Is Life in The City Preferable to Live Life in The Country?

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Living your life in a city or the countryside will always depend on various factors like the environment, the job options, lifestyle, facilities and also the people who live around us. When everything around the world has advantages and disadvantages, this city life and country life also has its differences. For a stylish and expensive lifestyle, there is no place better than a city, as that for a peaceful and friendly neighborhood, the countryside stays the best.

Based on the environment, the countryside has the most aesthetic beauty to share, with beautiful landscapes, chirping birds in the morning, green meadows and fields, the sight of working farmers in the field, the festivals held together during harvest, and many more. Whereas in city life we get to see exciting views like tall buildings, malls, multiplexes, and metros; we also get better opportunities to build our life in terms of better education, well-paid jobs, and more career opportunities.

Even with these many people choose to stay in the countryside to avoid heavy traffic, pollution due to factories and vehicles, high noise and smoky atmospheres. The chances of lacking a better diet and sanitary conditions are very rare in city life. 

People in the countryside are always happy and stress-free, and maybe that is the reason they are more friendly with one another. They don’t have many items to think about and deal with within their lives, making it easier for living a simple and normal life. In city life, due to the fast pace, it is hard to maintain even family relations, doing so they might ignore their loved ones.

Some may even guard themselves against letting anyone new into their life, thinking they could eventually hurt them.  

Peace of mind plays a vital role in the countryside, but in cities, they may have to struggle to earn money and balance their lifestyle according to others. Job opportunities are vast in these cities, all they look for is experience and talent to make more money. In a country life, the primary profession is agriculture, they are hardworking people, both men, and women.

They live doing small goods and service exchanges; some of them even help the ones in need, treating them also like family. And so they have a more peaceful and friendly environment. 

City life also has another advantage, those are the means of entertainment and pleasure; like the clubs and posh restaurants, theatres, and art centers. We could find a better understanding of civilization and culture by living in the cities. Countrysides are more often tightly packed with a low population and so they maintain the history of that place and cherish them through gatherings and festivals which are then passed on for generations. 

City and country lives are admirable in their terms, that is what makes them unique and beautiful. The countryside seems hard due to the important facilities being far away; but keeping both in mind, it’s always what we choose that matters.

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