Should Minors Be Able to Drink Alcohol in Their Home if They Have Their Parent’s Consent?

Even with the National Minimum Drinking Age Act in the United States, which allows only those people above the age of 21 the right to consume alcohol, many death cases occur every year which are of kids under the age of 21. Underage drinking has been a horrifying issue in the nation, where kids between the age of 12 – 21 are being the victims of such tragedies. 

Underage drinking can increase the risks of being injured, or be involved in an accident, or commit a crime or even fall into addiction later on in their life. Not many places over the world continue to follow this law, but there are many state and local-based areas that make it a must to follow this act and allow only an individual to drink by the age of 21. In some places, they might show an exception for any religious activities or with the consent of the parent, guardian or spouse is given. No state provides permission to a minor to consume alcohol unless they are with any family member’s (preferably parent) and that too within their own property. 

We wouldn’t want our children to sneak behind our back and do terrible things and even lie about it to us. It is always good to let minors consume alcohol with their parent’s consent that too in front of them or near their parents inside their own property. It will avoid the risk of kids going out of hand and doing illegal stuff and putting themselves in danger. Allowing teenagers or minors to have alcohol in their houses with their parent’s consent will help their parents to have control over them as well as it helps to keep these children safe if something goes wrong or avoid that from happening. 

The other reason why it is fine to allow minors to have alcohol is that it helps the parents teach their children to be responsible and cautious while under the influence. Most of the teenagers and minors drink alcohol or wish to have alcohol only for some fun, they don’t know what a drinking limit is and never bother about it. In such cases, if they lose track of the limit, they will have no clue of what they are doing or where they would be, which might be injurious or even deadly. Drinking on parents’ watch will teach them to know when to stop or have enough drinks only.  

Drinking with minors will allow the parents to build up trust between their children, and so they could let them take or choose decisions wisely in drunk situations. This will let the children to be more honest with their parents that they wouldn’t do anything stupid enough to get themself in trouble. Alcohol drinking for minors with parental supervision is always a good safe thing to carry out, to teach our children self-control, ways to make smart decisions and avoid dangers while drunk in the future. 

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