101+ Love With Age Difference Statuses Ideas for WhatsApp That You Love

Love has the power to pummel the notions of age differences. Love cannot be summed up in the numerical and keeping track of age is but sheer waste of time.

If you are smitten by someone with an age gap here are a few WhatsApp statuses for expressing your boundless love.

Cute WhatsApp statuses for Love with Age Difference

-Love is a profound sensation, I don’t like counting that by years. 

-They said he is “old,” I said, of course, he’s “Gold.”

-“Age difference”? Sorry, I couldn’t find that word in my love dictionary. 

-I feel age is the biggest illusion that comes in the way of love. 

-Just follow the map to your heart where age is not a restriction. 

-Her impish smile is a rainbow to my mature heart. 

-It’s so beautiful to get lost in your arms and forget the concept of age. 

-Putting up a fight with society to defy the concept of age. 

-One fine day we got delusional and knew that the age gap of couples is a myth. 

-She didn’t mind my old soul, I don’t mind her childish pursuits. 

-Super glad that he saw me beyond my wrinkles and crow feet. 

-Tearing aside the chapter of “Age” from my novel of love. 

-I don’t mind sharing a page from my old tale with a young mind like you. 

-Hugging is so relaxing, I forget our age gap and other meaningless things.

-Love is a four-letter word and I feel it is bigger than a three-letter word called “Age”. 

-He is old, he’s my old knight of a lost world of chivalry. 

-We want a world where society doesn’t keep the track of time on the human body.

-I never thought seeing the world with such young eyes would be so delightful.

-Age difference? I rate it with a minus! 

-I landed on earth a little early than him, but that only makes me punctual!

-Our age gap died by drowning in our ocean of love. 

-we are wallowing in love and 15 years of difference came down to a moment of love. 

-I think love is a good formula where the age gap dissolves. 

-Our incompatible age is our compatibility for love. 

-I have loved you with all my time, and the time beyond that doesn’t matter. 

-I don’t like to fret about our age gap, because I wasn’t good at math anyway. 

-I will keep on holding on to you when I am 50 and you are 68!

-My love can beat a light-year, what’s your age in front of that honey? 

-Your wrinkled smile and my dimple of youth go well. 

-We just drank from the fountain of knowledge and age difference won’t bother us anymore. 

-I count on you, I don’t count on your age. 

-You are my confetti of the 80s and I am in love with the sensation. 

-You remind me of an old ethos of elegance, my young soul can only dream of. 

-You are my pearl of innocence; I am your diamond of experience. 

-We completed our 25th anniversary because we didn’t pay heed to our age gap. 

-Our love successfully proved people wrong about prejudices regarding age. 

 -I am not letting an intangible thing as age create a rift between us. 

-Going to a place, with no barriers, no age limits, and no prejudices. 

-I wish we could be born in the same year, We would have grown up like two summer flowers. 

Amazing WhatsApp statuses for Love with Age Differences

-His maturity is what my tantrums needs. 

-I am glad I didn’t commit the blunder of considering age before falling for you. 

-My love is spread across the sky, where the age gap looks tiny. 

-We have sipped the elixir of love and the age gap is self as a residue at the bottom. 

-It’s foolish to take remarks on age seriously when you’re in love.

-Ours’ is a tale of an old butterfly sitting on a freshly bloomed lily. 

-Birds of love don’t care about age gaps, why should we? 

-I count our time spent together, not who landed first on earth. 

-I have locked the room and the age gap is not allowed to enter.

-The concept of age couldn’t keep pace with me when I was racing for your heart. 

-My heart is occupied with love and I can’t occupy any prejudices there. 

-He teaches me how to cook, I teach him how to dance like children. 

-You are a huge ball of affection; I can’t measure enough of you by your age.

-Decluttering ourselves from old habits and lame concepts like age difference.

-The day I fell in love I realized that age compatibility is a myth. 

-I am not dragging along the prejudices of age and making our love blemished. 

-I set myself free from confounding numerical like the difference of our age. 

-There’s a difference in our age, but no distance in our hearts. 

– Love is reverberating through time and defeating the distance of our age. 

-The distance between our ages is a bridge where you see rainbows of ecstasy. 

-Our age gap reduces to zero while I look into your eyes. 

-He is my old wine, I am his fresh fruits. 

-My trust can defeat insecurities of age. 

-Time is the greatest boon or the worst of illusions; I choose to count it wisely. 

-They say our age gap is flawed, well we like being flawed.

-His prudence is a call to all my immature thoughts. 

-I saw time in his eyes, I have lived a few more years in his eyes. 

-Bursting the inflated ego of people by defying things like the age gap. 

-She is like a fresh new feather in my withered old cap. 

-While defining love, I forget calculations of money and age. 

-Honestly, Who even invented the word “age difference”! 

-We are a love lane where two generations meet. 

-It’s so beautiful to get lost in someone younger, it’s like rewinding time. 

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