A Speech on “We should not spend money on space exploration.”

In this modern times the  advancement in technology around the world is continuously attraction many  scientists and various governments officials into the discussion and debates on whether it is essential to continue spending a huge amount of money on the different types of space research.

Some persons who can argue that with the various challenges of the world is frequently experiencing now a days, the huge amount of money, which is being spent in various exploration programs relating to the space could be beneficial in solving some of the problems.

However, there also exist some people who insist that the quality of data which we get via various experiments about the space has started reducing, because many people of today can think that they can be able to collect some data by the help of the machines and robots, mobile phones and other special devices. This school of belief really believes that science can only behave like science when the humans are at the center of the topic. The fact that the machines, which are being sent to the space, are produced does not make any real sense to this group of people.

Besides some advancement in the technology, there is very little which those incredibly costly space researches have achieved or given us. Most people may think that technology has the ability to still progress rapidly today without the method of sending the humans to the space. But there are various types of concerning issues which the world is facing today require more urgent and special attention than that of the researches related to the space. 

Some problems like the Global warming and other various critical imminent calamities or disasters, which could resulted in the devastating effects of climate change or our other critical problems, can only get worse as day passes, if we continue to  pumping money into the researches related to the space where there are no living things or inhabitants.

Our valuable forests are being destroyed, the oceans and sea waters are polluted and each and every year, we lose a great area about the size of the country England to avoidable desertification. We could do far better if we can avert the increasing crisis by spending more wealth and resources on them. It feels like that very few people are able to realize the fact that civilizations of the planet cannot continue to go on more than 500 years.

If the government of the America offers the money, which it is wasting on space researches to managing the planet’s resource, we could have been able to live a more long lasting life and leave behind a better and problem free planet for our next generations.

 In conclusion, we can say that while the space research is actually a waste of the hard earned money, it is also one of the paths of developing the world. It is not enough to say that those developments could have come anyway even without the process related to the space research. Therefore, the governments should try to balance their expenses so that some part of that money is used to eliminate the problems like climate change.

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