A Speech on “What Life Will Be Like in The Future?”

Greetings for the day, I consider it an extreme joy to be here amid this gathering to speak a few words on What life will be like in the future. When we look back during the days of our parents and grandparents and compare it with our present generation, we can find a remarkable difference in the world around us. Not just science, but Fashion, job, Education and also yes Food has had a massive change. With every new invention there came a question as to how to make it better and in answer to this constant quest is the endless inventions and its improvisation to date.

If we think about how our life in the future will be, keeping in mind the advancement in science, we will be amazed but also is a major matter of concern, because with the amount of resource exploitation and pollution it is unavoidable that the after-effects are worse in the coming years. For today’s discussion, let’s fast forward our life to let us say fifty years from now and analyze how our life will be in our future.

Let us first discuss the positive sides of the future in every field. Food which has always been our source of energy has also undergone many improvisations and new inventions, from hybrids to growing plants in LED lights. We may get adapted to Genetically modified plants as a solution to feed people due to the increasing population.

Speaking about the future of work, it will no more be humans sitting in front of machines for hours and hours to earn a living, But instead, automation will be leading the show wiping out the need for human effort. Not just in the corporate world, automation, and most likely advanced robots automation and robots with advanced technology will be installed for better and faster performance. The major advantage of an increase in technology will be to the health department. It has helped to increase the birth rate.

Technology in the future will be way superior to that of today, even better than other fields like food, health, connections, and work. We’re going into a future where improved battery innovation will probably empower better electric vehicles, individual flying machines, Hyperloop transportation frameworks, private space, the travel industry, and robot conveyance administrations.

A portion of this may occur. Or then again none of it. Three things, be that as it may, are sure: innovation will get more modest, more astute, and less expensive. Truth be told, it will in all likelihood get so little, brilliant, and modest that we’ll have the option to place PCs into nearly anything.

With this, we can say that with advancements made by man, there will be population growth, increasing pollution, and fewer resources available for everyone to accommodate. I would like to add the final points that, the future is unpredictable, while this may or may not, but it always good to prepare ourselves for things to come ahead in time.

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