How to Know a Person’s True Personality when We Are so Good at Disguise Nowadays

Each and every person surrounding us, talking to us today has a mask on his or her face and that’s how the world functions. No one speaks his or her mind and people never show their true emotions or feelings to other people.

Some even lie to the extent of coming across as frauds. If you are thinking of preparing something on such a topic then make sure that you take help from this sample of mine as having a look at it you will be able to frame yours with ease.

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It would be great for us if we could always know about someone whether he or she is just faking it or showing their true self and who they actually are? Life would be too easy that way right? Because nowadays fake people and scammers are everywhere.

Usually, our instincts tell us and through it we differentiate between who are telling truth and trustworthy and who is faking it from head to toe and not a trustworthy person at all, but we are human beings and we do mistakes and in this case, too we sometimes misjudge people, and we have to endure the conditions from it.

First impressions are very important to all of us whether it is in an interview or a romantic date night, but these are not conclusions, do not ever assume things only based on first impressions because it is only a brief snapshot of that person’s true character.

Some of us tend to trust people easily and that makes us too easy to be fooled by others. When we meet our ex-boyfriend or girlfriend for the first time didn’t we feel like we are a match that God made especially In heaven, yes it is embarrassing and regretful for some of us but deep down we all know the truth. How their first impressions were, how well dressed, well behaved, well mannered and we’ll speak he or she was and we tend to judge people on that only.

We do not try to understand that a well-spoken well mannered person has a whole personality that we do not know and we don’t even try to know it because it is our nature to judge a book by its cover.

There are some certain ways and with those ways, we sometimes can understand a disguised person whether it is for a job interview or a first date. There are differences like opening a door humbly and slamming the door in your face. Sometimes getting the job or the opportunity, or the significant other things depend on these slight things.

A friend of mine had dated someone who created a false well and good impression about himself to fool others around him. He was a successful man who had a nice home, who was attractive and in good taste too. He behaved like a real classy guy but soon my friend learned that the reason for his well and good appearance was extreme vanity. He was too selfish and only cared for no one but himself

It is important for us to avoid inauthentic people. No one wants to be a friend or close one with a disagreeable person who is fake. But we tend to go for outer beauty and fake first impressions instead of trying to understand them and like them for someone based on their true nature for who they are. If you start doing that people will feel less insecure and will show their true self rather than disguising to be another one.


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