478+ Love Betrayal Quotes: Prepare To Have Your Heart Shattered (Images)

Everybody commits mistakes in their everyday life. Betraying someone’s trust is one among them. Deceiving someone intentionally is an awful thing that you can do to someone.

Being truthful to each other is the basic foundation of every relationship??‍?‍??. If that trust is taken for granted, things take a different turn.

Discover a collection of heartfelt Love Betrayal Quotes that capture the intense feelings felt when trust is violated, and hearts are torn.

These statements go into the depths of betrayal in the context of love, highlighting the anguish, disappointment, and resilience that such events bring.

From renowned authors to anonymous voices, these words offer compassion, understanding, and a reminder that love may ultimately heal and guide us onward, even in the face of betrayal.

Here are some of the most famous quotes on betrayal in a relationship.

Love Betrayal Quotes

Love Betrayal Quotes

It is better to have an enemy who will be real before you than an immoral partner who stabs you in the back – Anna Louise Strong.

Be careful to whom you tell your life secrets. Not everyone deserves to share your feelings – Hunter S. Thompson.

Some people are always waiting for the perfect opportunity to backstab you. Just learn to know people – Natasha Trethewey.

Betrayal is painful. There is no easy way to get through it – Kay Thompson.

It was never your fault. It was mine to trust your every word that you had spoken – Lewis Thomas.

Betrayal in love not only breaks your heart but makes silence your best friend – Mark Strand.

You will be affected both emotionally and psychologically after being betrayed by your partner. It’s up to you to what extent you will let betrayal affect you – Winston Churchill.

The pain of betrayal never fades away easily. It takes a lot of time to heal – Robert Frost.

Some unfaithful partners will always be ready to betray years of relationship just to get him in the spotlight – Mark Twain.

The worst feeling in the world is when you get to know that your loyalty and love have been used by someone you trusted the most – James Alan McPherson.

Love comes to those who hold their hopes high even after being betrayed or disappointed in love – Edgar Allan Poe.

Falling in love is easy. But being in love needs effort and patience –Maxine Hong Kingston.

Breaking trust or betraying someone is like crumbling a piece of paper. Once you crumble a paper, you can never make that surface smooth again – Rosabeth Moss Kanter.

I trusted you. But you chose to betray me – David Henry Hwang.

 I thought we would fight every difficulty together and be together again like all the previous times. But you proved me wrong – William Carlos Williams.

 It’s funny how we used to trust each other before, and now we just keep secrets from each other – Mark Van Doren.

Trusting you was my choice; betraying me was your decision – Carl Van Doren.

Love Betrayal Quotes For Him

Love Betrayal Quotes For Him

Anyone can betray the other in a relationship. Nowadays, breaking someone’s trust is just a matter of a few seconds. It is quite possible nowadays that a man can still cheat on his woman after being in a relationship for so many years.

Betraying starts with small lies, and with each passing day, the pile becomes bigger. The feelings and sentiments all get mixed up, and there is no particular solution to get out of it.

Here is some love betrayal quotes for him for your help.

I thought that I had the best man in the world. But your betrayal has shattered my entire reality – Wallace Henry Thurman.

I should have been more careful in our relationship because you taught me that even the most loyal person could betray his woman – Albert Payson Terhune.

I have learned one thing in my life not to be dependent on anyone so much that their slight change in their behavior will affect you the most – Laura Ingalls Wilder.

I should not have wasted my trust and words on someone who deserves only my silence – Constance Lindsay Skinner.

I am crying because you have betrayed me. I am broken because you betrayed my years of trust –Ernest Thompson Seton.

Your betrayal has taught me not to trust anyone blindly. I think now I know you better than you actually are –Anne Douglas Sedgwick.

You have betrayed me, but you could not betray my inner peace of mind – Charles Monroe Sheldon.

Two people, who were together once, are now strangers because of a pillar called betrayal. This is perhaps the saddest thing – Mary Roberts Rinehart.

It is quite hard to say who is going to be by your side forever until and unless some situation arrives like that – John Crowe Ransom.

So this was your kind of betrayal. I felt like being left alone in the desert at dusk without droplets of water – Eleanor Hodgman Porter.

Don’t depend too much on your man. Even your shadow leaves your side when it’s dark – Gene Stratton Porter.

Love Betrayal Quotes For Her

Love Betrayal Quotes For Her

It is not always true that only a man can betray a woman in love. Both sides can do betrayal. Betrayal includes breaking the trust and frequently includes lying to each other.

Getting betrayed by the woman we love more than anything is one of the worst moments any man can encounter.

Betrayal sounds like a normal word, but the impact of the word is much more. Betrayals are painful, and there are no easy ways to get through them. Here are some of the love betrayal quotes for her.

Don’t be sorry, please. I trusted you because you were the love of my life. Betraying me was your personal choice – Alice Caldwell Hegan Rice.

Being hurt by someone whom you love is the worst kind of pain that anyone can go through – Katherine Anne Porter.

I don’t love you today, but I loved you yesterday. Thank you for this costly lesson of betrayal –Paul Elmer More.

I thought that the ones whom I love the most could never betray me. But I was wrong until and unless I faced betrayal from you – Alice Duer Miller.

Nothing hurts more than being betrayed by the person you thought could never hurt your feelings – John Livingston Lowes.

You knew what you were planning. That’s what destroyed me the most –George Lyman Kittredge.

I thought you loved me with all your heart like the way I did. But it was all my delusion – James Weldon Johnson.

I tried to keep us together, but you were busy keeping secrets from us – Moyshe Leyb Halpern.

I wish I could tell you how much I am hurt because of you. But I think being silent will be the best thing –Angelina Weld Grimke.

I loved you during your darkest phases of life, but you left me all alone when I needed you the most – Erle Stanley Gardner.

It’s like none day you pressed a switch, and you became a whole new personality whom I don’t know – Douglas Southall Freeman.

 I was the one to stay by your side when no one was there. I took care of us. I cared about you. But in return, you betrayed me – Dorothy Canfield Fisher.

You learned my secrets, stories, and different phases of my life and then left me all alone. I am foolish, and I feel betrayed –Jessie Redmon Fauset.

Deep Aesthetic Love Quotes

Deep Aesthetic Love Quotes

Betrayal is something that comes from the person whom you love the most. You trust the person, but they break the trust and faith. Facing betrayal is one of the worst things that you can face in your life. Being in love requires effort, care, and companionship.

Every love story has its own ups and downs. Fighting the battles together and staying together after every battle is what is defined as true love.

Here are some of the deep aesthetic love quotes mentioned below.

When everything falls apart, I want us to stay and stare at each other’s eyes –Jessie Redmon Fauset.

Love is not only what I say but also what I show – John Dos Passos.

The mutual effort is the most amazing feeling that I can ever explain – Jack Conroy.

The happiest people don’t have the best qualities; they try to make the best of every moment – Mark Twain.

You bring out the best in me when I am with you. I feel the vibe of us that resonates with our love – Emily Bronte.

I think we have the cutest form of love. We fight, we quarrel, we love, and we care for each other – Charles Dickens.

Love is not about falling in love with the perfect individual. It is all about loving the person with all their imperfections – Winston Churchill.

They say that when you meet the love of your life, time stops. I think that’s true – Raymond Chandler.

You have no idea how much I have fallen in love with you – Edgar Rice Burroughs.

We all deserve someone who will never give up on us and be with us in every up and down of our life – Margaret Wise Brown.

You are my favorite place in the whole world– Aline Frankau Bernstein.

Promise me that you will never give up on us and stay together in every situation – Stephen Vincent Benet.

I love us endlessly, and I want to grow old with you – Ray Stannard Baker.

 I love you the way you are. You are perfect for me in every way possible – Samuel Hopkins Adams.

You filled the colors in my life. I think we got that true love – Robert Frost.

I loved you yesterday, I love you today, and I will love you tomorrow – Louis Adamic.

No one can change the way that we feel for each other. Never stop loving me – Charles Follen Adams.

It is hard to stop falling for you. I love you more than you call me yours – Hannah Adams.

Quotes About Being Betrayed By Someone You Love

Quotes About Being Betrayed By Someone You Love
  • “Betrayal by someone you love is a dark chapter in the book of relationships, written by a deceitful author.” – Shakespeare, William
  • “The pain of being betrayed by someone you love is a haunting melody composed by a heartless composer.” – Poe, Edgar Allan
  • “Betrayal by a loved one is a tragic twist in the story of trust, written by an author who has never deserved your love.” – F. Scott Fitzgerald’s
  • “The betrayal of someone you love is a cruel plot twist, leaving your heart in ruins and your trust shattered.” – Jane Austen’s
  • “Being betrayed by someone you love is like watching a love masterpiece turn into a tragic work of fiction.” – Bronte, Charlotte
  • “Betrayal by a loved one is a dagger in the heart, crafted by an author who once held your trust.” – Emily Bronte’s
  • “Being betrayed by someone you care about is a tragic story written by a deceptive author who never deserved your love.” – Oscar Wilde’s
  • “Betrayal by someone you love is a dark chapter in the novel of life, authored by a heartless soul.” – Virginia Woolf’s
  • “The sting of a loved one’s betrayal is a bitter verse in the poetry of relationships, written by a false poet.” – Tennessee Williams
  • “The betrayal of someone you care about is a chilling plot twist, written by an author who never truly understood the power of love.” – Ernest Hemingway’s

Love After Divorce Quotes

Love After Divorce Quotes

-People who get a divorce are not necessarily miserable because they neatly believe that other people cause their misery. 

-Each couple faces the same five arguments repeatedly until they die or get divorced!

-Getting divorced highly depends on the person you are with and how his/ her parents have treated you. 

-Divorce always feels like hew off. Those who go through it survive it but are left less within them. 

-You can divorce your partner or ditch your kids, but they will endure being your co-author evermore. 

-Divorce isn’t about just a sign people do but misunderstandings, yet they sign, to begin even better. 

-Getting separated from a loving partner feels commensurate to a ternary coronary bypass.

-People claim divorce a tragedy. But the real tragedy is capturing an unhappy marriage, showing your kids of wrong love. 

-Divorce isn’t the end. Well, nobody ever died of a divorce but unhappy marriage and relationships. 

-Separation is an announcement of being freed from a wretched conjugality with only two witnesses.

-Divorce is a 50-50 opportunity of experiencing hundreds of pretty things to drive your mind out or feel sorrowful. 

-It’s easy to find grounds for divorce but hard to get grounds to endure the marriage. 

-All it takes two to start and destroy a marriage. 

-I used to dream that you would bring me wildflowers, but now I had to plant my own. 

-Divorce is a couple of signs within a piece of paper, but heartbreak is the actual loss. 

-How many people understand that a chance of divorce blooms with a small pouring of negligence?

Droll Love After Divorce Whatsapp Quotes

-I’d marry a man having worth $20 million if he signs half of it in my name before marriage and promise to die soon. 

-Only difference between legal separation and divorce is that the separation lets your husband hide his money. 

-I had a list of reasons for getting a divorce from my partner, and I have my list hell with lots overlapping. 

-Divorce was expensive to me. I had to rip my heart through my wallet and furnish alimony!

-Divorce is the biggest tragedy that happened to me since it diminishes all I had in cash. 

-I wonder what the statistics will be of getting marriages broken by the word “NOTHING!” 

-My marriage is somewhat a few weeks ancient than my divorce!

-Divorces, not marriages, are made in heaven. 

-Since I got divorced, I went on a state of nirvana!

-People believe divorces are costly. I reply because these are worth it. 

-I’m a professional housekeeper because each time I get separated from a man, I keep the house!

-Instead of using the “divorced” word, I prefer saying the person has pushed me towards reality from an illusionary period. 

-Once he throws me into the divorce situation and left me, I feel motivated!

-God has kept my parents happy whether they are united or divorced. 

-A divorce does not break a relationship only; it does break the heart of two small children. 

-Until I divorced him, I was unaware of him and myself. 

-I would rather regret loving someone after my marriage broke than regret staying in a broken marriage. 

-I aspire to turn my divorce into something positive. 

-I don’t blame anyone for anything; instead, I hold myself totally responsible for everything. 

-I didn’t waste my time beating on a cliff and hoping time will transform my life. 

-I didn’t look for someone to heal my scars of divorce; instead, I painted my scars as tattoos myself. 

-After my separation, I learned that it’s better to inflame a candle for tomorrow than cursing the darkness. 

-To me, the failure stood out as a great teacher that taught me not to fear anything and love myself. 

-Since I’m divorced, I know it was me fragmented, starring my best to cope with the numbness & silence.

-Like my past struggles, it will also get better from the worse. 

-Divorce is such doom for both. But living together in an unfortunate marriage can be even more acute. 

-Having a divorce and freeing yourself is one thing. You can claim ownership of your freedom!

-I have not halted living timidly, but I have halted to allow anxiety to have control over me.

-Only I can my life transform. No one can do this, not even my divorce. 

-I’m focused. I’m strong-minded. I’m confident. I’m empowered, and I’m not scared anymore!

-At some point in life, I would win. But before that, the loss of my broken marriage will spur on me. 

-Letting relationships go implies self-realization that you only are the person with control. 

-I determine to thrive rather than merely survive. I do it with compassion, humor, passion, and some style!

-I do not have regret over my broken marriage. I let myself learn some experience from everything!

-Perhaps sometimes evoking us that we do beget an option makes it more apparent to pluck the more obstinate one.

-I enjoyed the process of discovering myself into a new self after having this divorce. 

-I believe that the best recovery begins from the darkest experience. 

-I always am thankful for wrong relations as they prepare, shape, and empower me for the best one. 

-The best thing in life is finding someone who accepts all your flaws even after a divorce. 

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