471+ Lips Appreciation Day Wishes, Messages, Quotes & Greetings (Images)

As we prepare to celebrate Lips Appreciation Day, it’s time to pay attention to the sometimes overlooked but oh-so-important aspect of our faces—our lips!

Lips Appreciation Day is on the 16th of March of every year. It was started by Thomas & Ruth Roy of Wellcat Holiday.

You’ve found the ideal source of inspiration if you’re looking for the perfect words to decorate a card, send a text, or enjoy the beauty of a well-shaped pout.

Join us on this voyage of lip adoration as we look at wishes and messages designed specifically for Lips Appreciation Day.

We have the appropriate sentiments to make your romantic notes as enticing as a freshly applied coat of lipstick, from playful pecks to poetry praises.

Let’s plunge into a celebration that’s all about spreading love, one lip-smile at a time! 💄💋

Lips Appreciation Day Wishes

Lips Appreciation Day Wishes
  • National Lips Awareness Day is a day dedicated to caring for your lips and understanding the intriguing features that make them distinctive.
  • Lips don’t have sweat glands or oil glands, yet they have the largest density of nerve endings of any part of the body.
  • Lips also have a sensuous appeal since they are an attractive feature and can generate pheromones that aid in mate selection.
  • Lip appreciation is doing lovely things for your lips, such as hydrating them with a lip balm or applying lipstick and photographing the lips that define who you are.
  • National Lips Appreciation Day also promotes the significance of lip care, such as applying a sunscreen-infused lip balm or just licking your lips to keep them moisturized.
  • Lips are especially vulnerable to dryness, UV exposure, and even cancer because they lack sweat glands.
  • Lips are also an important aspect of communication, so why not use this day to express yourself and cherish the lips you have?
  • Celebrating this day by loving oneself a little more each day, starting with your lips, will help create courage and character and make you happy and wonderful throughout the day.
  • Happy National Lips Recognition Day! Your lips seem more lovely when they curve, so smile more often.
  • Smiling is a great exercise for keeping your lips healthy; do it on a regular basis. National Lip Appreciation Day is a bright and sunny day.
  • When you express nice ideas, your lips become more lovely. National Lip Appreciation Day is today.
  • Accepting your lips as they are is the first step toward self-love.
  • A grin, rather than a cigarette, boosts the attractiveness of your lips by 100 times. National Lip Appreciation Day is today.
  • Smile more often since your happy lips have the capacity to cure a broken heart—happy National Lip Appreciation Day.
  • Your lips are the next thing people notice after your eyes, so keep them healthy. Today is Lips Appreciation Day in the United States.
  • The dialogue that comes from attractive lips is sweet.
  • Lips that have been shaped in love are unsteadily full of the radiant softness borrowed from the heart and electrical obedience to its impulses.
  • Her lips were shaped like a strawberry, and the seeds added substance to her kisses.
  • I would rather kiss her than eat two scoops of chocolate ice cream.
  • In life, the lips of those we adore are lovely to us, and in death, they are sacrosanct.
  • The guardians of your acoustical hole, notably your mouth, are your lips.
  • Her kisses pucker to leave their nest on her lips.
  • Like a nightingale amid roses, music lives on your lips.
  • Lips that are crimson behind a bloom of blue, like hanging fruit.
  • There’s always good lipstick on a bad day.
  • National Lips Appreciation Day Captions.
  • Add more lipstick and attack if you’re sad. #lips

National Lips Appreciation Day Messages

National Lips Appreciation Day Messages

– Your lips are the mirror of your thoughts.

– The most exposed sensual organ is the lips.

– A sexy dress and a genuine smile are the best combination that no one can dare to beat.

– The touch of warmth on the lips can be felt—true love.

– A smile is worth more than a thousand dollars worth of lipstick and makeup.

– Nothing is tastier than the taste of your lips.

– Keep your lips shiny and glowy; they deserve that.

– The seal of wise lips is not easy to break.

– The lips, which have words of sense, can make fans everywhere.

– You don’t need to use lipstick, balm, or gloss to make your lips attractive; kind words will do the same for free.

– The lips are the gateway to someone’s mind; they can tell you exactly what’s going on inside a person’s head.

– Those who say it’s easy to read a person’s face have never tried reading a person’s lips.

– No one can say no to smiling lips.

– The sexiest thing someone can do to their lips is to take care of them.

– Nothing is sweeter than the taste of your lover’s lips, not even honey.

– The lips are the cure for grieving souls.

– The passion of a kiss between a lover’s lips can tell you a lot about them.

– Make your words so strong that people barely notice their lips.

– Use honey and sugar to keep your lips beautiful and shiny.

– Lips are the windows of the heart; not everyone can peek through them.

– A wise man knows when to keep his lips open and closed.

– Let the kiss be so passionate that it leaves an impression on your soul.

– The words coming out of lips are the image of the soul.

– Make your lips like a camera so that when you click, everyone smiles.

– Wine is the language of lips; only a few can take it.

– The most classic thing in the world is red lipstick.

– A lip kiss is a secret between the two lovers.

– When words fall short or fail to express emotions, a kiss is the best way to deliver the feelings.

– A quiet smile on the lips can even calm the storm down.

– The firmer the lips, the less fearful the woman is.

– The quiet lips are the silence before the storm.

– The amount of attention the world pays to women’s lips; if half of them were given to women’s rights, the world would have been a better place to live.

– There is no need to sexualize lips so much; they, too, are just body parts.

– Nothing makes a woman more confident than the curve on her lips, not even the red lipstick.

– Your lips have the strength to change someone’s life; think before you open them.

– It’s proven that not all women have won a war by merely wearing lipstick; the words coming out of their lips helped them.

Lips Appreciation Day Quotes

Lips Appreciation Day Quotes
  • I wonder how you survived with those sugary lips; maybe there is no ant in your territory.
    M. F. Moonzajer
  •  Sweetness drops from your lips, my bride; honey and milk are under your tongue.– Bible
  •  Soul meets soul on lovers’ lips.– Percy Bysshe Shelley  
  •  Kiss me till our lips will be so numb. They will not know if they are mine or yours.- A. M. Klein
  •  And I behold your lips with a fiery thrill in the lamplight, soft and still.– John Lars Zwerenz
  •  Lips, however rosy, must be fed.- Ovid
  • You young things are too easily persuaded by the touch of lips. – Scott Westerfield
  • There, the lips of silent passion, curved like an archer’s bow to send the sweet arrows out.
    Elizabeth Barrett Browning (edited)
  •  O, how ripe in show. Thy lips, those kissing cherries, tempting grow.– William Shakespeare 
  • The lips of the wise man are the doors of cabinet, not sooner are they opened but treasures are poured out before thee. – By Akhenaton
  • When the lips are opened, we behold the image of the soul. – By Sir Thomas Higgins
  • If the eyes are, indeed, the windows to the soul, then it can be said that the lips are the messengers of the heart – By Karyn Siegel-Maier
  • A smile is the universal welcome, and a kiss is its intimate counterpart. Celebrate Lips Appreciation Day with the language of love! – Anonymous
  • Lips, the poetry of the face, whispering the silent verses of passion and expression. Today, let’s celebrate the artistry of the mouth. – Grace Harper
  • In the symphony of life, let your lips play the sweetest notes of joy and kindness. Happy Lips Appreciation Day! – Oliver Wilde
  • A gentle touch of the lips can speak volumes that words often fail to convey. On this special day, savor the language of kisses. – Emily Brontë
  • Lips, the gateway to the soul’s melody. May your kisses compose the most beautiful songs of love on Lips Appreciation Day. – Robert Browning
  • The beauty of a smile lies in the curve of the lips. Today, let’s appreciate the simple yet powerful magic of a heartfelt grin. – Maya Angelou
  • Lips, the silent poets of love, painting emotions with every kiss. Celebrate the artistry of affection on Lips Appreciation Day. – Pablo Neruda
  • Let your lips be the canvas where the colors of laughter and love create a masterpiece. Happy Lips Appreciation Day! – Audrey Hepburn

Lips Appreciation Day Greetings

Lips Appreciation Day Greetings

– Your lips look more beautiful when they form a curve; smile more often—Happy National Lips Appreciation Day!

– Smiling is the best exercise to keep the lips healthy; practice it daily. Sunny National Lips Appreciation Day.

– Your lips are more beautiful when they express positive thoughts. Happy National Lips Appreciation Day!

– The first step to self-love is accepting your lips the way they are.

– A smile increases the beauty of your lips 100 times more than a cigarette. Happy National Lips Appreciation Day!

– Your smiling lips have the power to heal a wounded heart; smile more often—happy national lips appreciation day.

– After your eyes, your lips are the second thing people notice; keep them healthy. Happy Lips National Appreciation Day!

– The best make-up for your lips is a beautiful lipstick color. Happy National Lips Appreciation Day!

– Not any lipstick, but the words coming out of your lips make them bold. Have a happy National Lips Appreciation Day.

– Lips that pray for others who are in distress are more beautiful than lips with bright colors. Happy Lips Appreciation Day!

– Pout, smile, say cheese, and take a selfie—Happy National Lips Appreciation Day.

– Lips are the screen of emotions going on inside a heart and mind. Happy National Lips Appreciation Day!

– No touch is more beautiful than the touch of a lover’s lips. Happy National Lips Appreciation Day!

– No addiction is more addictive than the habit of your lover’s lips—Happy National Lips Day!

– Your lips deserve every attention and care like the rest of your body parts.

– The shape, size, or color of the lips don’t matter. What matters is the quality of the words they are saying.

– The smile of each shape, size, and color of lips is more attractive than anything in the world. Happy National Lips Appreciation Day!

– The sealed lips and teary eyes are more dangerous than any bomb.

– It takes years of practice for humans to know when to keep their lips open and when to close them until they learn it’s too late.

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