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Motherhood is a portal to delight and ecstasy. Becoming a mommy doesn’t mean you can rest on your laurels, as it brings a lot of challenges along with it. With each little day of evolving with tiny little bundles of joy, motherhood is an exhilarating voyage.

If you’re looking to articulate your thoughts on being a mom on WhatsApp, here are statuses for you.

Mom Status, And Captions

–  A part of my heart lives outside my body and roams about everywhere in the house.

–  Happiness visited us in small socks and little gloves!

–  The boy who took away my heart calls me ‘Mommy.’

 –  You get heaven when your child falls asleep on your chest.

–  The love for my baby has a forever mark icon.

–  Being limitless is what I teach my kids to be every day. 

–  Navigating adult thoughts in a way to understand my child’s world is a beautiful experience.

–  The way my baby clasps around my neck is my most precious necklace. 

–  My munchkins are flowers that bloomed in my garden of love.

–  Holding a baby feels like holding beauty; it is the same as holding god! 

– My child’s laughter is the greatest music ever composed. 

–  Books about parenting don’t really work because the cute little project I am dealing with is Unique.

–  My heart was still like a lake, and my munchkin created ripples of joy and happiness. 

–  My kids are angels without haloes and wings.

–  Motherhood is the greatest boon I will ever have.

–  I carry an ocean of love in my heart for my squishy little kids

–  I am reliving my childhood with my cuties.

–  I See my kids and learn what it takes to be happy! 

–  Changing poopy diapers without messing up is a great success! 

–  My lovelies taught me innocent lies could be beautiful sometimes.

– Hearing stories about how my tiny solder killed great giants today.

–  From hearing bedtime stories to reading out bedtime stories, we all grew up. 

–  To me, motherhood is a miracle of god.

–  And, then, I became a lullaby queen.

–  You are the reason to wake up early and not sleep peacefully at night, and yet no complaints.

–  The smell of my baby reminds me of something I can’t recall but still feel deep in my heart.

–  I became humane and affectionate the day I was reborn as a mom.

–  My love is like the snow-capped mountains full of serenity and peace.

–  The chuckles of my cuties are my most prized possessions.

 –  My Little boy promised he would become a superhero someday. 

– Each and every beat of my heart tells you, “I love you.”

–  The laughter of your baby is the antidote for all pains.

–  I am not a queen, but my daughter is a princess.

–  Every second spent with my kid is a keepsake. 

–  I never thought afternoons with scattered toys and dirty hands would mean so much one day.

–  Mothers like me need no holidays.

–  My cuddle cake is my secret spring of happiness.

–  I never knew little umbrellas would add real colors to my life.

–  I don’t remember being more grateful than now.

–  If you miss being a child, you can grow up once again with your kids.

– I chose happiness because happy mothers make happy kids.

–  I see my bunny with bruised knees but still with a smile on his face… childhood is such a delight!

–  Dogs and kids make the cutest combinations. 

–  Baking and cooking have become an unavoidable part of my life.

–  Waking up next to my kid has made my mornings a thousand times brighter.

–  Sometimes he pulls my hair, grabs my face, and sometimes he clasps me tight, but that’s what I cherish the most.

–  My kids, you’re the definition of perfection.

Mom Status

–  Kids are tiny seeds of hope. 

–  Children teach us how to dream big with little minds. 

–  The joy with which my kid discovers mundane things is infectious

-The purity of my child’s love is one of the prime reasons why I love being a mom.

–  My puny soldier can beat every dragon of agony.

–  My Children taught me it’s okay to fall down and wake up with a happy face. 

–  That feeling when you hear MOM. 

–  My heart will hold you to eternity, till the end of time and even after that. 

–  My child brought back the thrills of watching a rainbow.

–  Stand beside your kids and unleash their full capacity. 

–  Cool kids have the smartest ways. 

–  My kids own their own kingdoms of imagination.

–  A mom is born along with each baby. 

– My baby is my first true crush. 

–  I never knew motherhood would be a feeling so profound.

–  It is thrilling to think that someone hears the sound of my heart even before birth. 

–  How you made big rooms in my little heart.

–  The feeling that you have created a new life is so powerful.

–  I feel unicorns have started visiting our garden again.

–  You might be a single individual in this whole world, but you are the world to me. 

–  I wished upon a start, and then you landed on earth. 

–  Even if I fell, tiny hands would pick me up. 

–  We learn and unlearn and learn once again with our kids.

– Children are like tiny fireflies of hope. 

–  My child’s face is the definition of beauty.

–  My fatigue disappears whenever my baby smiles. 

–  The spark in my baby’s eyes is equal to a thousand sunrises.

–  My kids are tiny tornados of mischief.

–  You have grown taller, but in my heart, you will always be a cute little baby.  

–  Motherhood is a time when you realize the true pleasures of life lie in giving unconditional love. 

–  My life was a still lake, and my lovelies created ripples of laughter. 

–  Dancing in the rain with my kids is the best thing I have ever done.

–  Innocence visited me once again, along with my kids.

– My ambitions seem small in front of my child’s dream.

–  Home is where my child is. 

–  Babies deserve thank yous for just existing. 

–  Watching your kids grow needs patience tinted with dreams and hopes.

–  Being a mom isn’t an easy task.

–  My child’s scribbles can outdo all the world’s great paintings. 

–  I am a professional, but above all, I am a mother. 

–  The experience of preparing dishes for my kids and seeing them devour all is a wholesome experience. 

–  I run short of words whenever I try to describe what you mean to me.

–  Today’s mood is sponsored by my child’s smiling face. 

–  It was as if I wished upon a shooting star, and it fell on my lap. 

– I learned a lot from my kids; yes, we learn from our kids. 

–  In times of disbelief, I remember the day I became a mother and every doubt fades away. 

–  I never punish my kids; there shouldn’t be any punishment for innocence. 

–  Encouraging my kids has made me stronger. 

–  Family is my first priority. 

–  I teach my kids how to count and, most importantly, what counts. 

–  A hug from my kid keeps me going. 

Mom Status

–  The temptation of a candy store is big enough to put her to sleep on time. 

–  My achievements call me “Mom.” 

–  Being kind and thoughtful is what I teach my kids to be every day.

– Motherhood is a journey of a lifetime.

–  The true best phrase of my life is now when I am a mother. 

–  My baby is my little teacher of life. 

– My bunny is no less than a fairytale.

–  Her pain is my own, and so are her rejoices.

–  The mother inside me is changing and evolving for the best.

–  Composing lullabies is my new hobby.

–  My stress and worries pale out when I see my little one smiling at me.

–  It feels like I have found the true purpose of my life. 

–   It isn’t me who gave a new life; life has given me a new life. 

– Supermoms are more powerful than superheroes.

–  “Mama” is the word for which I can trade all other words.

–  The same scary stories about how scarecrows walk at night save me every time.

–  My munchkin is what my soul has been seeking for an eternity.

–  Babies add a dollop of extra cuteness to your life. 

–  I might fall and fail, but I will never cease to be a mommy. 

–  My little king is my single constant in this fleeting world.

–  I am enjoying the seasons of motherhood. 

–  In a life full of chaotic battles, you are my peace haven. 

–  I feel like a brave warrior when my little one curls up and sleeps feeling protected.

– Motherhood is the definition of multitasking. 

–  Why do they say we can’t have it all? We have everything. 

–  Stuffed toys and chocolates can weave magic.

 –  My daughter is my best friend with an age difference. 

–  Whatever little I offer is still magical for my little heart.

–  Motherhood can give you an existential crisis, but the mom you see in your child’s eyes is the ultimate truth; it is the ultimate you. 

–  Now I understand what my own mom meant back then when I was a kid myself.

 . Motherhood is a personal tour of finding happiness in a childish mess

–  I never thought I would cherish loud noises and super messy rooms.

–  Castles of sand are not permanent but the delight of your child is the ultimate keepsake.

– Congratulations to yourself! I am doing great as a mom. 

 –  There are tiny little angels living in my house or I wonder if there are little naughty devils.

–  When you’re a mom being responsible is the only option left to you. 

–  After becoming a mom, I learned how determination could overcome sickness and mood swings. 

–  Being a mom is a challenge; being a Stepmom is a greater challenge! 

–  Life is like a roller coaster ride with my kids

–  The struggle of every single mother deserves to be written down in history. 

–  From sleepless nights of changing diapers and tacking sickness, I became a person much more than I thought I would ever be. 

–  Motherhood taught me that evolution begins from the inside. 

–  My love for my little one is growing in leaps and bounds each passing day. 

– I am her secret Santa, i am her trick or treat, I am her summer of joy, I am her MOM. 

–  The way my child hears a made-up story strikes out the word “disbelief” from the dictionary

–  My life has become an episode of “trick or treats” since i became a mother. 

–  No fancy words, but I am proud to be a mom. 

–   If you have a happy family, you have the world. 

–  I never knew kicks could be so sweet unless I got the first kick of the sweet little heart. 

–  No day would be more memorable than the day my little prince was born. 

–  If a genie asks me for a wish, I would ask for my baby’s well-being for all her life. 

–  Motherhood taught me to believe my instincts because mothers know the best; mother knows it all. 

–  Children add true happiness to your everyday existence.  

– I am learning to love fiercely and give without thinking of returns.

–  My kids tell stories about how tiny little monsters invaded our home and ate all the chocolates

–  I never knew forgiving would be this easy and graceful until the day I became a mom.

–  After new ventures and deadlines being a mom isn’t an easy task.

–  I am dedicating my each and every day to unadulterated love. 

–  Every ting little step of my baby counts, so are mine as a mother. 

–  Caring for family is a reward in itself.

–  The happiness of watching my baby sleep is ineffable

–  Colourful plates, spoons and forks have become necessities in my life since my little bunny started eating by himself.

–  My baby is quirky little book of tantrums, moods, joys and laughter. 

– The bond you share with your kids is extricable even if they live miles  apart 

–  How stories of Peterpan and Tinkerbelle came back into my life once again

–  All i ever dreamt of was a garden full of blooming flowers and running kids. 

–  Vigilant overnights with an over-thinking heart but my princess’ giggles pays it off 

–  My babies are sweeter than honey and more precious than money.

–  My kids made me believe once again that magic exists.

–  My little humanling’s laughter sprinkles enthusiasm in my life. 

–  Motherhood taught me how to strike a perfect equilibrium dodging from priority to priority. 

–  It gladdens my heart thinking I am the pillow of her comfort. 

–  Motherhood is the horizon where the self ends, and the selfless emerges. 

– Amidst a demanding professional life, my babies are my everyday weekends. 

–  I feel like climbing the highest of peaks and screaming with joy, saying, “I love you, my daughter”.

–  It’s the little foot that gave me the greatest steps.

–  I went through physical transformations during my pregnancy and still going through emotional transitions after being a mom, but this is the best thing that has ever happened to me. 

–  I have never seen an angel, but I think angels look like my kids. 

–  It feels so beautiful to nestle my baby in my arms and watch him sleep.

–  I am not giving up till I become a successful mother.

Mom Status

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