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Betrayal can come from anyone, but it hurts us the most when we are betrayed by our close friends, life partners, or our best friends. Those people stand by us when they need our help and leave us as soon as they get an opportunity to do so.

It is, therefore, very important to identify fake🎭 ones from real ones. Betrayals leave us with very little choice but to heal and move on with the flow of our life.

Investigate the inner workings of karma as it exacts its vengeance on cheaters.

Investigate the deep-seated emotions and teachings inherent in these lines, which provide a glimpse into the complicated dance of trust, betrayal, and ultimate cosmic vengeance.

Karma Cheating Quotes

Karma Cheating Quotes

Learn to evolve and grow from betrayals. Move on and shape your life from experience – Steve Maraboli.

Focus on the things that can nurture your soul and spirit with happiness. Let karma take care of the betrayers – Samantha Young.

 Remember, only you can control your inner feelings and emotions. Let no one take control of yourself – Raymond E. Feist.

Not everyone you love will share the same love and affection for you. If you don’t betray them, don’t expect them not to betray you –  Veronica Roth.

Betrayal shatters trust and makes you feel like you are all alone in this world. You have no one to share your feelings with – Lucien Bouchard.

When a person who plays an integral role in your life violates your trust, you start to put everything into question. You go through a very deep, vulnerable stage in your life – George Orwell.

Betrayal is one of the bitter truths that stay forever – William Blake.

Betrayal is like being left alone in the desert without water, warmth, and love. It left your mouth dry, sapped your teary eyes, and made you hollow – Robert Frost.

Betrayal can be extremely painful, but it is all about how much you let that pain damage you completely –  Ernest Hemingway.

Betrayal gives us a permanent lesson. We can never have faith in anyone like the way we used to have before being betrayed – William Shakespeare.

People who betray others are full of lies, excuses, and secrets here and there. Keep your eyes open – Victor Hugo.

Betrayal challenges us emotionally. Just pray to the Lord that the betrayer gets paid for their karma – Anton Chekhov.

It is often said that karma follows your actions. Be careful before you try to hurt and destroy someone’s trust – Franz Kafka.

You learned my scars, secrets, flaws, and wounds, and then you left. Thank you for this greatest betrayal in my life – Alexander Pushkin.

I was there by your side when you had no one. I was there to take care of you. But when I needed you, you just vanished. I hope you can stand in front of a mirror and see your face – William Faulkner.

Quotes About Betrayal And Karma

Quotes About Betrayal And Karma

It’s just like you flipped a button, and you are all over a new person again whom I don’t even know. I hope you get everything in your life, whatever you desire to have – Arthur Rimbaud.

We saw dreams together, and we were trying to manifest them. To correct me, it was only me in the entire process. Thanks for this unexpected betrayal – Charles Dickens.

I can never imagine in my bad dream what you have done to me. I used to think we would share the same friendship bond throughout our life, but I was wrong. This betrayal was necessary – Mark Twain.

The best revenge is to move on happily from the greatest betrayal and let karma handle the rest – William Blake.

You didn’t just cheat on me. You cheated on my trust, love, and faithfulness. I hope you regret this for the rest of our miserable life – J.K. Rowling.

Don’t waste your time on revenge. People who hurt you will eventually face their karma very soon – Edgar Allan Poe.

Try to forgive but never forget what lesson one teaches. Karma will take care of what is meant to be – Oscar Wilde.

Let the betrayers betray, players play, and haters hate. Karma will handle their fate – Lord Byron.

For every betrayal, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Trust the process of karma – Hans Christian Andersen.

You will face your karma after betraying a good human being who trusted you with all their heart. You will understand later –Thomas Mann.

Like gravity, karma is also basic. We don’t notice it, but you reap what you sow – James Joyce.

Karma is a cruel mistress. People who go out of their way to hurt others will never be happy throughout their life – Alexandre Dumas.

Never cheat on someone who trusts you. Karma will teach you later – William Shakespeare.

Karma is unforgiving and always gets payback. Just watch out the people who hurt you will face their karma one day – Boris Pasternak.

Nothing happens by chance. Even betrayal is man-made by human actions. That’s karma – Pablo Neruda.

Deep Cheating Karma Quotes

Deep Cheating Karma Quotes

It is impossible to stay happy by making your close ones unhappy. Every action of our lives touches on some strings that will vibrate in eternity – William Butler Yeats.

Behind every truth, there is room for lies. Behind each lie, there is karma – Rudyard Kipling.

Karma is a real thing. Repay good karma to others to serve karma – Maya Angelou.

What you do to others always comes back to you someday or the other. Be careful – Nikolay Gogol.

Do good today so that your tomorrow is filled with good karma – Albert Camus.

Never hurt anyone’s feelings. You never know what the person is going through – Jean Racine.

Those who cheat on their life partners who trust them with all their hearts don’t deserve them. Karma is unforgiving, and everyone gets a payback – John Steinbeck.

You should not hurt or cheat on anyone because the person has cheated on you. You create your future by your actions – George Bernard Shaw.

Don’t hate anyone. Spread love and happiness wherever you go. There is already so much happening around the world – Mark Twain.

Life can bring you on rough paths many a time. Whatever you give to someone will come back to you someday – Francois Rabelais.

Karma comes in two ways. If we do good, we will be surrounded with joy. If we do bad, we will be in sorrow – Jane Austen.

Karma takes care of situations surprisingly. All you have to do is just sit back and watch things happening – Arthur Conan Doyle.

Don’t try to cheat people around you. You never know when karma can cheat on you – Geoffrey Chaucer.

What you do not understand now, you will understand later. You never know how bad karma can hurt you back if you hurt someone – Louis Aragon.

The worst feeling in the world is getting to know that you have been lied to and cheated upon by someone whom you truly loved – Mario Vargas Llosa.

Even the strongest relationship can weaken. Even an honest person can cheat on you. People do change. Accept the change – John Keats.

Secrets and lies kill relationships and friendships. No matter how careful you are, you will get caught one day – Issac Asimov.

Be careful whom you trust. Betrayal always comes from those whom you trust more than yourself – Albert Einstein.

Cheating on someone is a choice. It is not a mistake by chance – Robert Louis Stevenson.

To know the value of loyalty, you have to experience the damage of betrayal – Aldous Huxley.

Cheating is very easy. Try something challenging, like being loyal and faithful. It takes a lot of courage and patience – Alexander Pushkin.

Pain and heartbreaks make you stronger and braver. Thank your past for a better future – William Shakespeare.

Deep Cheating Karma Quote

Always remember that they cheated on you because they wanted to do it. It has nothing to do with your loyal feelings – Robert Frost.

Not everyone deserves your loyalty and respect. Know people who are willing to stay by your side through thick and thin – Charles Dickens.

If you are going to cheat someone, you probably don’t know the repaying back of karma. Treat people like people instead of treating them like objects – Albert Camus.

One good thing about being betrayed is that you can know exactly whom to trust and whom you cannot – Bertolt Brecht.

A pure soul will never think of betraying or hurting someone in life – William Wordsworth.

Always forgive the ones who betray you, but never forget them. When you feel lonely, just pray. God will never leave your side – Emily Dickinson.

My heart fell apart when I found out you cheated on me. Thank God for giving me strength, peace, and courage – Virginia Woolf.

May karma be on those who have cheated on me and disrespected my honesty – Walt Whitman.

The two words betrayal and cheating only differ in their spelling. The meaning is yet the same – Thomas Hardy.

Not everyone you think to be good is good. Life is full of surprises. Expect unexpected situations always – Charlotte Bronte.

If you cared, you would not have betrayed me. I think I shouldn’t have trusted you in the first place – Emily Bronte.

Going through betrayal is one of the toughest phases in human history. But you should know that you have the strength to overcome it – Toni Morrison.

When someone betrays you, it shows their character. It reflects on their personality, not yours – John Updike.

Cheating on someone is directly linked to insecurity, no self-esteem, and unhappiness around one’s own life – Henry Miller.

The mistake was mine of trusting you. You cheated on me because you wanted to – William Butler Yeats.

I have never thought in my life ever that this feeling of being betrayed would come from you. It was the least expected from you – Jack London.

I loved you always. But you decided to betray me. I hope karma will do its thing soon – Henry David Thoreau.

Karma Cheating Quotes For Him

Karma Cheating Quotes For Him

“Karma has a way of catching up with those who cheat, leaving them to face the consequences that they deserve.” – Shakespeare, William

“Cheating may provide temporary gratification, but karma will ensure that the cost is much higher.” – Jane Austen’s

“The universe has a way of balancing the scales, and karma will make sure that those who cheat face their own reckoning.” – F. Scott Fitzgerald’s

“Those who cheat may think they’re getting away with it, but karma is a patient author who always writes the final chapter.” – Bronte, Charlotte

“Cheating is a betrayal of trust, and karma will serve justice to those who deceive.” – Oscar Wilde’s

“The wheel of karma turns relentlessly, ensuring that cheaters face the consequences of their actions.” – Emily Bronte’s

“Cheating is a game with no winners, for karma keeps score and delivers justice in due time.” – Tennessee Williams

“Those who choose to cheat may find temporary pleasure, but karma is the ultimate judge, dispenses poetic justice.” – Ernest Hemingway’s

“Cheating may seem like a triumph at the moment, but karma is the true author who writes the ending to the story.” – Virginia Woolf’s

“Karma has a way of revealing the true nature of cheaters to the world.” – Poe, Edgar Allan

Karma Cheating Quotes For Her

Karma Cheating Quotes For Her

“Karma has a way of dealing with cheaters because their deception will consume them.” – Shakespeare, William

“The wheels of karma turn slowly but surely, and those who cheat will face the consequences they deserve.” – Jane Austen’s

“Cheaters may think they’ve escaped unscathed, but karma’s grip is relentless and will catch up with them.” – F. Scott Fitzgerald’s

“Karma is the ultimate equalizer, ensuring that cheaters reap what they sow in due time.” – Bronte, Charlotte

“The universe keeps an account of all actions, and cheaters will discover that karma always balances the books.” – Oscar Wilde’s

“Cheating may provide temporary satisfaction, but karma’s justice is an eternal force that cannot be escaped.” – Emily Bronte’s

“The path of deceit leads to the hands of karma, and cheaters will find themselves entangled in its grip.” – Virginia Woolf’s

“Karma is a silent observer, patiently waiting for cheaters to stumble and face the consequences of their actions.” – Tennessee Williams

“The price of cheating is paid in full through the currency of karma, leaving no room for escape or redemption.” – Ernest Hemingway’s

“Cheating may provide temporary pleasure, but karma’s wrath is an unstoppable force that will always find its way back.” – Oscar Wilde’s

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