151+ Love Quotes by Famous People

Love is the most beautiful feeling one can ever have in life; everyone in this world is not always lucky enough to find their true love, and if you are the one who has found their true partner and true love, then never let them go.

Mentioned below are some famous quotes from famous People in relation to love.

Love Quotes by Famous People

-Always know that the people who are judging you today can never love you in their life. – said Mother Teresa

-When you love the world in the loving world, and then if you be hostile to the hostile world, it does not make any difference as it is one and the same thing – said by Wayne Dyer

-All that the way you are right now I need you in my life in the same way – said by Ed Sheeran

-If you don’t know the reason behind the unhappy marriages, then it is not due to the lack of love in your life, but it is all because of the lack of friendship in your marriage – said by Freidrich Nietzsche

-Remember that there are times when your heart can read everything that even can not be seen by your eyes – said by H. Jackson Brown Jr.

Love Quotes by Famous People

-The true love and the true source of my happiness is always a leisurely breakfast. – said by John Gunther

-I am the kind of person who consumes champagne only in two such situations, one when I am in love with someone and the other when I am not in love – said by Coco Chanel

-I really love those people who actually love to eat just like me – Julia Child

-Always know that love is nothing, but it is like a promise, like a souvenir, and it is the one meant to be always remembered and never be forgotten do not let this love ever disappear in your life –  John Lennon

-The ones in whom we can not see the love they are not actually and truly in love – said by William Shakespeare

-No matter if you love me or you hate me, both are in my favor every time; if you really and truly love me, then I will always be in your heart, and in case you hate me or you dislike me, then I will be the one on your mind always. – said by William Shakespeare

-If you say that you always love the rain, then why are you the one who opens his umbrella when it is actually raining – said by William Shakespeare

-If you always say that you are in love with that sun and its light, then why do you keep looking for the shadow spot when the sun is actually rising – said by William Shakespeare

-It is only when you find your true love then only you are capable of making your other half the better one in order to be like that person for whom they are destined to be – said  by Michelle Yeoh

-When you are in the true and the real love, then you always want to have with you the other person’s good – said by Margret Anderson

-When you are in romantic love, then you always want to have that other person with you and for you always – said Margret Anderson

-Remember, it is always good to keep a belief as I do; I believe in real and true love, and also, I always believe in happy endings – said by Christie Brinkley

-Always keep in your mind that whenever love touches you, it makes you a poet always –  said by Plato

-One should always know that whenever true love comes and touch you, it always makes you as a poet – said by Plato

-True love is something that is never easy to get in life. Always remember that – said by Ricardo Montalban

-One should always keep in their mind that if you are looking for true love, it is something that you don’t get right away, originally it is like an ever-growing process – said by Ricardo Montalban

Love Quotes by Famous People

-Always remember that true love is something that you only find after you go through too many ups and downs and after you have actually suffered a lot in your life –  said by Ricardo Montalban

-If you don’t know what love means actually, then I would like to tell you that true love is loving kindness and also the compassion in the true sense – said by Nhat Hanh

-The real and the true love is the one that is actually free from all the restrictions and all the conditions originally – said by Ricardo Montalban

-Real and true love only develops after the two individuals have laughed together, have cried together, and also when have cried together – said by Nhat Hanh

-When you find your soul mate and your perfect partner, then you actually realize that true love in the original sense is what comes and happens when the disappointments sets in and also when you, yourself, begin to deal with it maturely – said by Karen Salmansohn

-True love is the one that is always ready and prepared to sacrifice, and it is the one that is always selfless – said by Sadhu Vaswani

-Always remember that the one who is always ready to accept your past, your future, and your past is the one who will always love you truly – said by Anonymous

-The true and the real love is the one that is always selfless – said by Sadhu Vaswani

-Always remember that if you are giving love to someone, then you will definitely gain the love every time – said Reese Witherspoon

-Remember that whenever you find your true love and your soul mate, then she becomes the beginning and the end to everything in your life –  said by F. Scott Fitzgerald

-One should always keep in his mind that love is something that never has any barriers or obstacles on its way – said Maya Angelou

-Always keep in your mind that love is some thing that is though composed of one and single soul, but this soul is inhabited originally by the two – said by Aristotle

-Always keep that in mind that you are always the maximum alive, especially when you are in love and when you have finally found your soul mate – said by John Updike

-One should always know that there is no charm equivalent to that tenderness of your heart –  said, Jane Austen

-Always know that the charm that you are looking for is actually equal to that tenderness of your heart –  said Jane Austen

-The heart is someone who always has its own reasons, and to such reasons, you can never find reasons – said by Blaise Pascal

-The reasons that your heart always has for itself for that you can never have any other reason always remember – said Ann Landers

-When you love yourself first, then everything else will automatically fall in that line for you – said Lucille Ball

-Always know that when you start loving yourself first, then only see that every other thing itself fells into the line for you – said by Lucille Ball

-It is always your problem and not that of gravity if you fall in love with someone – said by Albert Einstein

-Always remember that you can never put that blame on gravity if you fall in love with someone in your life – said by Albert Einstein

-One should always hang on to that love if they find love for themselves –  said by Princess Diana

-Always remember to hang on to that true love and the real love that you may someday find in your life – said by Princess Diana

Love Quotes by Famous People

-If you have that feeling of love for someone, then you will also fall in love with that person even if that person is asleep but first slowly and then all together at once – said by John Green, “ The fault in our stars.”

-One should always understand the importance of one ‘ I love you ‘ because it is always more precious than all the money that you may have with you –  said by Frank Sintara

-Always understand the true importance of the three words ‘ I love you ’ , because they are always more valuable than all the money that you may ever have in your life –  said by Frank Sinatra

-You can always earn any sum of money in your life, but to earn that love is more important in your life – said by Frank Sinatra

-Ever you do it for your soul mate once you find her in your life – said by Bryan Adams

-Always know that once you fall in love with someone, you always do everything for them, to keep them with you, to keep them smiling, this is when you realize their importance in your life. – said by Bryan Adams

-You should always marry to that without whom you cannot live rather than marrying to such a person with whom you can live – said by Anonymous 

-I am the one who wants only you and only me and no one else in my life – said by Nicholas Sparks ‘ The Note book ’ 

-Love is always the true one when you always want to be with that partner every time and every day –  said by Nicholas Sparks ‘ The Note Book ‘ 

-Always keep in your mind that the true love stories are the ones which never have endings – said by Richard Bach

-Make your love story always the true one because then it will be the never ending one, as the true love story never has an ending – said by Richard Bach

-The one with whom you are always in true love to them you don’t need to prove your love every time – said by Bob Dylan

-With the ones you are in true love for them you will always take extra miles and make every effort to make them feel special and to make them feel your love – said by Bob Dylan

-Love is always there to make that hell out of you and hence it is sent straight from the heaven – said by Dolly Parton

-Love is made in the heaven and then sent down to earth so that it can bring out that hell in you  – said by Dolly Parton

-If you are really the brave one then you will have that courage in you to love someone unconditionally and where you will never expect some thing from the other person – said by Madonna

-If you are the one who has that courage to love some one unconditionally without having any expectations from the other person then you are actually brave in true sense – said by Madonna

-If you are unable to fall asleep then you might be in love with someone because if you aren’t able to sleep this shows that your reality is more beautiful than your dreams for you – said by Dr. Seuss

-Your dreams will never be more beautiful than your dreams once when you find your true love because after you find your true love you will not be able to sleep well – said by Dr. Suess

-I love my life after I got married – said by Rita Rudner

-It is always beautiful after you get married because then you really feel that you are special when some one is there to annoy you for the rest of your life and also to make you feel special every time – said by Rita Rudner

-The most beautiful part of the life when you hold each other in your life – said by Audrey Hepburn

-The best part of being in true love is to find someone in life to whom you can always hold in to your life – said by Audrey Hepburn

-When you truly love some one then you always accept them the way they are – said by Bridget Jones 

-If someone truly loves you that person will always accept you the way you originally are – said by Bridget Jones’s Diary

love quotes

-The great love story is always loved by all always keep that in your minds – said by Meghan Markle

-Take your love to the greater heights and when your love story becomes the great one then you see that your love story will be loved by all – said by Meghan Markle

-Love is always like a flower but to have that flower in your life you need to first let it grow – said by John Lennon

-Love is that flower that you first need to grow if you want it in your life – said by John Lennon

-Feel blessed in your life if you find the true love for yourself – said by Celine Dion

-No matter you may understand the meaning of true love or not but you should feel yourself to be blessed with the true love in case you have one for yourself – said by Celine Dion

-Always remember that the love is the one that loves to love love – said by James Joyce

-No one in this world could ever measure that how much the heart can actually hold – said by Zelda Fitzgerald

-Nobody can ever measure that actual depth of the heart nor can anyone ever measure that actually how much can a heart hold – said by Zelda Fitzgerald

-Always remember that love is nothing but it is an endless act of forgiveness –  said by Beyoncé

-If you are truly in love then you will always know the endless forgiveness because the love is actually the forgiveness in true sense – said by Beyoncé

-An individual only needs nothing but only love in his life to live happily – said by Charles M. Schulz

-First and in priority first love yourself then give it away to someone else – said by Katy Perry

-It is always important to first love yourself and give first priority to yourself then think about others – said by Katy Perry

-Love is what always starts with the smile – said by Mother Teresa

-Always keep in your minds that the smile is the one that always marks the beginning of the love – said by Mother Teresa

-Everyone in this world needs nothing but love that is of the utmost importance – said by The Beatles

-Love is always made for every one in this world and you definitely find it some or the other day in your life – said by Nat King Cole

-You were the one who just got me in a hello – said by Jerry Maguire

-True love will always bring in you a feeling that makes you realize that no one else had ever loved you the similar way like that true partner loves you – said by Kelly Clarkson

-When you fall in that true love with some one then you also make efforts to make yourself a better person , further when you try to make yourself a better person then you start feeling that the world around is also becoming better along with you – said by Paulo Coelho, “ The Alchemist “

-One should never love any such person who makes you feel like you are like any other ordinary person to him – said by Oscar Wilde

-Always keep in mind that don’t fall in love with that person who makes you feel like any other ordinary person for him – said by Oscar Wilde

-Your real job and the real task is not to look for love around you, but what you actually need to see is that you should learn about the barriers and the obstacles within you that are standing against the love and then all you need to do is to get rid of it in your life and this is how then you will find your true love – said by Rumi

-One should always understand that if any person loves you then he will always love you the way you already are rather than just loving you in the way they wanted you to be – said by Leo Tolstoy

-The person who loves you truly will always understand your emotions and your smiles even if you don’t express it to them explicitly – said by Arrigo Boito

-Always decide and stick only to love in your life because hate is nothing but only a burden that is hard to bear – said by Martin Luther King Jr.

-Always remember that the greatest happiness of one’s life is only the conviction that someone actually loves us; we are loved for our own selves – said by Victor Hugo

Love Quotes by Famous People

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