A Speech on “Night Classes Are Better than Day Classes”

The University  of Ottawa reports that night the  classes are actually seems smaller than the conventional day classes. The cause  can be that many students want  to take the common day classes so that they can have extra time to converse with others and relax at the night. The smaller classes have the ability to enhance and  improve  outcomes because by  increasing the opportunities regarding the one-on-one communication and helps the students to develop a good relationships with their professors and  the other classmates.

Creating the right college program can seem to be a big challenge, particularly for those students who does jobs or work full-time and also for  those who have to attend a big number of classes in a semester to meet needs and requirements of a  graduation student.

The increasing flexibility  of the class schedule can help students to attend more classes in a semester, to work at the same time they attend school, or have to work because of some family obligations at the time of the  day or to take proper advantage of the apparently longer breaks between the schedule of the day and night classes.

Night classes in most cases offers the special chance  to attend college to a larger number of people. The people  or students  have to who work full time and those who have various problems or family obligations might be unable to attend the conventional day classes. Because not everyone have the ability to afford to attend  the school without working for full time basis, opening the opportunity to  those students who work can increase and show a big diversity.

Also, because  of those students who attend the night classes might have to face many  different kinds of life experiences than the other students, this rises and increases the special opportunities  of the students’ to learn from their  classmates and peers.

Students who also ability to become more flexible and  those who can choose a special learning time that really works for their needs might offer some better experiences in school. A 1998 study published in “Journal of Education for Business,” for example, found that changes in teaching style did not affect student satisfaction with their classes.

A special and unconventional schedule that includes the  night classes actually  increased  satisfaction level of the students, and  the students also answered  that they were able to learn much more in this environment.

All college students are aware of the fact that a lot of their studies takes place outside of the school or the classroom.  With the huge number of students working at least a part-time job, that’s why they need  a long time of work, class, and preparation time. Students who attend the traditional daytime classes will mostly  be seen doing maximum of their study and home work at night before they go to sleep. 

But in the cases of night time class, you can schedule your home work for just before taking your classes. The information will stay very fresh. Your studies will not be blurred by the long  hours of sleep

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