100+ Happy Marriage WhatsApp Status for Your Happily Ever After

Marriage is a sensation that lasts for a lifetime. It’s a heart-warming experience to be fulfilling.

If you want to express views on marriage or if you are looking forward to statuses and messages that speak deeply about marriage, here is a list of WhatsApp statuses for you.

Amazing Marriage Quotes & Status for WhatsApp

  • When two souls decide to unite in the earthly bond, marriage happens.

  • When the cup of love is full to the brink, marriage follows.

  • If I ever have the chance to rewind things, I would go to my marriage day.

  • I would like to pause time to the moment we kissed on our marriage day.

  • I keep on reminiscing about the day when I was decked up as a bride in white.

  • There’s something nostalgic about my beautiful pearl white marriage gown.

  • Marriage is an independent decision of two souls in love. 

  • After many love encounters, I believe marriages are really made in heaven.

  • The day we decided to get married was our day of love.

  • Marriage is an inextricable bond between two souls.

  • I can spend an eternity sailing on the same boat with you.

  • My marriage day album is a part of my heart.

  • Your marriage day pictures are nothing short of art.

  • Eventually, we all realize it’s marriage is a huge responsibility.

  • May your marriage be forever painted in pink and red shades. 

  • Ceremonies are created by men, but marriages actually happen in paradise.

  • My wedding ring is my most precious treasure. 

  • Marriage is not a cakewalk, and this is known by all. 

  • My heart still pounds harder whenever I remember the eve of my marriage.

  • This is our marriage night of fairy lights and golden skies.

  • Golden is the hue of marriage.

  • The feeling of my marriage night is ineffable.

  • Wish you an ever after, which is even better than your dreams.

  • I see pink butterflies flying in the air because it’s my marriage night.

  • I have been longing for this special day all my life.

  • You are then the end of my reality and the portal to my dreams.

  • Little did I know you would occupy so much place in my heart that I would agree to marry you.

Beautiful Marriage Quotes & Status for WhatsApp

  • I have always dreamt of my marriage night and prayed for it lonely nights.

  • You are the most priceless gift that I received on my wedding day.

  • Selecting my marriage day plans for an extra special day.

  • Please be mine, my heart is hollow and I hope our marriage will fill it up.

  • Why do I feel you are a figment of imagination that got real on my wedding night?

  • My prayers on lonely nights got answered in my marriage.

  • Shall I hold on to it a little longer? Aren’t marriages for a lifetime?

  • Marriage is a promise of two souls to stick with each other till eternity.

  • I don’t think I can ever marry someone without being sure.

  • What comes to your mind first when people talk about marriage? It’s the wedding dress for me. 

  • Cupid is my marriage planner; everything seems to be lovey-dovey.

  • When love flows from both the lover’s hearts, they finally get hitched.

  • The day I die, I want to die as your beloved wife.

  • There are a few beautiful things on earth that last for eternity, just like my marriage.

  • Marriage seems like a kitty party of a serious kind.

  • Thoughts multiply in seconds whenever I think of our marriage night.

  • When I looked into your eyes, I knew this would lead to marriage.

  • Few marriages are created in hell and manifest on earth. 

  • I carry a mermaid in my heart, searching for her perfect match.

  • If you ask me to name a blessing, I would call his name. 

  • I need a pink wedding gown because I want to look different.

  • My marriage day is like a love song that never ends. 

  • It was a beautiful experience to tie my heart with yours. 

  • Planning to give him a huge surprise on our wedding night. 

  • If you are looking for a respite, don’t marry because it’s an added responsibility. 

  • Just when I thought my dreams were actualizing, I got settled and happy.

  • I wonder if an auspicious ceremony like a wedding will ever remember me. 

  • Happiness knocked at my door with a surprise wedding.

  • While signing marriage papers, my floodgates of emotions opened. 

  • This is my promise to you to keep you in my heart for an eternity. 

  • My vows are real, and my marriage is permanent.

  • The knight in shining armor finally took me to the altar.

  • Love soars high when I think of our marriage night. 

  • Somedays, I feel I should have taken s little more time before I settled.

Happy Marriage Quotes & Status for WhatsApp

  • Finally, I got my fairy tale; I will cherish this night of love and light.

  • This is my agreement of a lifetime to keep you happy. 

  • There is a certain electrifying effect in our soulmates that agree with us to settle for a lifetime.

  • My marriage is like a fragrance that will linger in the air for a long time. 

  • There’s romance in the air, and that makes my wedding night special.

  • As a child, I always used to read fairy tales, and I knew they would come true at my wedding.

  • The knight will arrive in shining armor, and we will marry someday.

  • Let’s get wed under the starry skies. 

  • My bridesmaids are dreams actualized.

  • My marriage is a sea of delight and wonder.

  • How beautiful it would be to become someone’s ever after.

  • My imagination fell short when I got this marriage as a gift.

  • Desirous of a different wedding destination for a special marriage.

  • Show me anything that can beat the excitement of a marriage day. 

  • People seldom realize that marriage is a responsibility of the highest order.

  • May you have a wedding where eternity is s promise.

happily married life wishes

Wedding wishes are typical and a wonderful way to commemorate the newlywed couple’s wedding day and new life together. We’ve created the best wedding wishes guide to take the uncertainty of what to put in wedding wishes. Use your heart while writing anything this wedding season. Add images to your wedding wishes to cherish happy memories.

  • I wish you a happy marriage that has all the proper elements: a lot of love, a little comedy, a little passion, and a lot of understanding. May your happiness continue forever. Congratulations!

  • Even though your wedding day may pass, your love will always be there. Best wishes to the ideal pair!

  • I pray that your love for one another will endure despite life’s challenges. On your wedding day, I wish you love and happiness. Congratulations!

  • Congratulations on having found each other! Your most exciting adventure has only just begun.

  • Congratulations on your really important day! May your wedding day be filled with beautiful memories you will cherish for the rest of your life!

wedding caption

While the photographs are so beautiful that they almost speak for themselves, matching them with the ideal wedding commentary can elevate them even further. Here is a collection of wedding caption ideas that will help you create cute photo captions that discuss love and romance or amusing sayings that showcase your playful side.

  • We may now hang out indefinitely!

  • As soon as I swiped, I fell in love.

  • He stole my heart. Therefore I’m adopting his surname.

  • My smiles all begin with you.

  • You’ll always be my person.

caption for a newly married couple

How should such recollections be shared? A lovely and amusing wedding day Instagram post is the ideal way to summarize such a joyous day. The secret to a successful social media post is a faultless caption. Whether you want to remember your wedding day with comedy, nostalgia, or overwhelming delight, one of these captions will go well with your wedding photos and social media posts.

  • Lifetime commitment!

  • All because of the love between two people.

  • We did something.

  • We are fortunate to be in a relationship.

  • You’re the jelly to my peanut butter.

happily married life message

Use this collection of the greatest wedding wishes and messages for newlyweds as inspiration if you’re confused about what to put on a wedding invitation card or to seek original methods to convey your congratulations. These lovely wedding wishes quotes will make your card extra unforgettable, from serious marriage wishes for the happy couple to amusing wedding greetings that will make them grin.

  • We wish you love and joy in the years to come.

  • Although the day of your wedding may come and go, may your love continue to blossom.

  • Best wishes as you begin this new chapter of your life. Cheers!

  • May your love deepen with each passing year.

  • Thank you for including us in your festivities’ wonderful day. We wish you nothing but happiness.

funny marriage advice

Amusing marriage advice quotes, recommendations, and funny advice for the groom or bride on her wedding day will make your guests laugh and help the bridal pair relax amongst the wedding rigmarole. Of course, they still try to look well for one another, and their peculiarities are still considered “cute.” All joking aside, here’s some practical and amusing marital advice for newlyweds:

  • A well-known person’s wedding brings you love and happiness.

  • Love begins in an instant, grows through time, and endures forever.

  • Don’t marry for money when you can borrow it for less.

  • What makes a boyfriend different from a husband? Around 30 pounds

  • Marriage is a golden ring on a chain that begins with a look and ends with eternity.

wedding vibes caption

Weddings are a great way to celebrate a friend or family member! And you’re thrilled to share a lovely picture you took of the pair or you having fun during the day. Continue reading if you want a more original caption for the wedding photo you’re publishing. These wedding vibes captions truly assist in conveying the essence of a wedding!

  • It was a lovely wedding, complete with tiers of cake.

  • Congratulations on completing your wedding preparations.

  • Congratulations—your wedding made me cry like a baby!

  • Today was essentially a royal wedding.

  • The sea has two fewer fish because they made it o-fish-al.

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