A Speech on “Multiple Choice Tests Are Better than Essay Tests.”

Preparing ourselves for the multiple choice questions are always an easy task that needs the writer to recognize various important information when he/she encounters with it.

Whereas essay tests where the writer have to gather various types of  knowledge on the particular topic or the subject matter; where the writer can  answer  any  questions with  providing a detailed explanation and collection of ideas.

In the multiple- choice questions is very easy for us to about the multiple choice questions within a short time.

However, one should not neglect the intensity of the essay exams. In this case the writer should be sure that he controls and collects his thoughts properly in order before answering the questions. One should be aware of the fact that the handwriting should be easily readable to score better. It is a useless effort for the writer to write an essay type answer that is not understandable.

 In the case of the multiple choice exam is in the form of a fill-in-the-circle sheet, it is not good to use your pencils because they can easily increase the chances of smudging. Smudging is very problematic because it can complicate the mechanisms of the electronic-grading-robot.

On the other hand, we use pen to write in the essay exams. Pens ensure that your answers are being produced in a clean paper and that is very appealing to the eye of the teacher. However if the teacher does not give permission for the use of a pen, you have to take care about not to make a mess of your essay paper through the problem called smudging.

The essay exam provides you with the chance of showing your personal ideas with proper creativity by using your language and some constructive sentences that express the meaning of your view or opinion.

But in the multiple choice test, one doesn’t have the chance of expressing your ideas innovatively or creatively by sacrificing your good scores in order to decorate the patterns on your sheet.

For the cases of a multiple choice test, you can always guess some of the answers if you really not have an idea or knowledge about what the authentic answer might be.

But, on the other hand, in the cases of an essay exam, you can definitely construct a well-produced and also convincing answer even if you do not possess a great knowledge or an accurate idea of the main subject matter.

It is really very hard to give up answers in a multiple choice test, as one can decide to answer in a random way and give their choices to every question and in those cases chances are very small that they will get marks which are below the average.

But in essay type an exam giving up is a hard choice for any student. The students have to face a tough mental dilemma as to writing either unknowing phrases or to handing in an answerless blank paper after the exam.

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