A Speech on “My Favorite Sport”

Good (—) to one and all. I am here to talk a few words about my favorite sport. I believe most of you here like sports. Even though you may not play much, you might at least be interested in watching some kind of sport.

When I was younger, I used to like cricket a lot because my dad loves cricket, and when he watched it, I would also tag along and watch it with him.

But as I grew older, I became more affinitive towards football. And now football is my favorite sport. Today I would like to share some thoughts on football. 

When I began to like football, I started practicing at my school, and I had a wonderful coach who made me love football even more.

By the time I reached high school, I had become well-versed in football and eventually became the football team captain in our school.

Our team went to matches in other schools and won lots of prizes.

Ever since, I have been very passionate about football and an ardent fan. My favorite player is Christiano Ronaldo.

I never miss any of the Champions League or World Cup matches. I use all my free time to play football with my friends and my teammates.

I also take the time to study the sport well. My friends and I have wholesome conversations about Football, and we share our love for Football.

Let me introduce you to some of the rules of football. Firstly, we should not touch the ball by hand. If it is touched by the other team, our team will get a free-kick.

The next important rule is the “Off-Side” rule, where if the player crosses the defender line, it becomes an offside. There is a small area near the goal post named ‘D,’ and it is centered at the penalty spot in ten yards radius.

All players except the kicker must be outside the area and at least ten yards from the ball while the penalty kick is taken.

The players are divided into three categories. The Forward players are the ones who put the ball in the net of the goalpost.

The Midfielders pass the ball to the Forward. The Defenders are the players who stop the other teammates from putting the ball in the goalpost.

There are also substitute players who take the players’ positions when they are injured or for any other emergencies. The referee on the field whistles and stops the game if he sees a foul from the players.

They then give the penalty or free-kick to the team that was fouled against. If the player injures the other team player, it is also a foul, and the referee gives a Yellow Card or a Red Card.

If they show a Yellow Card, it means they are being warned. If they show a Red Card, that means they are suspending the player for the rest of the game. These are the rules to be followed in football in brief. 

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