A Speech on “Too Much Money Is a Bad Thing.”

Having too much money can be both a blessing and a curse.

Most people would love to have a large amount of money in their bank accounts. This is because they feel that money can solve almost all their problems and worries. However, it is true to some extent that having money can take care of your basic needs like food and a place to stay. But having too much money is bad for your soul.

Having too much money can change your values. Becoming wealthy can make a person proud and arrogant. Rich people can afford costly cars, branded clothing, and jewelry. Their rich lifestyle makes them become vain and proud. Rich people put too much value on material things which makes them shallow and uninteresting. They become selfish and think only of themselves and look down on others who struggle to make ends meet. The rich have a habit of solving their problems with money and they can no longer tell right from wrong. Hence, too much money can change your personality, the way you think and destroy your moral values.

Being very wealthy can affect relationships. A wealthy man attracts insincere people who try to befriend them for personal gain. This leads to mistrust of others which can affect relationships with family and friends. A rich man can end up being lonely as he fail to choose his real friends. In other words, too much money may lead to unhappiness.

Besides, having too much money can lead to poor health as well as an early grave. A wealthy person can afford to eat good food regularly be it exotic meats or expensive sweets. Nobody is there to stop them from eating rubbish on a regular basis. Unless he is disciplined and health-conscious, a rich man eats too much rich and unhealthy food which may harm his body. With lack of exercise, he is likely to develop some critical illnesses such as heart problems and high blood pressure.

The good part of having too much money is that you never need to worry about money but you constantly think of ways you can invest and earn more from the money you already have. Also you can help people who really need monetary help and it’s one of the most fulfilling things a human can do. Since it’s “priceless” when you hear thank you or God bless you by a stranger.

You tend to become insecure with the numbers. If your account balance drops, you become tensed.

Some friends can expect monetary favors from you and not pay it back. 

People will automatically treat you better when you are wealthy. You will find that you are given priorities and someone poorer than you financially is given poor service. 

In a world that is ruled by wealth and power, man is yet a slave to his desires. Now at a very young age, children become brainwashed to crave for money. They get closer to the materialistic world and without it their lives would be meaningless. 

Money is slowly becoming our basic standard for measuring the worth of people in the society. The poor people in the society are stereotyped as useless and unwanted citizens of the state.

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