A Speech on Everybody Does Not Have the Right to Carry a Gun

Laws in terms of carrying a firearm by an individual vary in different countries. Many of those countries make sure it is hard to get a license even for any highly influenced people. It is said that allowing an individual to carry a gun could somehow increase the rate of crimes and violence. The objective of a gun itself means it is used to kill or wound someone, and so letting people carry it around would increase crime rates. 

Some would say it is for their protection. There are laws and people of the law to protect the normal population, that is their duty to carry out. If an individual is under any kind of threat, they should inform the police authorities immediately and they would take charge of the rest. For some people carrying a gun could affect them psychologically, they might show changes in terms of their behavior and commit crime and violence just because they carry a gun. This could be a form of the display too. Thus, carrying around a gun could put others’ lives at risk rather than guaranteeing safety. 

By restricting the ownership of guns, we could reduce high risks such as accidental and psychological violence or crimes. For example, Many countries have cases of family or social violence that have ended up in wounds or kills; most of these were not intentional, but an act of rage that increased just because they carried a gun. 

The only rare cases where the authority allows an individual to carry a firearm license is to ensure their safety as that of their family’s is if in case they stay far away from any police stations, or in a strange lonely place. Carrying a gun also has it’s own pros and cons, like;


  • Low crime rates.
  • Protects from criminals if it’s in the hands of a responsible individual.
  • Officials in the police or military are well guaranteed.
  • People who carry other than the officials have the legal permissions and so they won’t be misusing it.
  • Sometimes it can be used for the safety of your own and others. Especially in case, they can’t reach any police forces.


  • May become a reason for the increase in crime rates.
  • May increase a confrontation and lead that to be lethal.
  • Even sometimes security officials like police and military also have their limits.
  • Providing guns to legally documented applicants even after a proper background check might not stop dangerous people from laying their hands in over a firearm.
  • Criminals are more likely to carry a gun always.
  • Public safety is not any normal individual’s cup of tea.
  • Non-gun carrying crowds of people have to live in fear in terms of their safety.

In conclusion, Carrying a gun is a huge responsibility for the person who carries it, they have to be cautious of their safety as that of the others. It’s not just a huge duty, but the thought itself could be excruciating sometimes.

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