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Friends come, create memories with us, and leave us all of a sudden someday. The unspeakable scars that they give us are very hard to accept.

Throughout the years, we have realized that we don’t need many friends to survive; just a few are enough to make our life colorful and bright.

Discover a selection of hilarious betrayal quotes that will make you laugh and put light on the subject of deception.

These quotes, from prominent authors and witty minds, highlight the humorous and ludicrous sides of treachery.

Whether it’s a lighthearted take on broken friendships or a witty take on adultery, these amusing betrayal quotes will make you laugh and remind you that even in the face of disappointment, laughter can be the best revenge.

Here are some funny? quotes and examples about the betrayal of friends.

Funny Betrayal Quotes

Funny Betrayal Quotes

I think you are looking for your knife. You should check my back once, and I think that’s where you have used it for the last time – Hannah Adams.

While you were busy stabbing my trust and faith, I was cutting my existence from your toxic life – John Adams.

I wish I could see your real colors some years back so that I could have spent my valuable time on someone else who would have deserved it – William Shakespeare.

Before you go, I would like you to take your knife out of my back. You might need it again – Charles Dickens.

 Dear fake friend, may your life be filled with uncountable fake friends so that you don’t get a real one when you need someone – Pablo Neruda.

I think you are tired of putting so many personalities on yourself every morning. I can feel your pain – Mark Twain.

There are two sides to every story. Just like your face, I guess – Robert Frost.

I caught you cheating on our friendship many days ago. But I was just waiting to catch you red-handedly – Emily Dickinson.

I used to share my secrets because I considered you my best friend. But you decided to share my secrets with everyone. May God never bless anyone with snakes like you – Albert Einstein.

Taking care of dogs is much better than taking care of fake friends like you who don’t even know the meaning of faithfulness – Hannah Webster Foster.

You have been officially removed from my life forever. So now you can stop stalking me every day – Elizabeth Graeme Fergusson.

If you can’t be my friend behind y back, you cannot expect to be my friend to my face – Benjamin Franklin.

I am severely allergic to fake people. So please don’t even approach me – Robert Montgomery Bird.

I think I should have betrayed you in the same way you have done to me. Then I guess you could love yourself more – Maria Gowen Brooks.

I wish I didn’t meet you ever in my life. I have lost all my love and respect for you – William Wells Brown.

 I used to call you my best friend. I didn’t know you had a collection of knives for stabbing people on their back – William Cullen Bryant.

Funny Betrayal Quote

Please never betray anyone’s trust. It is a request. It hurts you very badly – William Ellery Channing.

Betrayal is like a serious disease. There is no cure for it, and it destroys every relationship – Lydia Maria Child.

I hope karma teaches you the exact lesson that you deserve. Best friends can be your real enemies dressed in disguise – James Fenimore Cooper.

Fake friends are like they will be the ones to stab you and then ask you why you are bleeding. Please be aware of fake friends – George William Curtis.

Be careful when you pick your friend’s circle. Some people can have the most toxic heart, yet they are human-like. Just be a little bit more careful – Richard Henry Dana.

Some friends will pretend they are listening to your problems but will gather information to hurt you later – Rebecca Blaine Harding Davis.

I hate you. I am hurt because you have turned into such a person that you promised me you would never be – Mary Henderson Eastman.

Fake friends are those who once stop talking to you and start talking behind your back – Ralph Waldo Emerson.

It is unfortunate when you trust a friend more than yourself hurts you for someone else. Try to keep your mind and heart strong – Caroline Howard Gilman.

We have to distrust each other so that it can be our strongest defense against betrayal – George Washington Harris.

The only thing that persists in a relationship after a betrayal is silence – Washington Irving.

No matter how much you trust your friend circle, there will always be someone ready with a knife to backstab your loyalty and trust – Nathaniel Hawthorne.

Don’t play the victim card after betraying your friends. Always remember karma is watching your deeds – Anna Katherine Green.

I only had a few friends in my life, and you were the special one. I should have remembered that betrayal comes from those whom you love deeply – Louis Imogen Guiney.

If there is something that a Gemini can’t stand, it is a betrayal. No matter from whom it comes, if you hurt a Gemini, you will have to face the circumstances – Sarah Josepha Hale.

Funny Quotes About Betrayal

Funny Quotes About Betrayal

Be careful with whom you are carrying your shoulders. As soon as they get a chance to destroy your friendship, they will never look back – Charlotte Forten Grimke.

Don’t trust someone blindly. If they ever betray you, you will feel powerless – William Hooker Gilette.

Don’t let anyone dominate your feelings. What is yours will always be yours – Mary Anna Hallock Foote.

Don’t teach me the game of betrayal. If you play the game, I will show you the result – Edward Everett Hale.

Never underestimate the power of my intuition ability. Before you start betraying me, I can understand when you are about to start the game of betrayal – Lucretia Peabody Hale.

Sometimes you should see betrayal as a gift. It is much easier to sweep it up and throw it out with the rest f the garbage of our life – Paul Hamilton Hayne.

Sometimes you can play the character of a fool, to fool your foolish friend, who thinks they can fool you with their game of betrayal – Oliver Wendell Holmes.

You got to be strong to handle every emotion of your life. Learn from every lesson – Julia Ward Howe.

You are not sorry because you did it. You are sorry because I got to know your betrayal before you could do – Helen Hunt Jackson.

Those who do not know the value of loyalty cannot understand the pain of betrayal ever – Elbert Hubbard.

I can never hurt any of my friends like the way you did to me. I pray that you get good mental peace later in your life – Henry James.

I am crying because you have broken my trust. I am grateful because God has saved me from a fraud friend like you – Joel Chandler Harris.

Thank you for shattering my delusion with the actual truth of who you are – James Weldon Johnson.

Betrayal not only portrays your character but also reflects your soul – William Vaughn Moody.

You thought that you could betray me, but you are unaware of the fact that I know everything about you before you could gather anything about me – Ellen Louise Chandler Moulton.

It hurts because our friendship matters. But don’t worry, and I will make sure that you pay for every teardrop of mine – Margaret Warner Morley.

Everything comes with an expiry date. Our friendship could have no expiry date – Charles Godfrey Leland.

Only trust yourself. There will be no one to hurt you thereafter – Mary Noailles Murfree.

Funny Quotes About Betrayal

While backstabbing your friend, you recklessly expose yourself – James Russell Lowell.

It was never your fault. It was all mine for trusting you with every word that you spoke – Thomas Nelson Page.

Just because you haven’t said anything yet, doesn’t mean I know nothing – Sarah Morgan Bryan Piatt.

Some friends in your life are like pennies which are two-faced all the time. You have to know them by taking time – Maria Louise Pool.

Life can never bless you with all the best and most loyal people around the world. No matter how good you are to them, it doesn’t mean that they can’t hurt you – Howard Pyle.

Suppose your friend betrays you once it is their choice. If you forgive them and let them be there in your life, and if they betray you again, it’s your fault – Richard Henry Stoddard.

I can forgive you, but my heart can never forget the hurtful memories that you have given me – William Stafford.

We are neither friends nor enemies. We are just strangers with some bittersweet memories which will never fade – Mark Twain.

When you already know who is like a leech in your friends’ group, you are not surprised when they bite you – Robert Frost.

Silence is always a true friend of everyone who never betrays – Ann Petry.

Dear karma, I think you missed a list of people. Here I am sending you to take some better care of them – Roger Tory Peterson.

The worst feeling in your life is when you start hating those people whom you used to love once deeply – Charles Dickens.

It’s funny how the friends of your group who used to swear that they would never hurt you are the ones who hurt you first – Charles Portis.

The real betrayal is forgetting yourself and hurting your soul – Chaim Potok.

You should say sorry to yourself. The way you have betrayed my trust, karma will never forgive you – Reynolds Price.

Nothing hurts more than the fact that the single friend whom you thought would never hurt you is the first one to give you the taste of betrayal – Emily Dickinson.

Life is full of surprises and uncertainties. You have to stay strong during the toughest phases of your life – William Shakespeare.

You are your greatest supporter. Never depend on someone so much that their slight change in their behavior changes you as a person completely – Emily Bronte.

Funny Quotes About Betrayal Of Friends

Funny Quotes About Betrayal Of Friends

“Friendship is similar to a drink of milk. “Until someone adds a dash of betrayal, it’s all fun and games.” – Twain, Mark

“Betrayal by a friend is like being hit in the face with a pie.” Everyone else finds it amusing, except you.” – Oscar Wilde’s

“A friend’s betrayal is a comedy of errors.” You gave them your secrets, and they twisted it into a joke.” – Shakespeare, William

“Betraying friends are like clowns in a circus.” They may make you chuckle, but you know they’re only putting on a mask.” – Dickens, Charles

“The ultimate punchline is betrayal by a friend.” They had you tricked, and now you’re wondering if you’re the punchline of a joke.” – Shaw, George Bernard

“A sour friendship is like a bad sitcom.” The laughter turns to sorrow, and you wonder where it all went wrong.” – Dorothy Parker’s

“Betrayal by a friend is like a bad comedy skit.” The jokes become barbs, and you end up feeling like the punchline.” – Twain, Mark

“A friend’s betrayal is like a twisted plot in a sitcom.” You thought it was all in good fun, but there was a grim twist in store for you.” – Oscar Wilde’s

“Betraying friends are like characters in a comedy of errors.” They slip, fall, and leave you wondering the entire storyline.” – Shakespeare, William

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