100+ Inspirational & Encouraging Status for Men

The world laid many definitions of how a man should be, and men who are accustomed to surviving with peace have followed what society tells them to do.

Here are some Men status and messages about men that encapsulates their way of living- 

Truthful Men status and messages

  • Real men don’t poke in other’s business

  • Men know when to fight and when to be defensive

  • A good man would ask for a woman’s loyalty instead of sexuality

  • Love thy neighbor, even if it is a man.

  • Treat a man fair enough, and he will try to bring the stars for you.

  • Boys show pain while men hide with a smile

  • Just like women, men are a blessing to this earth.

  • Without the essence of pain, a man makes no gain.

  • Only men are foolish enough to trust everyone

  • For men, a single compliment goes a long way.

  • Remember that a man’s attitude decides his fate.
inspirational quotes for men

  • Not all men are gorgeous, but all are original

  • Men who know the value of time are potential big shots

  • We are men, and we can’t refuse to be what we are

  • Being born as a male was not my choice, but to live as a man is my choice

  • Men always know their limits so that they can overcome them.

  • Men mean something to humanity, and we don’t have to prove it.

  • It’s tough to act bravely at times, just like it’s tough to be a man at times.

  • Power can never influence great men.

inspirational quotes for men
  • Men shouldn’t shy away from admitting their mistakes

  • He who never lets power control him is a real man

  • Men have the courage to confess when they are wrong.

  • We men have the ability to garner strength from distress.

  • I am a man, and I don’t blame others for my wrongdoings.

  • Boys can fight, and men can end the battle.

  • Accept the loss and move on is the unsaid rule for Men

  • Men who are strong raise their standards instead of showing attitude

  • It is difficult to understand men’s thought processes.

Inspiring Men status and messages

  • A confused man is a liability for himself.

  • If finding a solution is art, then Men are an artist

  • If you don’t have respect for yourself, then you’re not a real man

  • The world needed a beastly creature called men who accepted every responsibility bestowed upon him.

  • The value of a man increases when he gives more than he receives

  • As a man and human being, I will make my own luck

  • A man’s character is judged by the way he treats women.
inspirational quotes for men
  • Playing the role of a man is tiring, but we have to keep going.

  • It is more important to become a man of great value than a man of great success.

  • He who doesn’t treat another gender with equality is not a real man.

  • Poor are the men who do not know their worth

  • Men who behave gently with everyone are composed of wolves.

  • More than the thrills and attention, men are interested in peace.

  • History teaches us the unimaginable things men have done.

  • Men understand when to be serious and when to be funny.

  • A man is a chameleon who can change gears in accordance with the environment.

  • A man is required to discover the value of life.

  • Man is the only creature who refuses to be what he is.
    – Albert Camus

  • Being a good man is harder than being a good actor.

  • The rule for men is to face whatever may come bravely.

  • Man fears not for the death of his body but the death of his heart.

  • Articulated men are fond of minding their own businesses.

  • Men has to stand by the things they said

  • Men accept their faults and correct their mistakes.

  • Being a gentleman is about strength, not weakness.

  • Men are like metals. Lose your temper, and your worth is gone.

  • A woman is a woman, but a man has to become a man.

  • You cannot give up trying because that’s what makes you a man.

  • From time to time, men need to take a stand for themselves

  • Men who don’t show respect to anyone are the devil’s allies.

  • A man will always take care of his wife before himself.

  • Be a good man instead of arguing about what a man should do.

  • Confessions take courage, and men are up to it.

  • The stronger you are as a man, the gentler you should be.

  • Men fear no death but are fearful of not starting their lives.

  • Good men are those who can feel the burden of the stones that anybody’s carrying.

  • When everything goes dead wrong, men will still smile and carry on.

  • Witty and funny WhatsApp status and messages on Men

  • Memory is not the strongest tool for the majority of men.

  • Men mostly worry about the things that their spouse remembers.

  • If you chase a man, he will definitely run

  • Men are not like a pair of heels that you can thruway after usage.

  • Medically speaking, the way through a man’s heart involves surgery.

  • It’s about time that men shouldn’t feel humiliated by the command of “hold my purse.”

  • Who said God was high during the creation of men?

  • Ironically, ignoring works to draw a man’s attention towards you.

  • It’s tough to find useful advice for men in men’s magazines.

  • Man doesn’t watch television; they just surf through channels to see what’s there.

  • Men who raced with millions to locate the female egg don’t ask for directions.

  • If men somehow get anything right the first time, they will second guess themselves.

  • Men like making connections. If the connection is broken, he will look for other devices

  • Intelligent men are desirable husbands because opposites attract each other.

  • A man is as loyal as a dog, but he won’t run after bones though.

  • Man is always eager to go unless his wife says no.

  • The earth is not flat, so you’ll stumble upon a few good men.

  • Trees take time to grow up, and so do men.

  • Behind every successful man, there is a nagging mom.

  • Men are yet compared to dogs, but we’ve all originated from monkeys.

  • There is no one more careful than a man who just bought a new car.

  • You will need men in your life even if you don’t know why.

Whatsapp status messages for men

When social media is so prevalent, do you find it difficult to update your Whatsapp status today? So, in that case, let’s get you posted by coming up with unique ways to update your Status. In the following modules, we have compiled many Whatsapp statuses in English that best suit your sentiments or attitude. If you are short on words, you might choose from the selection of Sayings and Quotes.

  • It’s a common misconception that you only experience real love once. My heart swells with love every time I hear your voice.

  • An optimistic mindset starts a chain reaction of ideas, experiences, and consequences. It is a catalyst that produces amazing effects.

  • When life hands you a lemon, create lemonade. And throw a celebration for anybody whose life has given them alcohol.

  • Nothing in the world can keep a guy from loving you. Nothing in the world can make a man desire you if he doesn’t want you.

  • Please do not mix up my personality with my attitude. My personality defines who I am, and my attitude is determined by how you treat me.

cool WhatsApp statuses for men

Are you stumped for unique ideas for your WhatsApp status update? Looking for the right profile status caption to highlight how you’re doing? You don’t need to exert yourself too much because we’ve got a formula for creating a clever WhatsApp status for you, and the components are all in your thoughts. ( Hush! Because that’s our little secret, seal your lips first.) Here’s how it’s done:

  • “Doing what you are frightened of is the best way to acquire self-confidence.”

  • Never stop striving for excellence because someone doesn’t acknowledge it.

  • EXPIRATION DATE does not apply to your fantasies. TRY AGAIN after taking a big breath.

  • What is holding you back is not who you are. It is what you believe you are not.

  • “The only way to produce outstanding work is to be passionate about what you do.” So keep looking if you haven’t discovered it yet. But don’t be satisfied.”

Whatsapp status for men

The finest collection of attitude quotes for males that you can use as a status on WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Look at these for brilliant, inspiring, humorous, savage, love and romance, and single greatest attitude status ideas for males.

  • I’m not unique; I’m just a limited edition.

  • I don’t have a negative attitude! Just a personality you can’t stand!

  • Approximately 80% of the lads have girlfriends. The remaining 80% have a brain.

  • Every girl ought to have a boy in her life.

  • I’m a gorgeous guy with a laid-back approach.

men’s status for WhatsApp

Do you want to express yourself in some way? We have the right English quotes and messages for you to share on Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, and anywhere else you desire. You can select one of our ready-made samples. Display it; it’s your life and attitude.

  • Love me for who I am, not for what you want me to be, she said. Then, you may either take me or leave me. It’s as easy as that.”

  • “Dear Good Boys, don’t be concerned about not having a girlfriend this time. You should remember that terrible males never have the greatest wives, just the finest girlfriends.

  • “Some guys have hundreds of excuses why they can’t do what they desire, while all they need is one.”

  • “I’m certainly not the world’s most gorgeous guy – I’m the world’s second most handsome man!”

  • “Maleness is a genetic trait. Being a man comes with age. However, being a gentleman is a decision.”

Whatsapp status to get his attention.

A WhatsApp status might sometimes make someone jealous of your achievement. However, whether you’re looking for a WhatsApp love status or a WhatsApp friendship status, we have more than just WhatsApp envy status quotes. Feel free to experiment.

  • More than ever, girls are free to engage in their favorite activities without interference.

  • I won’t put up with being managed any longer; I will live without constraints.

  • If I can’t recall what occurred last night at sunrise, it’s a blowout.

  • It takes work to win a man’s heart, but you appear to desire to conquer something greater. Am I correct?

  • I do not sit around waiting for someone else’s attitude to change; instead, I’ll spend the evening with friends because adventure awaits.

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