165+ Best Betrayed Broken Trust Quotes to Share

Betrayal can be your partner’s infidelity or your best friend betraying you for a new friend. You can also feel that you have been betrayed when no one is standing by your side, despite when you are being real in an argument.

Betrayal can happen in any relationship. Feeling betrayed can bring forth a flurry of complex emotions, which will be difficult to cope with quickly. Here are some betrayed broken trust quotes that will help you to manage your emotions.

Betrayed broken trust quotes

Be careful whom you share your feelings with. Not everyone you see is capable of your trust and love – Mark Twain.

Once you start telling everything about yourself to everyone, you never know from whom the betrayal can come. Be careful with your feelings – Charles Dickens.

It was not your mistake. I was the one to trust you with all my heart and every word you said – Robert Frost.

You can blame me for every mistake that I have made. But deep down, you should know who the actual game player is – William Shakespeare.

Some people are always ready to sacrifice their many years of friendship just to get a little bit of the spotlight – Albert Einstein.

The worst feeling in the world is to know that you have been hurt by the same person again who promised you some time back that they won’t betray you again – Lauren Conrad.

 I trusted you. But your actions didn’t justify your words; instead, they spoke the truth about you, and now I’m maintaining distance from you – Walter Anderson.

I think I have been unlucky in friendships most of the time. But this time, I didn’t think that you could do something like that – Ernest Hemingway.

Having new friends in your life is not a bad thing. If you don’t prioritize everything and betray your old friends of yours, then it’s your fault entirely- Sherrilyn Kenyon.

Don’t waste your energy and loyalty on someone who deserves your silence. Even if you give your everything in that relationship, you would still be betrayed – William Butler Yeats.

I am not crying because of you. I am crying because I can’t trust you anymore, and you have betrayed me. I wish you get to know how pure our relationship was – Stephen Covey.

You can betray me. But you can never betray my inner peace of mind – Julianne Moore.

You can earn trust, respect, and loyalty. If you betray the person, you will lose all three in just a few milliseconds – Anton Chekhov.

Confession is better than betrayal. If you are real to yourself, you can confess your actual words to that person instead of betraying them – Maya Angelou.

Nothing hurts more than to face the real betrayal by your close family relatives. Betrayal is somehow indirectly linked to unhappiness and lack of confidence – Charles J. Orlando.

We are never so vulnerable than when we trust someone whom we love, but paradoxically if we see, if we don’t trust anyone, we can never find love and joy – Gary Hamel.

The best way to find out if you can trust somebody is to trust them and wait for their response – John Le Carre.

If apologies and being sorry could fix broken trust issues, then there would have been no betrayal broken trust left to fix – Richmond Lattimore.

Trust and faith are the foundation blocks of any relationship. If there is no trust, love and friendship can never reside – John Howard Lawson.

Trust is not only a matter of constancy. It is a matter of goodwill and truthfulness to each other. If you are deeply betrayed by someone, it is only because their intention of hurting you was all pre-planned – Meridel Le Sueur.

Betrayal can bring us so much disappointment that you start putting your every decision into question – Eve Le Gallienne.

It is scary how betrayal changes people to a great extent. It’s like they meet their new personality for the very first time – Kristin Hunter Lattany.

Sometimes you can’t decide whom you can and cannot trust. Life just puts you in different situations, and you have to figure it out yourself – Joseph Wood Krutch.

One small betrayal can never let you trust anyone like the way you used to do before – Stanley Kunitz.

Family betrayal is the most heart-breaking kind of thing for me because if you can’t trust your family, whom can you trust? – Josephine Preston Peabody.

First, there will be trust. Then there will be a betrayal. You cannot be betrayed by someone all of a sudden you do not trust at all – Charles Brockden Brown.

It is painful when you are betrayed by someone whom you gave your emotions to. Some people can never know the value of trust until and unless someone else gives them the pain of betrayal – William Hill Brown.

Never lie to someone who trusts you and trust someone who betrayed you. Betrayal never comes from your enemies. It always comes from your close groups of people – Joseph Rodman Drake.

It is quite funny how one person who has taught you the real meaning of trust and companionship teaches you the lesson of betrayal –Elizabeth Graeme Fergusson.

Never expect so much from everyone. Betrayal is very painful, and more painful to overcome that vulnerable stage – Hannah Webster Foster.

When someone betrays you, don’t feel bad. You had no mistake, and there was nothing wrong from your side; they are just untrustworthy people– Samuel Griswold Goodrich.

Trust can bring out the best in one person. But it takes a long to develop and build. Don’t break someone’s trust – Sarah Kemble Knight.

An enemy can never break your trust. But a friend can break your trust if they want to – Sarah Wentworth Stevens Murray.

It is hard to share your feelings with anyone nowadays because you can never say when they are going to betray you and your trust – Mercy Otis Warren.

Broken trust after a betrayal is like a broken mirror. You can never put the pieces back to get a new mirror again – Robert Montgomery Bird.

Don’t trust words. Start believing actions. Actions can never lie, but words can – Maria Gowen Brooks.

It is very difficult to trust someone again when the person you opened up to is the person who has used you and betrayed you – Delia Salter Bacon.

Sorry works when a mistake is made, but not when you have betrayed someone and shattered their trust – William Wells Brown.

Forgiving is easy but forgetting is not. Trusting again with the same emotions can never be the same again – William Cullen Bryant.

Sometimes our heartbreaks are made by us through high expectations from someone- Anna Ella Carroll. 

A small lie discovered is enough to create a contagious doubt over every other truth expressed – William Ellery Channing.

Broken trusts and promises are the reason why people are afraid to trust anyone again – James Fenimore Cooper.

Trust never comes with a refill. Once it is broken, it is gone, and you will not get it back – David Dickson.

It is such a disappointment when you defend someone whom you thought would never betray you but are the one who teaches you the actual meaning of betrayal – Lydia Maria Child.

Pretending to be happy again after being betrayed takes a lot of courage and bravery. Be strong, and time will surely heal your pain – Richard Henry Dana.

Disappointed again but not surprised. Thanks for giving me back my trust issues again – Maria Susanna Cummins.

Be cautious with whom you are sharing your secrets. Some people can use it against you, and you won’t even realize it – Rebecca Blaine Harding Davis.

You thought that you could hurt me again by betraying me. But you were wrong. I have forgiven you last time does not mean that I have forgotten what you have done – Mary Henderson Eastman.

Betrayal can destroy you completely emotionally and mentally. It is up to you to which extent you will let betrayal damage you – Elizabeth Fries Lummis Ellet.

 Don’t depend too much on anyone because your own shadow leaves your side when you are in darkness – George William Curtis.

I kept taking people lightly when they warned me about you. I trusted the person you pretended to be – Ralph Waldo Emerson.

All wounds can heal. The only exception is when the wound is caused by the betrayal of a loved one – William Lloyd Garrison.

Let’s not trust each other blindly. That can be our only defense against betrayal – Caroline Howard Gilman.

 I used to be loyal to everyone before I got betrayed by my family members. Now I know that I can never put my trust in anyone – Angelina Emily Grimke.

It is funny how people would have your side when they need you, and whenever you are in some tough situation, everyone makes you stand alone – George Washington Harris.

 The real betrayal that you do is to betray yourself. Forgetting yourself is the real betrayal – George Moses Horton.

So this was your betrayal. You thought my love and affection were not enough for our relationship to survive – Albert Einstein.

Never get too attached to someone. Too much expectation can bring only disappointments and nothing else – Harriet Mann Miller.

The more loyal you present yourself to people, the more prone you are to getting betrayed by those selfish people – Donald Grant Mitchell.

If someone betrays you again and again, thank them for being consistent and walk away smiling – Clement Clarke Moore.

Never expect anyone to love you the same way you love them. You can never control one’s emotions and feelings. If they are willing to betray you, they will – Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.

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