A Speech on “Should All New Buildings Be Energy Efficient?

Energy efficiency should be important everywhere. As a consumer, we always want to have homes or our surroundings to be greener as they are more environmentally conscious than olden days. Many factors are put together to bring out the best energy-efficient building for our safety and convenience.

Due to various climatic changes that often occur, people are demanding more sustainable solutions in terms of living or working. Buildings are the known iconic landmarks everywhere, so increasing the energy efficiency of these buildings would be an important task that could reduce many challenges starting from climate changes to public health issues and many other factors such as unemployment and poverty too. 

Building energy efficiency plays a vital role in shaping up a city. This could work to build up a better society and future providing a healthy atmosphere and people around us. Buildings are a very large and long term investment and so energy-efficient buildings could provide a better financial and social return.

Being energy-efficient means to reduce the over usage of energy and bring a cut down in waste and discharges. The higher preference to stay eco-friendly or green in terms of building a home, towers, or large buildings has increased, thus bringing a lot of changes to the architectural structure and engineering. So, making all the buildings comes with certain benefits;

Provides healthier surroundings and people. An energy-efficient building is healthier to live in. They are constructed with more natural products and lesser dangerous chemicals. This could help a normal person cut down his cost spend all over his health issues like asthma and other respiratory issues, and allergies. High-quality materials used could avoid frequent repairs and cause lesser damages. 

The natural resource could be used properly. Most of these buildings are built according to the location and other resources like the sun, wind, water, and geothermal energy. So, making an energy-efficient building could reduce the overuse of electricity, water and even reduce the number of greenhouse gases set out to our atmosphere. Thus, making it much more eco-friendly.

Better return and investment. Though the primary investment might be a bit higher, the final output will be stronger. The chances of more damages and repairs would be less because of the longer life span quality of the products used to build these buildings, making it a really good investment. And those who plan to resell these buildings could attain a better return because of this quality.

Overall, constructing energy-efficient buildings will cost us initially, but over the run, these would be highly beneficial, can make easy resales, save a lot of running cost of the building and also reduce global warming to a certain extent. Many brands make sure they construct such energy-efficient buildings to keep their brand standards higher as people often look for sustainable factors.

The money saved through less use of power and lesser waste disposals from such buildings could be used to strengthen the brand business or work on new projects.

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