120+ Flirty Texts to Tell Your Lover You’d Like to Kiss!

The purest display of affection from the ancient days of human civilization has been “kiss”. To express love, respect, or gratitude, a kiss can work wonders in all of the mentioned instances. Here are some of the best Whatsapp statuses for you- 

flirty texts about kissing

  • This kiss may not be accurate, but we hope it is true.

  • A wrong kiss can ruin a person’s life.

  • A man can give anything for his lover’s lip kiss.

  • A man’s kiss is a sign that he is interested.

  • It is always like the first and last kiss.

  • Always remember that a kiss will never fail. After many kisses, failure becomes a failure.

  • Any man who can drive safely while kissing a beautiful girl doesn’t give them the kiss they deserve

  • I can lend myself A kiss. I promise I will return it to you. Chapter

  • Let’s kiss our worries away.

  • I believe in a long, slow, deep, soft, and moist kiss that lasts three days.

  • I can kiss you. I can. In other words, I want to. Can I?  Let us kiss.

  • I never thought that kissing would be so good.

  • I promise to solve your problem with a kiss

  • I wake up and want to kiss you

  • If I have a garden, I will collect your tulips and my tulips.

  • If the kiss is a snowflake, it will cause a blizzard.

  • In old movies, every time you kiss a girl seriously, her heart explodes.

  • Very happy to kiss, and even goodbye.

  • Kiss Cross applesauce.

  • Kiss me, and you will know how important I am. Chapter

  • Kiss me seriously!

  • Kisses, even in the air, are beautiful.

  • Kisses burn 6.4 calories per minute.

  • Kisses are in action.

  • The person who blows the kiss is hopelessly lazy.

  • Remember, we are in love, so if you want, you can kiss me.

  • Since kissing was invented, it has been rated as the most passionate and purest five kisses, but they have been left behind this time.

  • Don’t bring that contempt to your lips because it is for kissing, lady, not because of such contempt.

  • There is nothing in this world that can make me feel how you feel when you kiss me.

  • My favorite kiss is to kiss my father’s forehead.

  • If my kiss is snowflakes, I will send you a blizzard.

  • So we met in our mouths for a belated kiss.

  • I can bear your kiss all day.

  • Hold your loving arm by my side. Kiss me in the light of a thousand stars.

  • Her lips pressed to his lips, telling her more than all her hesitations.

  • You should kiss more and kiss someone who knows how.

  • You think I am beautiful. You want to kiss me; you want to hug me; you want to love me; you want to kiss me.

  • Your lips look lonely. Do I kiss and mend?

  • Love is always like the first and last kiss.

  • Always remember that a kiss will never disappear. After many kisses, mistakes become mistakes.

  • The softer the lips, the better the kiss.

  • Happiness is like a kiss; giving it to others will make you feel better.

  • Can I borrow a kiss? I promise I will return it to you.

  • Kisses make the heart go wander.

  • That’s a smile, that’s a kiss, that’s a sip of wine. This is summer!
Flirty Texts About Kissing

Flirty Texts About Kissing

Flirting is a way to continue the spark in your relationship. Of course, you have to flirt with your partner all day and every day. You might have some crazy flirty pickup lines for your partner to make them blush. Here are a few flirty texts you could send your partner.

  • Your lips look delicious; may I have a taste of them, please?

  • I want to trace your lip outline with my finger after kissing them for as long as I want.

  • All of this beauty in this world, yet your lips always pull me to them like a magnet.

  • Your lips have their own gravity, as I always fall for them.

  • Your lips look plumpy; I can plump them a little more if you want.

Good Night Love You Kiss.

Sleep after getting a text from your special person makes your sleep happier and is the reason you wake up happier. Your good night message could get them blushing until their cheeks go red and until their heart bursts with happiness. Here are a few good night messages for your special person.

  • Good night, my love. I hope you sleep peacefully and happily, knowing that you are the prettiest person in this entire world. Love you, can’t wait to kiss you, babe.

  •  Only you have the power to make me happy with just a kiss on the cheek. Sleep tight today, love; I can’t wait to get more of them tomorrow. Good night, I love you.

  • I love you so much, darling. Sleep knowing that you are the most amazing person in this world and make me so happy. Good night; I love you, baby.

  • Sleep tight knowing that I love you so much, and your love makes me a whole different person. Hope you dream of me. Good night; I love you, baby.

  • I could sing a lullaby for you if you have trouble sleeping, but unfortunately, singing is not my cup of tea. Good night, love. I love you.

Good Morning My Love Kiss

Waking up and getting a text from your particular person makes your morning happier and is the reason you continue to be more pleased. Your good morning message could get them blushing until their cheeks go red and until their heart bursts with happiness. Here are a few good messages for your special person.

  • May you rise and shine brighter than the sun and grace this beautiful world with your beauty. Good morning, my love. I love you.

  • Good morning, daling. You have to know that you make this world a brighter place with your presence.

  • I love you, babe. Good morning to the most beautiful person in this entire world. I can’t wait to smother you with my kisses.

  • May this message bring a big smile to your face after knowing that you are the most precious human being to me. Good morning, love! I love you.

  • You make my whole day a lot better, darling. Rise and shine like you do every day. Good morning, my love. I love you.

Two Kisses On A Text From A Guy

Received a text from your guy being a little flirty and can’t wait to smother you with his kisses. Did he say that his lips rather be on yours than be lonely? There you go blushing!! Well, girl, you have to be lucky you got a boyfriend who’s flirty. Here are a few ways you can text him after being hit with his texts.

  • Oh, babe! You make me blush, which makes my face go a brighter shade of red with your flirty little text. 

  • I can’t wait to come to meet you and have your lips on mine while we ravish each other.

  • You make me inhuman when you send such flirty texts. I can’t wait anymore, and I want to run to you as fast as I can.

  • Oh, love! You make me so impatient with your little dirty tricks, which always seem to work on me. I love you.

  • I can’t think straight after what you have texted, my love! I’ll make sure you will have an effect on me that will be everlasting.

Love You Kiss

You love that person so much, but it might be hard for you to express it in words. Well, mate! We got your back! We have a few messages which could help in expressing yourself. So here are a few messages for your special person whom you can’t get enough of.

  • Oh, darling, you make me crazy with your thoughts. I love you so much. I can’t wait to kiss you the moment I meet you.

  • Baby, I can’t think straight when you are with me. You have your secret spell over me. I love you. I can’t wait to kiss you, darling.

  • If you knew the power you have on me, you’d assume you are a goddess, which you are. I love you so much, baby. I can’t wait to smother you with my kisses as much as I can.

  • Wish I had the power to teleport because if I had, I would be with you every moment I get. I love you, baby! 

  • I love you, baby! My lips instead are on yours, then be this lonely.

Kiss Text Message

Do you want to let your person know that you can’t wait to kiss them the moment they appear in front of you? Of course, letting them know would get them excited and blushed. Well, make sure they know it. Here are a few text messages you could use.

  • I would spend my entire time kissing you if I could, my baby! I love you so much.

  • Nothing compares to the feeling of your soft lips on mine. I love you so much, darling.

  • There’s nothing more I would want than being beside you and kissing you like there is no tomorrow.

  • I bet nothing in this world compares to your lips on mine. I love you so much, baby! I miss you so much.

  • I love you so much, darling! I can’t wait to have my lips on yours when you appear!

Heart-warming hugs and kisses messages

  • Not everyone in this world can experience the joy of a pure kiss born out of unmatched affection

  • Kiss is a statement of how much you care for the other person in your relationship. ‘

  • I still get goosebumps when I think about the first kiss that we ever had 

  • Lips on your lips and confidence over the sky! 

  • Kisses speak volumes that words can’t. A forehead kiss on your girl definitely makes her feel special!

  • The language of kiss is the simplest and yet the most complex one to understand 

  • A fine line makes a kiss, either creepy or passionate! She says I am a passionate kisser 

  • I am a passionate kisser because you are my passion, babe!

  • Not everyone in this world is as good a kisser as me, says no one 🙁 

  • Life is sad; even I wish to kiss her, I cannot travel the boundaries of time and space for her

  • When life takes us through the toughest toil, a small kiss from your love does wonder

  • A kiss might look limited to the lips but has an astounding effect on the human heart and emotions as well 

  • Lips wrapped in emotions taste of love, let me kiss you again! 

  • Put all your plans in the backseat because today, you are going to become the love of my life! 

  • I have been kissed every day by my mother since birth and I think it is the most beautiful kiss ever 

  • The best kisses are those that are rapid, random, breathless, and passionate. Did I ask for too much? 

Flirty Texts About Kissing
  • A kiss is not limited to only a girlfriend or wife. I got a father’s day kiss from my son, and I think that is amazing 🙂

  • Little did I know that one kiss would seal the fate of my love life! Damn, that priest was magical!

  • Kisses help breathe magic into a relationship. It improves trust and a mutual feeling of liking each other 

  • If your partner kisses you often, good job, you have a girlfriend 😀

  • Out of all the exercises, I choose to burn my calories by kissing you wet and hard 

  • Kissing is definitely my favorite exercise! Seriously, I have hated morning walks since the day I got a girlfriend to kiss 😀 

  • If I succeeded in kissing my dream girl, then anything and everything in this world would be possible!

  • Let us not waste any further time and indulge in a dreamy kiss that takes us back to where we started 

  • Your lips meet my lips to create havoc called apocalypse. 

  • Kissing is an art, and I am the fondest believer in this art form forever. 
Flirty Texts About Kissing

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