A Little Bribery Is Okay to Get Everything Going Your Way.

The topic is related to practicing bribery and its negative consequences. We should be reminded of the fact that offering or accepting bribes is actually a criminal offense. It is not acceptable in any country’s law.

But many do practice it secretly to influence the officers occupying higher posts in the administrative area and in any field. We are inculcating this habit of offering bribes little or big in our children. But we should take measures to control this wrong act. 

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Bribery is generally a criminal offense. It is an act of voluntarily offering, giving, or receiving a bribe to influence the official behavior of a person in a particular position in an office or higher positions of the public. It is always due to the greed over money or other desires that one enjoys accepting bribes or offering them to another.

Bribery is an unethical practice that in many countries it is an offense well punished. Even after being an immoral act, we all think a little bribery is okay to get something to go our way, especially with our children. 

Children do absorb whatever they see, hear, and feel around them. And so many of us would think, using a little bribery will expose them to learn this act. Not always, it is a well-executed plan that only parents try, just to get their kids to listen to them sometimes. Most of the parents use bribery at some point in their life to change a few behaviors in their children. However, bribery has an entirely different negative effect on children, even if it is performed once or twice by the parents. 

Only in very rare cases, we should carry out a little bribery. Psychologists suggest rewarding them instead of trying bribery. The small bribery techniques might be a small promise or bribe that we offer to give them if they maintain good behavior or won’t show too many tantrums.

This happens only because we don’t want to go through these stresses at home over the bigger stress and worries we already have to run a family. As a parent, they would die trying to have some peace of mind at least at home.

This act of bribery is communicated to our children differently, they think certain behaviors like eating vegetables or sharing toys with their sibling, or staying without many tantrums should only be followed if they get a reward, else they don’t have to even think about it and continue to be who they are. Rewarding them for every work they do can also make things difficult for the parents.

Kids would expect rewards for every task or chores they do which are supposed to be the works they should learn to do on their own someday. When they realize they won’t be rewarded always can affect them badly. As they grow up no one will be rewarding them, and realizing this could hurt them; else they may face a hard time in their future.

A little bribery is then and always a bad habit to be followed by an adult, even if they are a parent. It is a poor influence on our child’s behavioral growth. Teach them to do their chores and eat healthy foods from a young age, direct them on the difference between good and bad behavior, and why it is important. Make ourselves more active and communicative with our children.

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