Should Offshore Drilling Be Allowed in Protected Marine Areas?

Good (—)  to one and all present here. Offshore drilling is the mechanical process in which a good bore is drilled below the sea bed. This is done to explore and extract petroleum that lies Beneath The Sea bed in the rock formations.

Most of the potential reserves of Hydrocarbons in the world lie beneath the sea and the hydrocarbons industry has developed techniques to suit the conditions under show to find oil and gas and to produce it successfully. There are various modern and advanced techniques for drilling and these methods have increased various companies’ ability to discover hydrocarbons and the speed at which these projects develop.

The oil and gas reserves are located under the seafloor in most parts of the world drilling prospecting and transport can damage sensitive Marine areas severely and disturb The Marine species. Because of drilling in protected Marine areas valuable areas have come under threat. In most cases, oil and gas exploration and drilling are permitted near or in the Marine protected areas.

Currently, environmental concerns have not routinely considered plans for Offshore gas and oil exploration and development. The environmental impacts and consequences are not assessed adequately and they assume that development will take place in all areas disregarding their ecological value. Additionally, many companies operate to various environmental and social standards that depend upon the country in which they are working.

The amazing problem that they face is that the infrastructure decommissioning is rarely considered. Most of the exploration Wells have very little life-like 3 months or so but that instruction may pose a long-lasting impact. This environmental destruction could be reduced if the planning for the decommissioning can be considered during the process of Designing.

It is of utmost importance today to maintain and restore healthy oceans and marine life especially to coastal communities whose economy and their entire life rely on tourism and fishing. New offshore openings suggest these risks permanent damage and destruction to the oceans and beaches and will not reduce our dependence on oil. When oil spills take place they can cause very bad harm to Marine life and devastating loss to local business. Routine exploration and drilling activities as mentioned before even cause harm to marine species. The Administration and Congress must work together and evaluate the environmental impacts of Offshore drilling before they make important decisions about Offshore oil and gas activities in new areas.

When is Offshore drilling takes place in Marine areas it also poses the risk of oil spills ruining the beaches along the coast and bringing harm to those who have inhabited there Those who work and those who have come for vacations. It also causes harm to habitats and is critical to plants and animals. Oil spills also quickly drive vast distances. Oil spills have lasting ecological impacts. Sach drilling operations are also a major source of pollution. They harm marine life and result in onshore damage as well. Thus offshore drilling must stop in marine areas. Thank you to all.

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