be Hispanic. I happen to be Catholic. I have faith in God. I have faith in karma.

-I am always in the habit of putting on an evil necklace of mine to prevent bad karma. It really helps to safeguard me at all times.

-I have a belief in fate and luck, as well as in karma. I believe that the energy put out by you in the universe will return to meet you.

-Yes, there is no doubt about the fact that I am a believer in karma. I have believed in karma ever since I was a kid.

-Things take place in this world as per the laws of Mother Nature. The laws of karma teach us about the fact that we will get back what we have done in the past.

-I don’t like to hate anyone out there; I am a true believer in karma and I like to spread positive energy.

Karma Quotes and Sayings

-Curve balls are being thrown by life at us that tell us to expect what we tend not to. I have come to know that all these carved balls happen to be the astounding unfolding of karma as well as current.

-It hardly matters whether we have belief in the survival of consciousness following demise, reincarnation, as well as karma. This has got serious allegations when it comes to our behavior.

-I do not want to be harsh to people. I am aware of the fact that there is something known as karma, and I would prefer living and die as a true Baptist. 

-Each parent happens to be the companion of one in life and not the partaker of anybody’s karma.

-My mother was a Hindu, and my father had been a Catholic. He practiced karma yoga as well as yoga meditation. I have got early memories of attractive colors, enchanting sounds, and fragrant aromas of Hindu as well as Christian festivals.

-Everybody gets hurt and dumped out there, and there is karma regarding what has been done by you to others.

-Purchase other writers’ books whenever you visit their events. It does not matter if you do not go through them in the future. It hardly matters if you are not interested. It is simply karma and proper manners.

-Being vegan will help you to get great karma.

-I have a firm belief in karma, and I likewise believe that all things take place for a specific reason.

-Karma is quite good with certain things. Lessons return in various ways. Do you understand what I want to say?

-Even though the names of sannyasa and karma yoga are different, they are the same in many aspects.

-Life doesn’t imply only bhakti or only karma or only jnana.

-There is a sincere desire that everybody succeeds in the circles of Boulder entrepreneurship, and almost everyone does believe that karma does matter a lot. All think that something is being built here, and all are a part of it.

-I do good doing things for others since I believe that karma is going to come around and provide me with lots of benefits as well.

-I think that I will be repaid by my karma, so I do good stuff for the others around me and behave properly with each of them as well.

-I believe very sincerely in karma and obtain plenty of good parking spots for that reason.

-I always try to be good to my spouse because I think that it is my karma that will provide blessings to our family.

-I happen to be a stringent believer in karma.

-I am somewhat crazy when it comes to karma. I think that whatever I do today will pay me back tomorrow. 

-When Karma was first revealed to us in the month of January 2008, we had hardly launched our company.

-Before, I had the habit of stealing a lot. However, I refrain from stealing right now because I firmly believe in karma.

-The world is going to change so long as karma is going to exist. We need always to take care of karma. 

Karma Quotes and Sayings

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