A Speech on “Is Laziness a Good Thing?”

Sometimes being lazy is a good thing to do, it is another way of being systematic. The world is changing day by day and all we do is run behind time to fit into the speed that it is being passed on. In other words, being lazy is to prioritize things we have to do and finish it off as soon as possible and take a long break just sitting somewhere comfortable or cuddling up on our beds. We all have been running and fighting our way through life, trying to achieve anything and everything possible by the time we reach our 30’s or 40’s. Haven’t you ever thought of taking a break? 

Then, here is the good news, being lazy is the best thing you can ever do. Let me tell you why

Getting a lot of time to sleep, dream, and think. Dreams are likely to be the way of communication by our subconscious mind that helps to process our emotions. Only through good sleep, one can access the world of dreams. Sleeping is good for our health as dreams are good for our minds. Don’t even hesitate to skip your gym sessions, who doesn’t like some extra sleep time? 

Being lazy could give us a kick start to our creative mind. Rather than pushing yourself to go out for a walk or party with your friends, staying indoors being lazy will give us plenty of time to think, thus sparking our inner creativity.

Getting more time on holidays, to maintain friendships, and also find inner peace. Holidays are always the best medicine to our soul, it showers a lot of happiness over us. Preferring to sit on your balcony enjoying a cool drink and the sun could never turn out to be a bad choice. It gives us more time to spend with friends too, we can just sit around playing some nice fun games where nobody dares to talk about the boring busy life we usually have. Sometimes laying around doing nothing is kind of like a meditation. Hire a maid in the case to do your daily chores, and let them know you need some time alone, then lie down and swiftly move into the world of peace.

Better productivity comes from a happy and relaxed mind. Take a break to clear your mind to stop wriggling in our workspace. Shutting down your mind and putting on Netflix and chilling for hours has proven to be the best way to forget your day’s distress. If you are in a relationship, then this could also be beneficial to your love life, providing a higher level of satisfaction and bonding.

Being lazy for a very long time is never good, but sometimes it is like recharging our body, mind, and soul. You don’t have to see people or cook too much (it may help to reduce weight), what’s essential is to just relax. Most of the time all we need is a break in our life from everything and possibly everyone.  

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