426+ Family Betrayal Quotes That Will Make Your Blood Run Cold (Images)

Betrayal can happen in any relationship. The most painful betrayal💔 is felt when your family member betrays you deeply.

Sometimes, your own family members, whom you trust more than yourself, betray you unexpectedly, even when you have no fault of yours.

However, it is quite difficult to cope with the pain when you encounter betrayal from your close family members.

Discover a compelling collection of family betrayal quotes that dive into the complexity of trust, loyalty, and the devastating realities of betrayal within the most intimate of relationships.

Explore these insightful quotations to obtain a better understanding of the complex dynamics of betrayed familial connections.

Deep Family Betrayal Quotes

Deep Family Betrayal Quotes

Sometimes the most poisonous and dangerous people come disguised as your family members. Be careful – Maya Angelou.

It’s a shame when the people who promise to take care of you and protect you from every difficulty are the ones who backstab you – Autumn Kohler.

Family is supposed to make us feel at home. It shatters us when we find out that the people who intend to hurt us are our family members – Benjamin Franklin.

Be assured of the fact that the one who has betrayed you once will betray you again if the person gets a chance to do so – Johann Caspar Lavater.

There is no greater blessing than a blessed family that lifts you when you fall. There is no lower curse than a family that leaves you when you are down – Mark Twain.

I was wrong to assume my family was the best one in the world. You all proved me wrong. Thank you from the heart – William Butler Yeats.

Families can give us all the good memories and sometimes the worst heartaches. It all depends on the situation and moment – Charles Dickens.

The saddest thing that can happen to anyone is when their family members betray them for some other outsiders. It is one of the worst feelings – Robert Frost.

I don’t understand how your own family members can betray you more than an unknown stranger could – William Shakespeare.

Quotes About Backstabbing Family Members

Quotes About Backstabbing Family Members

Nothing hurts more than betrayal by family members👨🏻‍👩🏻‍👦🏻‍👦🏻. It is our own people who are often our enemies dressed in disguise.

When the times🕒 are favorable, they will stand by us and share our happiness😊, but when we need them, they will backstab us.

Betrayal can come from anyone. But it is more painful😩 when it comes from our own blood-related people. Sometimes family members can also backstab you as soon as they smell their opportunity.

We have compiled some quotes about backstabbing family members for your help.

Sometimes you must forgive the one who backstabs you from back because they are your own people – Jill Blakeway.

Some people can betray you for no reason and just to get some limelight on their personality. Betrayal hurts most when it is done by your close family members – Catharine MacKinnon.

Betrayal is never easy to handle and cope with when the person who has betrayed you is your own – Barbara Kingsolver.

Every betrayal starts with trust and love. Betrayal from the family is the ultimate wound Anne Marie Wiesman.

You said it was a mistake of yours to betray me. But I feel I made the mistake of trusting you so much – David Levithan.

The most painful aspect of abuse is the heartache to our souls and hearts from being betrayed by those people whom we love and trust more than anyone – Clarissa Burton.

Family betrayal is the most heartbreaking kind of betrayal for me because if you can’t trust your family members, you can never trust anyone else – Alexandra Bracken

It is hard to trust someone, especially when the ones you trusted the most and consider your own people are the ones who backstab you – Jennifer J. Freyd.

You can forgive a person for their mistake. But you can never forget how he has betrayed you – Janet Morris.

Families can bring us the greatest joy and the greatest pain that not even a stranger can outdo. Be careful about family betrayals – Patrick Carnes.

Your Own Family Betrays You Quote

Your Own Family Betrays You Quote

Some betrayals leave us with little choice but to move on and learn from our past experiences. Betrayal completely shatters the trust that you invest in someone and leaves you like you are all alone in this world, fighting your own battles.

When a person close to you violates your trust, it puts every memory and good times into question, and yet you have no answers.

We have curated some quotes you can look up to when your family betrays you.

You can recover from a lot of things. But recovering from betrays given by your own family members takes a lot of time to heal – Dean Cavanagh.

A betrayal rarely comes from an enemy. Generally, you are betrayed by those who have the intention to hurt you already -Steve Maraboli.

It hurts me badly whenever I think about what my family members have done to me. I am not like before anymore –Samantha Young.

Everyone leaves footprints in memory. The ones who betray us stay forever –Marty Rubin.

It is funny to think how the ones whom you thought could never hurt you are the ones to backstab you when they find a perfect opportunity-Sushan Sharma.

Sometimes you have to try and ignore the people who hurt you. Betrayers can never be forgotten but can be forgiven – Terry Goodkind.

Family is supposed to be with us when we are at our lowest. But there is someone who will intentionally betray you in your family just to give peace to their soul –Angel Moreira.

Betrayal in the family is most devastating and heartbreaking than betrayal in friendships. Life is all about who is loyal and real at your back- William Penn.

Sometimes blood is not as thick as you think it to be. Families will stab you faster in the back than a friend will – Amit Abraham.

Betrayal Family Disappointment Quotes

Betrayal Family Disappointment Quotes

You will meet betrayal many a time🕒 in your life. Sometimes from your friends🧑‍🤝‍🧑, and sometimes from our blood-related family members👨‍👩‍👧. The most painful and heart-aching among all the betrayals is the one that comes from your family.

Betrayal by family happens, and you are never the first one to experience it. Sometimes they will be good😊 in front of you, and sometimes they will backstab you.

Here is some betrayal family disappointment quotes for you. 

Sometimes the people closest to you will hurt you more, betray you, and your home will no longer be your safe place. It is hard to accept, but it is true – Chrisper Malamsha.

You don’t know the actual meaning of hate until and unless you experience family betrayal – Robert Frost.

They always say to put your family first. But they are the first to get you hurt. It is strange, but it is a fact – William Shakespeare.

Sometimes it’s better to keep silent when you are hurt by your own people. If your love was not enough, your words would never matter – Charles Dickens.

Nothing hurts more than being hurt by the single person you thought would never hurt you but was the first one to grab the chance to betray you – Samuel Zulu.

Some of the hardest people to cut off ties from are your family members. But sometimes they need to go to maintain peace and calmness in life – Emily Bronte.

Love them from a distance. But don’t let them come closer to you and abuse you again – Emily Dickinson

Just because they have got the family tag, doesn’t mean that they can hurt you, abuse you, and betray you – Edgar Allan Poe.

It hurts the most when you find out that your family member has betrayed you – Anonymous.

Disloyal Family Quotes

Disloyal Family Quotes

If you are disloyal to everyone, you can’t expect everyone to be disloyal to you. Betrayal shatters you completely and puts your self-confidence into question.

Families are supposed to be there for us whenever we go through some tough phases of our lives. But life takes a different turn when the ones who betray you are your family members.

Betrayal is a difficult subject to deal with, and it takes a very long time to heal from the pain of betrayal. Here are some disloyal family quotes.

Being stabbed in the back by your own people is particularly very difficult to handle. A sense of betrayal is always present when a group of your own people disagrees with you – Robert Frost.

Some people will never be by your side forever. They are just loyal because they need you. As soon as their need disappears, their loyalty shifts – Christine Feehan.

Being unloyal to someone reflects on your personality. Be careful before betraying someone – Micheal Bassey Johnson.

Betrayal, in my opinion, is worse than death. I was able to imagine death, but I can never imagine being betrayed by my own people – Sara Guren.

Not everyone who extends their hands wants to help you. Sometimes the mask comes off faster than you can expect – Terry Goodman.

Only those whom you trust get the unauthorized right to betray you – Susan Elizabeth Phillips.

You carry a different wound when you are being betrayed by your people – Paula Stokes.

In life, you can trust anyone, but once the trust is shattered by someone you love the most, it is very difficult to trust someone again – Maya Angelou.

So this was your betrayal. This betrayal didn’t hurt me, and it has made me numb. I think I can never trust you the same way as I used to do before – Adam Levin.

It is not about who is really in front of everyone, and it is all about who stays crystal real behind your back – Veronica Roth.

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